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  1. Its worth noting that Kyle Snyder was ALSO a college guy last year.
  2. I was looking up old results from the Olympics and I came across smiths weight in 92. As we all know he took a loss to the Cuban wrestler in his weight but still ended up winning gold. What i didn't know was that had come in the last round of the pool action. Smith had beaten the unified team wrestler like 15-1, and the Cuban had lost to the same wrestler 6-13 i think it said. I'm not familiar with the system back then, but did Smith know all he had to do was not get beaten by a certain margin and he would be in the finals?
  3. I think it was his first tournament back from injury, but you may be right. Still, the guy is a straight monster. World champ in 14, was crushing everyone in 15 till someone stepped over on a gut wrench, olympic champ in 16, injured last year. EDIT: Side note, that Bajrang from india at 65kg isn't bad!
  4. It seems that Iran has some talent coming up. Good for them, they were just a bit down last year will the likes of Rahimi and Big Yazdani being out.
  5. Question, I always forget the seeding. Do they separate returning world finalists or do bronze get criteria as well? My redone picks: 57 Gilman: 5th (He will do well, but might fall just short if the bracket is different this year) 61 Garrett: no medal (Has potential but not enough experience) 65 Stieber: no medal (just too deep of a weight) 70 Green: Bronze (He could win it, but but Gadzhiev and Iakobishvilli make me nervous) 74 Burroughs: Silver (I don't feel great about Chamizo rematch)79 Dake: Gold (yes this is my outlandish pick) 86 Taylor: Silver (Destroys everyone but Yazdani) 92 Cox: Bronze (If Sadulaev is at 97, I feel like if he can just beat whoever Azerbaijan sends he will win gold) 97 Snyder: Gold (come on snyder!!!!!) 125 Gwiz: Bronze (I just don't think there are enough good heavyweights to beat him. He would have to have a BAD draw)
  6. Okay I am a huge dake fan...but that was funny.
  7. Doubleleg, I respectfully disagree and think top 4 will be USA Russia Georgia and Japan somewhere in that order.
  8. I think when your worst shot to medal is Nashon Garrett, you are in a pretty good spot.
  9. Last year the U.S. finished tied with Japan with 9 world medals. Japan had 6 world champs (1 fs, 1 Greco, 4 wfs). Do we have any hope of winning this in the upcoming worlds? It might seem like something that doesn't really matter but I like the idea of being the best wrestling country in the world. If Maroulis is heathy and Greco contributes I think we have a shot...
  10. Well...the addition of Miklus will certainly change the outlook of the cyclones a bit for next year.
  11. This is very realistic. I am hoping Romero can make some big gains this summer. Edit: the only thing for me is I find it hard to see Hayes becoming an AA at 157.
  12. I completely forgot about Ian Parker. He should definitely do well throughout the year. I am not a major cyclones fan, but it was sad to see the program where it was. Hoping Dresser can have it turned around!
  13. How will things look for the rebuilding cyclones next season? I was expecting big things from this staff and am excited to see how things progress. They return NCAA qualifier Degen who was r12 I believe. Gomez will be at 133? He should certainly provide some bright spots. Carr and Shapiro redshirt? The HWT Gremmel was a 2x fargo champ who had a solid redshirt season? Thoughts? Expectations for the coming season?
  14. I am excited to see Maple and Dake in action. I am actually pretty excited to see McKenna in action as well if we get to.
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