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  1. This program has been a dumpster fire for the last several years. There was a lot going on behind the scenes between Randall & Owens. Owens was hamstrung and not given the reign to run the program while Randall did absolutely nothing a head coach should be doing to rally support and fundraising. The kids all saw it, but out of respect they did not say anything. (BSU has some of the finest young men in ANY program) At some point Owens throws up his arms and gives up. He was not allowed to recruit like he wanted and even though (IMHO) he was responsible for developing the talent that they had, was not allowed to travel with the team on many trips. I doubt that Owens would even consider coming back to work under Mendoza. He should have been considered for the HC replacement in the first place. He would have brought a whole new level of energy and passion to the program. And do you think there is any coincidence that Geo ends up at OSU? I think not.
  2. I don't know, but it sounds like they have already lost one of their best wresters on the team to Oklahoma State.
  3. The BSU Athletic Department's biggest priority is fund raising and Mendoza's allure is his past experience raising money for CSB off of Stephen Neal's name. I think Ben would do a good job. He inherited a not so great situation at Northern Colorado (APR issue) I also think he has the best chance in bringing in some quality assistants like Adam Hall. He is super close with Chris Owen. With a new spark of energy, I could see Chris doing well. The question is whether the taste in his mouth will be gone after how crappy he was treated.
  4. With July 1st quickly approaching, I would think that they would want to get a head coach in place ASAP for recruiting purposes. They were down to Steiner, Mendoza and Cherrington, and Steiner is obviously out.
  5. There is no way their recruiting will suffer. Because it cant get any worst than it is now. BSU didn't sign a single new recruit this year. The change was desperately needed. I like UphillBronco's list, maybe throw in Ben Cherrington, but I doubt he is interested in coaching again. I hope they consider Chris Owens for the head job, and keep Taylor and maybe ad Hall or Hoch.
  6. Didn't Tucker Lane get on the podium while he was there???
  7. Its not going to get any better at BSU as the head coach in his infinite wisdom let Coach Owens go. IMHO, Chris is the reason for what success the Broncos have had in the past. SMH.
  8. It seems that many of the Western School's recruiting programs are content with focusing their efforts on local talent. ie ..Washington, Utah, Oregon etc. It is not very often (other than Fargo) that you see the coaches attending big HS events in the East such as Beast, Ironman, Jr. Nationals etc. I asked several of them "why they didn't target these event?" and their response was "finances" It would be nice to at least have them set a goal to target and sign 1-2 kids east of the Mississippi every year.
  9. Why do you have a "free Space" at 157 for PAC-12? Didn't Castillo earn that spot?
  10. Age and maturity are not always directly related. I would not worry about him being young for his age as long as he has a good understanding and maturity level. Academics is HUGE!!. Most D1 coaches are not willing to risk APR issues anymore. IE Northern Colorado a couple of years ago. In terms of exposure, besides doing well at his state tourney, So.& Jr Nationals are important. Not so much for Sr. Nationals as the prime recruiting is over for the year. Fargo is a MUST. just being competitive there will put him on the radar. You have to remember with 9.9 schollys, and less in most cases, coaches are put in a position of gambling. Do they pass on a recruit who is ready to commit in order to wait for another prospect later? They risk losing both prospects. So come July 1st after his junior year he can start talking with coaches and be in a good and early position for consideration.
  11. I think Golic tries to interject wrestling into their talk show conversation when he can, but gets shut down by his tennis loving cohost Greenie. That guys is a wannabe dork who questioned whether wrestling was even and sport.
  12. I was hoping to find out some more information on the criteria the NCAA uses for granting Medical Redshirts. I checked the NCAA site but did not find much. I understand the basics, but am confused about when they grant the status. Also, when it refers to the athlete competing 50% of the season; does that mean 50% by calendar or 50% by match count. Thanks for any info.
  13. Pretty sure Zeke is careful (as most coaches are) not to make contact. He has too much to lose. I am sure that his interest is relayed through others such as the Valencias though.
  14. So was Antonelli an interm head coach until they found a permanent coach? I thought he was named the official head coach. Maybe its a formailty and he has the opportuinty to still be named head coach. 5-months is not a good measuring stick.
  15. So unless you are a finalist, All American does not mean anything? Yep you got to be trolling for sure. And I doubt you have ever wrestled past the HS level. I would be jacked with a 6th. place finish.
  16. Only 30 NCAA Division 1 wrestlers a year can achieve a 3rd place or better at the tourney. I think that is worth celebrating. Especially of you were a non seeded wrestler.
  17. First try Northern Colorado (Where my Son got recruited) Second try Boise State (Where he currently wrestles) When I select "West" on the geography section, that pretty much narrows it down to a few.
  18. Great list. I would add Josh Martinez at 125 lbs from airforce on the progressed list.
  19. Run in the ground? Seriously? How elevated was the program before Ben took it over? The post season ban was a result of previous recruits. I can honestly say that the group of kids they have and the current work ethic is far better than it has been in many years. Give them a little time and they will be fine. My only critism is that they sometimes compromise on their recruiting. The Northwest is good, but spread out to the East and SouthWest a little more. JMO
  20. I swear Im gunna puke if one more Dake / Taylor thread rises up. Dake won.....Get over it!!
  21. Both Micah and Nathan are great young men who represent our sport in the finest manner. I had the pleasure of watching them grow up in Colorado. If both of them win their next match they face each other. Gotta give that one to big brother.
  22. No advancement or bonus points are carried over from a bye.
  23. 125: Going with Delgado over Megaludas. 133: Tony Ramos upsets Logan Steiber. I would love to see an upset by Graff though. 141: Hunter Steiber over Maples. Steiber is the one seed, but I still think thats a bit of an upset. 149: Oliver over Chamberlain, but rooting for Chambo! 157: St. John over Welch, cuz he has been there before. 165: I dont see Taylor getting beat 3 times. 174: If Storely is healthy he is hard to beat, but got to go with Perry. 184: Ruth hands down. 197: Wright to upet Kilgore. Micah Burak, may make some noise. 285: Nelson over Bradley in the rubber match. But would love to see Felix or Medbery make it through.
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