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  1. Yes Congrats indeed! It was a great performance by these guys. Our young guys are looking good. Speiller looks like he can throw anyone rite now from any position.
  2. Is Speiller the only US Greco wrestler wrestling? does anyone know when greco starts?
  3. Congrats to UCF. Complete domination. I don't care if its not D1,2 or 3. these guys just completely annihilated the entire field of competition at the national duals. How does a program like this break into being a scholarship program. I don't think I have ever seen this much of a gap between #1 and #2 at any level. As a wrestling fan it is fun to see programs like this.
  4. It will be interesting. I think Speiller gets him this time if they meet again. He had Bisek stuck last year don't know how it wasn't called..
  5. I would add Jason Robbins to the High School list along with Jared Frayer and Sam Hazewinkel for the international
  6. I just went back and watched that match again after i read this post. That definitely was an absolute war.
  7. I agree. I am a huge Dake fan but I don't think he as at the level of Speiller, Fisher and Bisek yet.
  8. I'm pretty sure it was Bono that he wrestled at Dapper Dan that year then Bono beat him years later at the World Team Trials.
  9. 149 was a great weight to watch last year. This bracket was actually loaded. Houdashelt, Dardanes, Grajales, Minotti, Habat, Tristis, Maple, Villonga, Sueflohn, Sakaguchi, Kindig. I know i'm leaving some names out but to call this weak is really ridiculous.
  10. Has Bruno and Hall ever wrestled each other before?
  11. Thanks for the info and link. Wonder how he ended up at Muskegon? .Hope to see him in D1 soon. I couldn't find anything on Liberatore I wonder what happened to him at ASU.
  12. just curious if any one has any info on these two. i remember watching Liberatore crush everyone at fargo a few years ago and figured he would be on a roster somewhere this year. Couldn't find anything on him with ASU this year. Last i heard on Whitford is that he was going to Illinois this year and didn't see anything on him either.
  13. He has been one of my favorite wrestlers to watch the past few years. It was great to watch him AA.
  14. I think Frankie Gomez finished at Brandon?
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