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  1. So a HS grad can enter, but if they are not on a team roster the matches do not count for/against rostered athletes? I had read that Ben Whitford did/does not enjoy school. I know he could never enter the NCAA's, but he could train and enter against the top D1 wrestlers at the opens. No grade worries. Is the college weight certification as easy to bypass as in HS? He would not have to contend with that process either.
  2. I thought I read on the forum here that unattached (redshirt) wrestlers are not allowed to travel with their team and must pay their own expenses and tournament fees. If a student attends a college without wrestling, could they participate in open tournaments?
  3. The step over defense is dirty business for sue! Maybe Schopp was just looking busy to get riding time. He was def. looking to hook the near leg before worrying about gaining hand control. I wouldn't think he would hook the leg if he intended some type of roll - even if not straight over the front (now illegal). I think the merkle has the top wrestler under the near armpit and the near leg laced so I am not sure what he was looking for.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I checked out your link and I saw the single leg counter - whizzer, step over and roll through. I know Schopp hit that as well. I am interested in Schopp's riding. Perhaps that was in your link and I missed it. I will watch the match again and give a time reference so you can see what I am talking about. After watching the match again, the announcer referred to it as the Pennsylvania Ride. Schopp is working it the entire first period after hid td. I am curious on how he would work it into a turn or is it truly just a "stalling" ride? Thanks again.
  5. During the Ramos match, Schopp rode with what looked like an opposite grip side headlock position. After hooking the near leg, he was working for hand/finger control. Ramos seemed fine to stay based up while fighting hands, but it looked like when Schopp gained control of the near hand, Ramos bailed (went flat). Does anyone have any insight as to what Schopp was looking to hit from that position? I know the announcer mentioned the ride as stalling, but Schopp looked like he was setting something up and Ramos seemed to respond as if he knew what was coming. Maybe another Schopp match that would show the finish?
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