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  1. Excuse my ignorance here but can someone explain the qualification system now. So they are holding a WTT trial in MN first, then the winners of that move to final x for a best of 3 and the winners make the team? Am I following this correctly? Also did they just do away with having to outplace a returning medalist at a foreign event like in years past and just make it a head to head best of 3?
  2. Is there any way around the 350 dollar ticket? I know in years past you could just walk up in Times Square and watch
  3. Here’s my random thoughts after day 1 of the big dance. 125: It looks to me like suriano and Lee are on a collision course for the big stage. Tomasello could play spoiler but the Cruz that beat Mattin 1-0 without an offensive attempt is not gonna beat the fearless warrior 133: nothing major here, I’ve got gross and Pletcher in a predictable final Saturday night. Desanto beating the tar out of mueller was a bit of a surprise 141: Pretty predictable in the sense that there’s been some major surprises right out of the gate. My gut is telling me the Cornell freshman gets it done 149: I woke up with a sore neck just from watching that turn Zain hit. T-shirts is a nice story, he won that Deakin match the same way he won his title. Sorensen going down gives him a good shot at being on Zains highlight reel Saturday 157: Not sold on Hidlay but there isn’t anyone in that bracket to really stop him. Nolf and Kem dawg is interesting. Kem looks really good but Nolf has something up his sleeve I’m sure. 165: I mar is staying the course. I don’t think McFadden had the showtime in him to go with Joesph, but what do I know. 174: 2 horse race with the rest being show ponys 184: Nickal seemed sluggish in riding for way to long but again 2 race horses and the rest are show pony’s 197: You never know which Moore your going to get. The Cornell kid looks the part so far, we’ll see if he can beat the VT Senior for the right to test Moore’s bottom wrestling 285: not much here, Snyder by a takedown over coon
  4. You just said the exact same thing I did? I’m not attacking Cael or anyone here, simply relaying what was said. Penn state led by Cael wanted him to get surgery and try to get back, he did not want to. Add in he was already disenfranchised in happy valley and mystery solved. I don’t see how your in disagreement ?
  5. He alluded to that pretty clearly
  6. Just watched the new flo film, seems Cael was pushing suriano to wrestle when he wasn’t ready and that compounded him just not fitting in with the fun bunch in happy valley. My opinion was it seemed to be the opposite, suriano wanting to wrestle and Cael holding him back....interesting look but still doesn’t totally answer what went on there.
  7. Been waiting for that to happen to Joseph all year
  8. By mere mortal standards that was not a good showing, considering the circumstances around it I would say that’s the stuff that makes Snyder great. Overall I would say the combo of Yarygin hangover and the pressure of the dual being on the line got to him, also Nevills wrested the match of his life (this was a guy who couldn’t score an offensive point on the NC state back up to start the new year) but kudos to the Boy king for once again laying it on the line. You know he was flustered a bit when he half heartedly tried to lay drop a guy with conservatively 25 pounds on him
  9. doesnt this kid start his college career soon?
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