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  1. Not following, what do you mean by this?
  2. Denny: I share your optimism for tOSU, like where the program is, with Tom Ryan at the helm, and where it appears to be heading. And I'm really enjoying the Stiebers, great wrestlers, of course, and seem like nice young men to boot. Oh, tOSU was runner-up twice during the Ryan era, I believe in '08 and '09, and to my recall during one of those years ('08?) they were right in the thick of it, in fact it took a Herculean effort from the Hawkeyes, in the consie bracket, to win the title.
  3. Huge Stieber fan, bit worried about Brewer...
  4. Good effort/analysis. But not sure what you mean by this: "133 Stuff happens but seriously..... number one and two are on a collision course they have (seemingly) avoided all year." You're aware these two just wrestled in the Big Ten finals, right?
  5. I believe Sandusky High School (Sandusky, Ohio) had two champs back in 1992, Charles Jones of Purdue and Kevin Randleman of Ohio State. Randleman won it in '93 as well.
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