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  1. lonewolf

    Cyclone Talk with Mudflap

    show some respect KMF 2020 for President
  2. lonewolf

    Rule changes

    Straight arm push-outs will not be scored only “meaningful action” (trying to score a takedown or exposure)
  3. lonewolf

    Zaddick out at Iowa State

    back to the woods
  4. lonewolf

    Alleged Ohio State Disabato video

    but why the personal attack on the Jordan's?
  5. lonewolf

    Post-Fargo Recruiting: Whose stock went way up?

    Carson Kharshla FOR SURE!
  6. lonewolf

    Iowa State Next Year?

  7. lonewolf

    U23 Nationals

    hes going heavy? thought Singletary is going heavy
  8. They're not juveniles when they are 21+ mostly older. but you're a choad.
  9. lonewolf

    Minnesota Coaching Changes

    they should it helps build the sport
  10. lonewolf

    Separated at birth?

  11. think about it? they cant control it and its a life of misery
  12. you're crazy. people with mental health disorders need people to talk about it, so they can deal with the pain. **** sucks!
  13. I think its a great idea. why wouldn't you want to see both guys there.
  14. lonewolf

    When does the streak end...

    Please LJB. "you're our only hope".
  15. lonewolf

    When does the streak end...

    Neckbrace may have something to say over that.