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  1. show some respect KMF 2020 for President
  2. Straight arm push-outs will not be scored only “meaningful action” (trying to score a takedown or exposure)
  3. but why the personal attack on the Jordan's?
  4. hes going heavy? thought Singletary is going heavy
  5. They're not juveniles when they are 21+ mostly older. but you're a choad.
  6. they should it helps build the sport
  7. you're crazy. people with mental health disorders need people to talk about it, so they can deal with the pain. **** sucks!
  8. I think its a great idea. why wouldn't you want to see both guys there.
  9. Please LJB. "you're our only hope".
  10. Neckbrace may have something to say over that.
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