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  1. Tell you this having done it for Faith Lutheran the last 4 years when Connor was in high school is that it's usually done after the tournament and when you go in you usually do it by School. The way the drop-down works is if you know your kid wrestled somebody from school A you go to school a click on him enter the result. So they may not be in order unless you actually take the time to go in the exact order of the matches. But if your team has more than one person wrestling and they wrestle two or three or four kids from the same school it's just takes less time that way.
  2. I'm not sure where you got that but I have a copy of the bracket and the semi was a 16-5 match against a kid from Cimarron here in Las Vegas. That match is missing on that list of yours & the 6-5 match is the championship. I should have been a little clearer before. Sorry. 152 Champ.pdf
  3. House, I hope I am. I want him to do well.
  4. Trip, are you were 100% correct. The 16 - 5 match was in the semi-finals.
  5. Not to beat a dead horse but I decided to go back and look at his results from high school last year and then I realized that Sunnyside was at the Peoria Invitational where my son was. This is a medium sized tournament of average high school competition at best although it has been around a long time. So looking through the bracket sheets, they don't believe in having an internet presence but that's another story for another time, I found he wrestled at the tournament beating a friend of my son's from here in NV 16-5 in the final. Now I realize there's a lot of reasons while he'll be better that aren't just related to wrestling such as more comfortable with the language, more settled here in America now and so on and so forth. But let's take a look at two former Fargo Champions Anthony Artalona and Sammy Sasso. Both won Fargo championships in freestyle, Artalona a bunch, and both have been wrestling folkstyle their entire life. Sasso I think has a decent shot of winning it this year but I certainly wouldn't bet on him as a redahirt freshman. Neither one of those guys we're going to be NCAA champions as a true freshman and they are far more experienced than Echmendia in folkstyle. I hope he proves me wrong as it would be a fantastic story but I wouldn't bet he even starts for Iowa State.
  6. I don't think he's too small at all. I just don't know if he trains with that much. I have no firsthand knowledge but if I had to bet my money it would be that his hard training days are over. The same with Cael. But I could be wrong.
  7. I love the kids story but he won his state semi and final in D2 Arizona 9-6 and 7-4. He beat Dawon Andrews a Notre Dame College signee 4-2 in TB1 in a tourney last year. I also watched Who's #1. I dont think there is anyway he wins or makes AA. I personally think it's a hell of a lot easier to go from folkstyle to freestyle than from free to folk. If I am wrong, so be it.
  8. He might in o e period but in a 2 out of 3 he would have no shot.
  9. I can respect that but I will say I was referring to freestyle and not folkstyle. In folkstyle I think Kerkvliet is not quite there yet with Cassar.
  10. As far as NLWC and PSU, no doubt. As for Snyder himself, obviously there will be some people from tOSU who are butt hurt and think otherwise. But exposing yourself to new ideas has to help as does working with somebody as quick as David Taylor and as strong as Cassar.
  11. Thanks and that's kind of what I was thinking. I would certainly believe that he was contemplating a move before Worlds if his wife/fiancee is a student there or is going to be. There is no way I would believe he would be leaving tOSU AFTER winning the gold medal at Worlds unless there's another reason such as a wife.
  12. Lurker, I tend to agree I think Cassar probably gives Snyder the best look of the two camps as far as Sadulaev goes. I do think though that as far as just their own wrestling that Kerkvliet is a bad matchup for Cassar and if his knee holds out I would take him over Cassar right now today.
  13. IMO, not a chance unless it had already been in the works before worlds.
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