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  1. And of course they knew this long before now but waited till the students would feel pretty much compelled to go there this year. Maybe it'll work out like liked Brown did. The students and lawyers will figure out that they knew they were going to cut the program and still were recruiting and file a lawsuit. I'm anti lawsuit for frivolous purposes but in this case the admin knew they were going to cut the sport and they still kept letting the coaches recruit and make plans as if they were going to be there. **** them
  2. That would be great but unfortunately I don't see it happening. There's nothing wrong with chasing your dreams but so many of our athletes just refuse to see the writing on the wall that they're never going to be the man or make a freestyle team. Now if you don't want to participate in Greco that's understandable but if you're wanting to wrestle on an international stage a lot of them need to realize that Greco is their best/only chance. It would also help if they realize that a lot earlier in their careers.
  3. Vak, I never commented on that match before so here goes. While I thought what BM did was wrong, he probably would not have and certainly would not have had the opportunity had DC not started doing backflips or before the end of the match. I thought it was a ****ty and unsportsmanlike thing to do as was Brent teeing of on Caldwell. I'm not a fan of either and I thought both acted like a douche.
  4. That is so True. His stand-up definitely needs work!x
  5. I wasn't sure who it was. I figured the president might be gone. I meant whoever and wherever he was he should have the **** beat out of him.
  6. Un the fkucnig believable. The athletic director and president who got rid of wrestling should have their asses beat every 10 minutes for the next month.
  7. Same way as Cal Baptist. Seriously there will be some kids who will go there for the free or somewhat free education even though they'll never have a chance to wrestle in the NCAA tournament.
  8. https://news.theopenmat.com/international-wrestling/a-failure-in-leadership-and-four-other-takeaways-from-the-rumble-on-the-rooftop/78369 While being a Flo fan, I have always subscribed to Open Mat as I think Earl does a great job and I get a lot of wrestling info, D2, D3, etc., that I cant get elsewhere. This article is spot on and is definitely a (nother) black eye for Flo.
  9. Im a fan of his wrestling and will support all Americans against foreign opposition but, when that (wrestling) goes, it is really hard to root for him. From the sour grapes, whining & just plain lying (Bitching about DT, cute little greco moves to saying he was put on the clock after 20 seconds), he makes it hard to be on his side. Can you imagine if he had won both styles would we ever have heard any bitching? The cute greco moves (par terre, etc.) are only cute because he couldn't stop them. It literally sounds like something you would hear from an adolescent. Sigh.
  10. Thanks for your explanation but you must realize you're wasting your time, lol. You, Pyles and 20 other people from Flo can come on here and tell everybody exactly what happened and they're still some members of the aluminum hat brigade on here who will find something wrong with it or some type of conspiracy involved. They have no first-hand knowledge of anything that went on but because it was a possibility at some point, it's what they wanted, they're just argumentative or they don't like Flo but whatever the reason they just will not give it up. By the way thanks for everything you do for wrestling.
  11. You are one of the few people who seem like they can separate his wrestling from his off the mat antics. You're right he is a great wrestler. Anybody that makes a US World team is. I personally get tired of all the off the mat shenanigans and I hope Taylor beats him. And you're right he'll probably come up with another excuse after getting worked. But we need to be able to separate one from the other. People don't like him that's fine but you need to be a little objective and realize how good he is. I don't think anybody on here would would say Myles Martin is not a good wrestler and Downey has beaten him among many others.
  12. Thank you. His career as a wrestler and thus far in MMA shows the guy is not a quitter. Granted it's not a good look but like you said he took it on 5 days notice.
  13. He may not have what it takes but I don't think one incident can determine that. It might if it was his first match and he did that but he is fairly experienced and has done well. Granted this is the first time he's ever been getting beaten soundly but he did take it on short notice. It certainly may take a while before he gets another shot but I don't think we can determine from this one match whether he has what it takes.
  14. True and maybe he will move up. They have a hole at one of the two spots as you said.
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