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  1. ConnorsDad

    Bo Nickal

    I agree with pretty much everything everybody here said and I know you were waiting on my approval. However, in Bo's case, he's not beating David Taylor or Jden Cox. I do think if Jden were to cut to 86 Bo has a small chance because it's a huge cut for Cox. He's obviously not going to beatCox or Kyle up at 97 and in non-olympic years he's also got no shot at beating Cox at 92. After watching everybody that was in Turkey, I think Jden looks like the best pound-for-pound wrestler in America.
  2. ConnorsDad

    Zain should do the right thing

    Dumbest ****ing post Ive ever read. Nothing was taken from Yianni and Im a fan.
  3. ConnorsDad

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    Is there a reason he would not be considered? I don't know anything about him and whether he has his degree or anyting about the program or his coaching I was just wondering? One of my son's coaches knows him and he wouldn't say why but basically had the same opinion as you.
  4. ConnorsDad

    Programs Not Fully Funded

    Drexel is not fully funded? That would surprise me.
  5. ConnorsDad

    When does Iowa State overtake the Squawkeyes?

    I tend to disagree there as well. A lot of these guys who won multiple national titles may not have done so had they had they gone to other schools. We'll never know but the world is littered with people who are just as good as Nolf, Hall, Retherford who went to places and never panned out. Sometimes it can be just as hard to coach the superstars as it can be to coach the average wrestler.
  6. Yes I do. But are we going to set our guidelines for those rare cases or for those times when things are a little more normal? There's always going to be outliers. We need a system with the least amount of bul**** possible because humans have shown that with any loopholes they'll try and take advantage of it. Here's the date where final X will be held. You wrestle then or you don't wrestle at all.
  7. ConnorsDad


    Exactly. If he had gotten beaten up for 5 rounds or 3 or however long the match was going to be that would be one thing. That was a one in a million shot. That match tells you nothing about whether he's done or not in the UFC.
  8. ConnorsDad

    Askren Knocked Out!

    Flying knee in 5 seconds. Unreal!
  9. ConnorsDad

    Programs Not Fully Funded

    Thank you I guess I did know that one but I appreciate it. I guess I could put out someone's I've heard rumors about. Duke? Fresno St.? Cal Poly? Cal Bakersfield? Any of the old EWA schools?
  10. ConnorsDad

    Programs Not Fully Funded

    Other than the Ivy Leagues, does anybody have a list or know for sure of division 1 programs that are not fully funded? If so do you know how well-funded they are? I've heard rumors about several but I have no first hand knowledge nor do I know of any way to get such information. What about division 2? Are there a lot more division 2 programs that are not fully funded? Thanks in advance!
  11. ConnorsDad

    When does Iowa State overtake the Squawkeyes?

    Thank you. People must be hitting the Everclear today. Also, is there anybody, let's make that any non Penn State hater, who actually thinks that somebody in the college ranks would do a better job with his talent than Cael does? Yea, me neither.
  12. ConnorsDad

    When does Iowa State overtake the Squawkeyes?

    As KTI explained near the top of the thread, the only reason they were a hair's breath away is because of illness, injury, etc. Giving brands propensity for resting people, it's even possible they could take a dual from them sometime in the next decade. However, the NCAA's is a whole 'nother matter.
  13. ConnorsDad

    When does Iowa State overtake the Squawkeyes?

    Boy you're really putting your money where your mouth is. I'll take that bet