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  1. ConnorsDad

    Penn State vs Kent State Thread

    Amazing how many fans can't be objective and not just PSU ones. Would certainly predict MK to lose to Hall, not sure who the 2nd AA is, Warner is only a freshman and should be expected to lose. Neville and Stoll split last year so at best a toss up. But picking Cassar to beat SS is just as egregious as picking Joseph to not make the finals. They can both happen but saying one will happen and not the other is being hypocritical or just being a fan.
  2. ConnorsDad

    Colleges a kid should wrestle at....

    Considering how good all 3 schools are and the fact that all 3 would be favored in a dual against Columbia, Brown, Penn, & Harvard, I believe all are pretty good options.
  3. According to Flo, Gable has said on Instagram somewhere that the plan is for him to redshirt.
  4. ConnorsDad

    Wrestle-Off Results

    Ah, sorry. Got it.
  5. ConnorsDad

    Colleges a kid should wrestle at....

    American, Army, Navy
  6. This is a big win for Parris. Stencil is no slouch!
  7. ConnorsDad

    Wrestle-Off Results

    True for Cash but wouldn't that be an OK result for Brands considering Marinelli being an AA and in his 3rd year versus a true freshman? Just wondering
  8. ConnorsDad

    Wrestle-Off Results

    Absolutely. Needs to bulk up.
  9. ConnorsDad

    Coon takes Silver

    Absolutely it was expected. Unlike the guy who beat Snyder in the junior worlds from Russia andhiis eame escapes me, Semenov has improved, doesn't have the worst gas tank in the world and gets after it. One of the better bad body wrestlers I've seen in a long time. How much can Coon close the gap in a year and a half concentrating only on Greco? Or does he concentrate on freestyle? Pretty much the biggest guy there as well and folk style, being closer to Freestyle, doesn't put him as far behind the eight-ball technically
  10. ConnorsDad

    Coon takes Silver

    Senenov is really good. He destroyed everybody except Nabi. So maybe Coon's only the 3rd or 4th best in the world. Still pretty damn good for somebody who's been wrestling folkstyle for the last 13 years for the most part
  11. ConnorsDad

    Adam Coon in the finals!!!!

    Who is he?
  12. I don't think any Division 1 wrestler if he stopped today and concentrated on Greco forever is going to be Kamal Bey. That's an Elite Talent but yes we could probably use more of them
  13. ConnorsDad

    Sad / Taylor

    Agreed except it should be John, Bruce, Jordan & Dave. Kyle should not be on that list.
  14. ConnorsDad

    Sad / Taylor

    Certainly agree with your quote about him dropping back down or not but there is one small mistake. I highly doubt he was a teenager when he was wrestling at 86 kilos, lol.
  15. ConnorsDad


    Also, it is tough to get a kid to commit to the OTC and either put college on hold or go part-time/on line to Univ. of Colorado @ Colorado Springs while living at the OTC. My son wanted to go but the pull of big time college wrestling was too much. Greco is not very sexy. Combine that with all the excellent education opportunities available in colleges to wrestlers, it's a hard sell and will take awhile.