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  1. It might be because I don't think a lot of NCAA Champions have transferred/committed to three or four schools before they even wrestled a match. Probably not many have transferred/committed to three or four schools period. I can only speak from football but it seems apropos to any sport. You don't see a lot of people who keep changing programs who do that well and I would think it's partly because of the lack of consistency in training. I don't care how talented you are if you're not consistently in the room your results are not going to be what they could be whether you're Daniel Kerkvliet or Joe Flotzenblotz. Add in the fact that he's missing a knee ligament and I think it is a very valid point that he may never reach the levels that people assumed his ability would lead him to.
  2. I completely agree. He's lost several leads to Geno late in the match and, as he gets older, his conditioning is going to go even more. He may be able to muster one more decent run at the Olympics but you know he's not going to do anything the first year into a new cycle. If you're then wanting me to believe that he's going to do something 2 years removed from the Olympics, I'm not buying it. I think next year is it and that might even be the limits of his time as an elite wrestler.
  3. I'm sure the effort was great. I've never seen a Bono team that didn't give great effort. I just thought wrestling wise they looked terrible. I gave great effort when I wrestled. I just sucked. And so the people don't think this is a anti Wisconsin thread or something like that, I personally think Chris Bono is an outstanding coach. He immediately turned that program, I won't say around because they weren't horrible, but got them on the path I think most people thought they could be on.
  4. Wisconsin looked horrible. Whether that was because of their issues or because Iowa is that strong takes a more seasoned eye than mine. A lot of times when somebody looks really good they may not have had to put out any effort at all if the other team sucked hind tit!
  5. And Bulsak is built like a brick ****house!
  6. I agree basically with what you said and I'm not feeling sorry for Ohio State. and wrestling is not alone in despicable acts done by coaches for sure.
  7. Other than my son's school I am a huge Cornell fan but this might be the single most accurate quote about their situation as far as their wrestling program is concerned I've ever read. I don't think I've ever seen a post by you sir other than this one but this one is spot-on.
  8. Why is it when anybody makes a post that they don't like something going on at a certain school (greyshirting, high school kids training at the RTC, deferring enrollment, promising athletes money after college if they pay their own way to school, recruiting over athletes, ducking, etc., etc., etc.), fans of that school immediately called the poster a hater? Why can't somebody believe that maybe something going on is not in the best interest the sport? Not everybody who doesn't like something going on at another school is a hater! Sure there are some but the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of people on here who are fanatics about a team then, when they're favorite team is called out for something they do whether it be good, bad or something that could stand some discussion, have absolutely no objectivity and take it as a personal attack on them?
  9. Four down 75 to go. Question - If Snyder were to come out next week and say he and his wife were missing Ohio and that they are moving back, do you think DK would decommit? I'm a huge Cael fan, not PSU, but there is no way you will ever make me believe he is getting people to greyshirt/defer by telling them it is "for the good of the team and yourself" but also telling them they could be recruited over. It's like you're buying a nice toy but then one you think may be better comes along and you're throwing the old one to the curb except in this case it's people who have given you 2 years of their lives.
  10. The simple fact that you might still have one of those Magic 8 Balls like I do put you on a level higher than most people. Everyone trying to predict the winners of matches when all they had to do was give the 8-Ball a shake and look for the answer. SMH
  11. That is a very realistic and objective look at their team.
  12. Other than 2 years ago over Marinelli, has he ever had a take down in a big match? I'm not being an ass I just don't know. I think you're right. If it's not 0 0 or 1 0 his top game at least against AM is negated.
  13. I don't know what knowledge you have of division 1 football. I just have no idea. But the absolute worst wrestling program in the United States has nowhere near the number of criminals and thugs that your average D1 football program does. If you want to go by percentages, I'll bet it's still nowhere near.
  14. I didn't say he wouldn't put up with some bad guy or something. I said he wouldn't stand for somebody attempting to injure somebody on the mat. Two completely different things. Yes, and his name escapes me, the guy who made the finals as a freshman against McDonough for one but again attempting to injure somebody on the mat is what I was referring to. I dont think the Penn State wrestler, who I believe his last name was Long, had any history of trying to hurt someone on the mat.
  15. I don't know for sure about Gable or Cael, as none of us do, but I have an opinion. Gable was long gone but I cannot see Cael putting up with a clown like Desanto literally trying to hurt someone at any point in any match.
  16. Any idea what happened with Davidson?
  17. I own plenty of shorts. I just don't own any shorts that go underneath the shorts. :) Is that TMI?
  18. My son wrestled one of his wrestlers at Fargo and after the match introduced himself and said he was just as nice and polite as could be. Believe me if somebody's a racist the first time we hear about it won't be on a message board.
  19. That quote is now saved in my hall of fame. One of the five best I've ever seen on this forum.
  20. WRONG! I'll get in a political debate with anybody in the appropriate forum. But I don't want to hear LeBron James, TR Foley, Trump, Clinton, Ha Ha Clinton Dix or anybody else tell me what my political views should be when I'm trying to enjoy sports. And I don't want to hear Ben Shapiro tell me about the Big Ten Conference tournament.
  21. He may be ranked 5th but if he's the 5th best wrestler in the country at 184 I'll eat my own shorts
  22. Neither is 15 aside rugby and you put an elite NFL linebacker out there and he'll get his ass handed to him
  23. The problem with that is wrestling is an extra-curricular activity, chemistry is not, engagaed in competition. Band does some but nothing like sports. It will never apply to students, only athletes, nor should it IMO.
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