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  1. They are having a season. Lack of practice time forced by protocols, admin, etc. has made it a bit of a crapshoot but seeing as how nobody is going to have a full schedule it may not be too bad. In other news there, Teague brought in a big recruiting class for next year and, before COVID, there was an announcement that former AU wrestler Alan Meltzer and his wife along with Jack Cassell were donating 10M for a new Center for Athletic Performance and Israel Studies Fellowship. This center would be where wrestling & volleyball practice and competition venues and the weight room are to be moved so things are looking up on that front as well. This came out at the end of 2019 and they had 2 more donations in Dec. 20 so heres hoping they break ground soon.. My kid is pretty close mouthed about everything but he has said he absolutely loves wrestling for Coach Moore. Hopefully they can have some semblance of a season and then next year everything will be back to normal.
  2. Spot uckingfa on. I like to call them Internet Tough Guys.
  3. Not 100% sure this is true but my kid was told by one of the upperclassmen that AS LONG AS YOU TAKE THE MAT, the year does not count. Then I read the NCAA release which says "Winter sport student-athletes who compete during 2020-21..." Anybody have an idea what happens if you don't compete? What about the Ivy league?
  4. Real quick, IMO, if you are talking 1-5 or so or total depth, 125 is deeper than 97 or 86. I'll look at the others later.
  5. Not a fan of Illinois but I always look forward to your breakdown each year. It is a pleasure to read and hands down the best team breakdown of any poster on here. Keep up the great work!
  6. It is on the Olympic Channel and has been enjoyable. Russia looking great and nice to have it back. Usual officiating hijinks with Russia. Vlasov vs Nemes in the semis. Vlasov with a passive in the first and Nemes in the 2nd. Of course, a phantom passive on Nemes late in the 2nd to win it for Roman. Kyrgyzstan has really improved as a country. Also, Polish greco 67kg Pacurkowski really let's it fly. Russian greco 55kg Sefershaev is new to me but blitzed the field. Stefanik lost and left shoes on the mat.
  7. It is amazing how little is known about him even among our small circle of wrestling fans. I was fascinated long before I even became remotely interested in wrestling. He is our 1st world champion and one of only 4 multiple Olympic Medalists I believe. Interesting character and life.
  8. Agreed. Still need one on Rick Sanders!
  9. I'm a Gable fan but would this match have possibly been different if Gwiz hadn't had to wrestle Parris beforehand?
  10. Was that based on the entire year or just the world championships that year?
  11. Billy, I am not trying to be a smartass with you as you are one of the good guys. However, if you have a match scheduled and you don't make weight, then I would assume you forfeit the match and are the loser.
  12. GNQ, You. I just am like LJB In that it seems everybody wants to follow the rules until it benefits him not to. Sisi, I will admit bringing it up all this many months later is certainly BS in my mind.
  13. Finally. Somebody put it in a way that I couldn't seem to I was so p***** off. We all want to follow the rules until it benefits us not to. If you don't make weight you don't get to wrestle.
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