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  1. Right, hence “more apt” and not “perfectly analogous”.
  2. Yeah that’s more apt for JB-Dake.
  3. I agree that winning the team title won’t be easy, but even if things don’t work out as expected for Iowa in a few weight classes, won’t PSU or anyone else have to wrestle way way way way higher than expectations to have enough firepower to win it? Maybe it’ll come down to draws and bracket placement. I think another x-factor in favor of the Hawks is that NCAA’s overlap with Iowa’s spring break, so perhaps more folks will make the trip up and make noise.
  4. I think it would turn wrestling into a soccer match. I can’t speak to how much fun wrestling was back when they would go until someone was pinned, but it sounds like it could become tiresome to watch. In today’s styles I imagine it would be a lot of dancing around and matches that end bc of injuries.
  5. Thanks for this, I was going off of memory and thought the ball grab era ended much longer after the IOC wrestling announcement. To be fair though the new rules did come in the back half of Metcalf’s Senior career and it likely was a better style and format for him. He was already in his thirties (30 or 31?) with kids his last go at the Olympic team but he did all right, just never got it done on the big stage.
  6. I think the loser of Cox - Snyder would have a better chance at making the GR team than rep MFS at 125kg.
  7. It feels like there’s a lot of unpredictability this season esp in the lower AA range. 149 kinda feels up for grabs. 125 and 157 might be the wild west outside of the top 3. 184 and 197 outside of Zahid and Kollin. To turn the question on its head, which weight are ppl the most confident predicting the AAs? 133 sort of stands out to me, but I’m bad at stuff like this.
  8. Not a restaurant but there’s that famous campus ice cream place. Just get there early before Kyven Gadson eats all the inventory haha.
  9. Back when John Smith wrestled in the NCAA, wasn’t it prior day weigh-ins?
  10. I think @Lurker once summarized it best when he said, “Each time I see one of Jimmy’s threads go a few pages I’m reminded of Lardass from Stand by Me, sitting back and enjoying his finely crafted barf-o-rama.”
  11. That’s too bad, I seem to remember Mega announcing not long ago that he is back and getting ready for competition again at the OTC. His comments about feeling stronger now than his senior year in college is probably accurate - he looked a lot better than many expected his last couple of times out (at 61kg, I think). Hopefully that IG post isn’t his way of leaving his shoes at center mat.
  12. Has it affected participation or attendance at the Asia qualifier? That’s going on right now, isn’t it?
  13. Is it the same story with Casey Cunningham? Would rather work with the wrestlers than deal with hc administrative stuff?
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