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  1. ConnorsDad

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    You are correct but are there any heavyweights who don't look exhausted at the end of a match? If so I have not come across them. Just a lot of beef to carry for 7 minutes not to mention sometimes carrying the guy you're wrestling.
  2. ConnorsDad

    Fix v. Nick

    Nerd, You are wasting your time. You hit it on the head another ITG.
  3. ConnorsDad

    Michigan and Illini (results inside)

    You're right he should be right there. And I also will be stunned if he finishes anywhere near 2nd.
  4. ConnorsDad

    Props to Flo for the respect

    One other thing that may not be obvious to people who are not in the back end of track wrestling is that track provides a way better platform for not only registering people but sending emails out to coaches to input Tournament results that the tournameny seems pertinent which will enable seeding and bracket construction and so on. Yes Flo Arena enables you to register for a tournament but not that I have seen can they send out multiple emails to multiple coaches to enter their athletes weights, Tournament results, record and so on and so forth. Sorry about the grammar but I'm voice texting
  5. ConnorsDad

    Ohio State Recruiting

    Will you be here all week?
  6. ConnorsDad

    Ferrari's No Longer @ Blair

    AJ and his little brother are no longer @ Blair Academy & are attending Bergen Catholic. Rumors about a fight & expulsion from various people.
  7. ConnorsDad

    Stoll #1?

    I agree with everything you said about Stoll and not being ranked number one. However, comparative scores have no business in the ranking. If you win the match, you win the match. You don't drop somebody because they beat somebody by less points.
  8. Having seen both in person, I can say that Romero is WAAAAAY more of an athlete/athletic than Kharchla (sp). I dont know if he is having trouble dropping to 65 or something else but I for one would not give up on an Ohio 4 time champ who also played football and did not wrestle year round.
  9. ConnorsDad

    Best Wrestling Forum

    I was not really involved when twt was around so this is about all I have to go by plus a smattering of other colleges. As far as wrestling websites but not forums the openmat has blown by intermat like it's standing still. Fact it may be the best source of information for tournaments duels Etc in the country
  10. ConnorsDad

    Best High School Team Ever?

    I would agree 100% with what you're saying about how the public schools recruit versus the private. I'm a firm believer in following rules or else you get anarchy and I am not an anarchist. One thing that bothers me about the private school recruiting, above and beyond the fact that you're not supposed to, is you get a lot of kids who you are promised something, or at least say they are, or told by the coach hey you can be on a state championship team. Four years later they realize they're never going to get to play high school sports again and they spent their entire time on the bench when they could have gone to their local public school and enjoyed themself. Thankfully, I think a lot of kids are starting to see that and both the big public and private school here in Vegas that are football powers are finally not as dominant as they used to be because kids don't want to sit on the bench their entire career. On a side note, awhile back you could comment on the articles written in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Literally right underneath the article people could comment. They stopped it because it was an out-and-out mother **** fest. It got so bad people were threatening each other and asking to meet at public locations to fight. The anti Bishop Gorman sentiment because they won 10 straight state championships still runs high. And, no matter what your situation, if you sent your kid to Gorman or Faith Lutheran and they were playing sports then you had to have been recruited. People who have kids who went to public schools and were beaten by private schools in the playoffs literally wanted to blow the school up,lol
  11. ConnorsDad

    The Southern Scuffle Thread

    2 years ago, we were in Peoria, AZ watching our son in the finals of the Peoria Invitational, one of the largest and oldest tournaments in AZ. RBY was of course in the finals and got behind on a takedown. Then, he proceeded to show everyone just how fast he is with several takedowns. I have NEVER seen a HS wrestler who is even in the same zip code as RBY in regards to speed and quickness. I am trying to think of somebody now or in the past five years or so and I am drawing a blank. Maybe somebody can help me but after watching his matches so far this year, I don't think there's anybody even close to him as far as speed and quickness.
  12. ConnorsDad

    Best High School Team Ever?

    Treep, I agree with you as I'd like to see the best public school as well. I don't know the rules for every state but I can give you a Nevada and California idea. First, if you're coming in as a freshman in high school in Nevada you can go wherever you want to start with. Also, as long as you have a bona fide change of address, you can change schools at any time. You know and I know that a bonafide change of address means something totally different to parents who are trying to finagle the system. Kids do it all the time here for football, basketball and other sports. California recently changed their rules and I think you can transfer anywhere at least once and not have to sit out a year. Yes, Public Schools do have a few more restrictions on them but at least out here there's numerous ways around them. Think of all the AAU basketball teams and how miraculously all of a sudden a player decides to change schools after a summer of playing for a coach. Then, all of a sudden, his/her parents have "moved" as well. But the kid wasn't influenced! But, yes I would much prefer to see the best public school wrestling team like you. As far as the best public schoolgoes, I'm just asking a question here. Does everybody that wrestles/ wrestled for St. Paris Graham in Ohio live in that area and have always done so for the most part? They very well may have I'm just wondering. For instance, and I'm not disparaging the guy cuz I'm a huge fan, but didn't David Taylor move there from Montana? I'm not saying they did anything wrong. In fact, just the opposite. I think a lot of times programs that become really good kind of recruit kids themselves. If you're from California or Nevada and your son is really good at football, then if you're a smart parent and able to do so, you're going to send your kid to Bishop Gorman. It's not like they have to go out and recruit. Maybe I'm not giving enough credit to a program in the coaches but I don't see how any school, public or private, can consistently be that good with all the turn over unless there is some type of recruiting going on. Great topic.
  13. ConnorsDad

    The Southern Scuffle Thread

    I'm not a Penn State fan but that loss makes me think more of RBY than the two victories he had yesterday. Yeah he made a mistake but he was kicking his ass until that point. I think he's got to be a favorite to AA. Of course that and a quarter doesn't get you a goddamn thing anymore!
  14. ConnorsDad

    Nobody cares about Eierman vs Yianni?

    Yes, I did misunderstand so thank you for the clarification.
  15. ConnorsDad

    Nobody cares about Eierman vs Yianni?

    I would be interested to see that. I have never seen a tourney with it.