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  1. Word has it that whoever it is is currently a D1 head asst. Hahn? He would have a connection there through Koll. Clemson? Perry?
  2. Speculations on who Coleman Scott will name as his head assistant? Word on the street is its NOT an Oky State guy and its an Upper weight coach...
  3. Dude. Get off it. That was as an Assistant Coach. Barring getting fired (which won't happen) or leaving for a BIG TIME job the likes of an Iowa, Penn St., Missouri (alma mater), et al. He's not going anywhere for a while. Being an assistant coach isn't the most luxurious lifestyle (see, Frayer, Jared) and his constant movement in search of a better opportunity ($$$), is a knock wrestling fans need to get over. Sammie graduated from Clemson not Mizzou
  4. I didn't see it but why not? Because of apparent legitimacy of the time out? yup, i say Murphy wins if Alton stays on top. I despise the whirly bird injury timeouts for air but There has to be something in place to protect ligitmate pauses for injury.
  5. After watching the Alton (PSU) vs Murphy (UM) match on Sunday I feel like they need to amend this injury time opponent's choice rule to say "If the offical stops the action due to a potentially dangerous situation and injury time is taken/needed, the opponent will not be given choice on starting position" any thoughts?
  6. Why are they hosting the World Championships in such a small arena? 6-7000 seats? why not have it in an arena like NCAAs? i feel like USA has enough following to fill it up. any thoughts?
  7. is there a link to this match anywhere?
  8. jacobshook

    Calm down

    I think i just figured out what "DF" is short for
  9. So is Ed Ruth planning to go full time freestyle after graduation? Hope so
  10. have they posted where they will be held?
  11. Is Tony Ramos expected to stay at 133 with Stieber moving up?
  12. hate hate hate hate now if you will excuse me i need to go put some more water in bucknasty's moms dish
  13. whats the deal with Andrew Camp? why is he gone from tOSU
  14. Who is doing it this year? I cant find it
  15. Green's 2nd TD was crap, I think it should have been waved off
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