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  1. Well I believe he is the biggest favorite to win it but let's pump the brakes just a tad. In his match against the kid from Michigan just a week or so ago he was definitely fading in the third. Part of his and I say problem in gest is that he very rarely goes 3 periods. Even on the World level a lot of his matches end early. You don't get in the greatest condition if you never have a match that lasts longer than 3 minutes. I still think he's going to win but, mono not withstanding, he does not have an elite gas tank.
  2. Ba da dump dah or however it goes. You'll be here all week and I'll take care of the bar staff.
  3. No ****, LOL. I've not seen Mueller wrestle but one time so I was trying to understand a little more why it's bad for him.
  4. But wait Vak that would mean you're being objective. What are you doing on this message board? All kidding aside I wondered why Mueller did so well against Rivera and so poorly against Lee and I don't know that I could contribute at all to being too scared or giving too much respect. When you say Lee's a bad matchup for him what's the reasoning for that if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Do you think that's because they will not be as strong next year or because Penn State and Cornell and others will probably be stronger there by reducing their total? Or a little of both?
  6. Good point. I didn't do a real deep dive into it I just kind of thought about who I knew was a backup and went from there. I'll admit I probably didn't think about the red shirts enough and they would certainly be up there.
  7. I don't know where he lands as far as folkstyle goes. I did see him in the finals of the Doc Buchanan a couple years ago and it was a very close match between him and Seth Nevills. I can't remember if it was 3 - 2 or 4-3. That alone makes me think that people might be under estimating Seth. I know he just lost to Gas Tank Gary but it was on the road and it is his first year starting. I think the guy is going to make All-American a couple of times at least. That is assuming he's the starter there or somewhere else
  8. Thanks. I was wondering if that was something that might prohibit Penn State from having the depth of other schools. Obviously they have a lot of elite wrestlers but I didn't look deep enough to see what there backups are.
  9. Thanks. I don't know as much about their lower weights so I was mainly guessing and I really wasn't sure who their starter is going to be at the end of the year at 184. It would probably be a stronger lineup I would imagine if Assad was the starter to have Wilkie at 197 and maybe somebody else at 184 but I'm just guessing here.
  10. I thought this might be an interesting exercise. Since we know everybody's starting lineup for the most part, then figure out their second best lineup. Who has the best dual team? Who has the best tournament team? Are they the same? Assuming everybody wrestles up to their potential, I think most of us would agree that Iowa has the best tournament team this year but I don't think their dominance is anywhere near as big in a dual setting. All that being said I will vote, or in my opinion, Iowa would be number one in both a dual and tournament setting with their backups. I look back a few years and even during Penn State's dominance I still found Iowa to be extremely close or even better if using only their second string wrestlers. I could be wrong as I didn't go incredibly deep but it surprised me about past teams considering the incredible recruiting classes Penn State has put together. Thoughts? 125 - Aaron Cashman 133 - Paul Glynn 141 - Carter Happel (Eierman) 148 - Vince Turk 157 - Keegan Shaw 165 - Jeremiah Moody 174 - Nelson Brands 184 - Abe Assad (Wilcke 197 - Zach Glazier 285 - Aaron Costello Pretty fair lineup.
  11. That's my point. There is no way he is an instant contender for All-American honors. Not in folkstyle. Not even close.
  12. Wherever he is, I'm pretty certain he's not winning & NCAA title this year like a bunch of posters thought.
  13. LJ sometimes it's hard to tell when you're being a little facetious or sarcastic. I'm not sure here. Although Snyder has less body fat both he and the tank are relatively short for the weight class. As good as he is, he's not immune to the same problems as everybody else complacency, HEW, etc.
  14. Ever since he moved up to 97 kilos, he has looked chubby.
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