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  1. Kentucky Mudflap Did however have a birthday yesterday... he turned 60 years old. Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Sams!
  2. So so So many issues with this..... Health Related? So this health related problem just popped up the day of weigh-ins? Blood where is shouldn't have been magically appeared? If that was the case why that same night was everything OK? The only person who could have informed medical personal about an issue would have to be the wrestler himself.... so if he made weight but the doc didn't clear him makes no sense.. So when did the DR. know about the issue? So in the 1 hour ... he made weight, told the dr. about blood in stool, rushed him the ER, and then he was cleared AFTER the competition... ? or Was this an issue that was ongoing... the DR. knew about it... they were monitoring it.. he cut weight, made weight and then the Dr. didn't clear him? It will be very interesting if they actually do end up wrestling on Feb. 15th... I would put good money down they don't.
  3. Via twitter... Iowa had a home and home contract with Lehigh and Edinboro and I would assume also with Buffalo since they traveled out there last year and Buffalo is at home this year. That knocks you down to 13 dates... Then add in Okie State, Iowa State and Midlands.. now you are down to 10. Now the big ten sets the schedule for all big ten contests ... now you are down to just two dates left.. you have one open and they have been doing the Iowa duals now for a few years as a warm up to the season and when do you schedule someone else? If anyone is to blame you blame the big ten. I don't think either of the schools backed down or couldn't come to an agreement on a date.... when would you squeeze them in?
  4. What happened is PSU offered Haines "x" amount of money and Haines Committed... Then PSU landed Nevilles at which time PSU went back to Haines and said we don't have the money that we offered you before. Haines and his family felt slighted and decided to go elsewhere. If you think for a minute it was because of competition in the room you are crazy. This is clearly a case of PSU pulling the money on Haines to give to Nevilles. They got an in-state HWT and felt good about him until they had the opportunity to land someone they felt was better and went for the kid they thought was better even though they already committed money to someone else.
  5. Negativity isn't the answer... THE TRUTH is however.. Stay shifty my friend.. shifty like the wind. anonymous isn't a bad thing.... anonymous tips solve many crimes accross our great nation and lead to many arrests. If anything I think more people should be anonymous. That being said, if they are saying things that aren't true then that isn't a good thing but when people have first hand knowledge and are in the inner workings of wrestling then annonymous can be a good thing
  6. There will not be two divisions... it will be one division and you will wrestle 9 teams a year The fact that PSU and Iowa don't wrestle is a product of the system.. no system is perfect and it is what it is. Everyone would love to see this dual meet every year but with only 16 dates and Iowa having to fit in Okie State, Iowa State, (maybe UNI) Midlands, and an open tournament it doesn't leave very many dates open. Same with PSU.. they have a schedule made up of the season and where they want to go and sometimes it just doesn't work out.. all the more drama for the NCAA's and Big Tens
  7. This is typical out of Jason Bryant... He announces National Duals so the NWCA is the greatest thing in our sport and is doing everything possible to save it.. Why? Because he is buddy buddy with them now... He takes the same stance with USAW.. they are working so hard to save our sport.. This is bull crap. The NWCA and USAW are one in the same. Both groups our out of touch with reality and one of the reasons we are in trouble. Jason will tell you they both have been working really hard behind the scenese to save our sport!!! This is why the NWCA is having the All-Star Dual in BFE with 2K people watching.. great way to promote our sport.. Keep fighting the good fight Jason and backing the people to line your pocket.. What good employee wouldn't do that?
  8. Dang right they wanted him.... One school was offering a full ride and the other was over 50% and I'm pretty sure it was in the 80% range. So yes, both OSU and PSU wanted this guy bad to spend that type of money on the kid.
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