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  1. pamela

    Spencer Lee isn’t redshirting

    Gilman said in an interview not long ago that the Iowa wrestling culture emphasizes individual results over team titles (which is probably true for the sport in general, Louden Swain said so). Things could have changed, and maybe the thinking in the Hawkeye wrestling room has changed suddenly and Lee’s top priority is now on the NCAA team race. But one of the best things Lee could do for Iowa is to win a world title in freestyle. How great would it look for Iowa wrestling to have a world and/or Olympic medalist on their roster? Probably better than a top 2 finish in the team standings instead of their usual 3rd. Besides, some believe 2021 will be Iowa’s year to seize the NCAA team title, not 2020. So that opportunity will still be there for Spencer.
  2. pamela

    Spencer Lee isn’t redshirting

    That wasn't random conjecture, it was based on something I recalled Spencer Lee saying.
  3. pamela

    Spencer Lee isn’t redshirting

    If Iowa wins it all or even takes a close 2nd to PSU, will Spencer Lee care that he passed up an opportunity at bringing back some world-level hardware of his own? I thought Lee said some time ago something along the lines of, he doesn't care too much about college because being a world champion is his real goal. Maybe I'm misattributing that quote, but it seems like the odds would be in Lee's favor to win that world title this year. Probably moreso than most of our other 57kg guys, anyway.
  4. pamela

    Free vs Folk - The great compromise!

    I'm all for a step-out rule in college wrestling. It's right in the spirit of folkstyle's "control" philosophy, too. You are rewarded by controlling the center of the mat and controlling your opponent by forcing them out. Instituting criteria though would be a big mistake. Criteria can confuse even experienced fans and the wrestlers themselves (e.g., J'Den Cox during the Olympics), plus it looks horrible to see someone's arm raised when the score is like, 4-4. Fans prefer clear-cut, outright winners.
  5. pamela

    Free vs Folk - The great compromise!

    It's too bad AGON never really took off, it could actually have become a pretty good hybrid style. (paraphrasing from @tirapell's post here) PERIODS Three 3-minute periods. All begin in the neutral position. 1 minute rest between periods. Starts at 3:00 and counts down to 0:00 each period Unlimited sudden victory overtime. First score wins, no time limit. NEUTRAL Takedown = 2pts (but requires control, as in collegiate folkstyle) Step-out = 1pt (any 2 points of contact by opposing wrestler out-of-bounds) BOTTOM Escape = 0pts Reversal = 2pts (collegiate folkstyle control required) TOP Exposure = 2pts (any exposure past 90 degrees) Extended exposure = 3pts (similar to folkstyle nearfall, exposure past 90 degrees with control of 2 or more seconds) Fall = called after 1/2 second Only the wrestler in control can score exposure points or gain a fall (no defensive or neutral falls) Offensive wrestler has 30 seconds after TD or reversal to score exposure points or pin before the wrestlers are returned back to neutral Exposure or reversal restarts the 30-second clock ETC. No "same hold" rule. Once a wrestler leaves criteria and is deemed to be able to defend himself, a subsequent exposure can be scored with the same hold. Locking hands and all holds with a "wrestling purpose" allowed; "wrestling purpose" defined as holds to take down, reverse, turn, or pin your opponent. Holds solely for the purpose of inflicting pain (submission) or chokes are prohibited. Scoring holds that happen while simultaneously going out-of-bounds from the feet or top/bottom will be scored. Intentionally leaving the mat area from top/bottom can be penalized 1 point at the referee's discretion. Yellow card stalling system (like Pride FC)?
  6. pamela

    Free vs Folk - The great compromise!

    It’ll cause endless fussing since every Olympic year will have an asterisk next to it in the record books - maybe mess up possible 4xers. It also won’t appease the Greco contingent.
  7. pamela

    Spencer Lee isn’t redshirting

    Now I’m wondering what this all means in terms of whatever injury, illness, relationship trouble or whatever plagued him last year (and if he’s over it), and if he is planning on taking a shot vs. Gilman and others at 57kg in freestyle - or just focusing on the NCAA season.
  8. Yah, I guess it’s common for athletes at that level to take measures to gain any sort of perceived edge. Like the way pros and last cycles Olympic athletes would travel to receive some sort of special training, nutrition, psychiatry, or even weird quacky/nonproven stuff like cupping, cryo, herbs, hypnosis, etc. The placebo effect is very real.
  9. pamela

    2020 Dark-Horse?

    I’d like to see Franklin Gomez make some noise in Tokyo. He looked pretty good against JB at Pan Ams this year, and maybe that was the spark he needed to elevate his wrestling. He probably won’t try out for the US team though, and idk if PR even has or will have the weight qualified for 2020. Might be the last time we see Gomez compete at the senior level as I think he’s getting up there in age.
  10. pamela

    Zain's left knee?

    Yes, he sure did wrestle a lot of freestyle during the college season after he won a world and Olympic title. He also won a Junior World title while wrestling both folk and free.
  11. pamela

    Zain's left knee?

    What's the diff between them and JB, Snyder, etc. though? It might just be that Zain and Metcalf's (and Howe and Ramos and Downey) physical advantages and wrestling style don't translate well from folk to free, no matter how much they train. And it's not like Zain and Brent had zero exposure to freestyle during those formative years.
  12. pamela

    Zain's left knee?

    Yes, we are lucky that JB, Synder, Green, Cox, Taylor, Dake, etc. focused 100% on freestyle from ages 15-23 so they could become world medalwinners.
  13. But like he's what, 50-0 against your sanity? Seems like he's really gotten into your head. Everything OK?
  14. Wait, what was the Pan Ams that JB, J'Den, Taylor, Colon, JRod, and some others won a few months ago?