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  1. Is Cutch still around? Or is he a baseball-only guy now?
  2. So what do the wrestling room heavies potentially look like now? Cael, Varner, Snyder, DT, Bo, Cassar, Provisor, Conel, Beard(?), Nevills, Brooks, Brown (? does he ever train there?)... yeesh, those are some heavy duty training partners.
  3. I’m a little surprised you’re on here posting with the new Breaking Bad movie out, Cinnabuns!
  4. Agreed. This doesn’t change the dynamic of recruiting heavies at PSU (though it will help the development of their bigs). Cael needs help on the other end of the scale to recruit, develop and retain lightweights. It’s been a little bit of an Achilles Heel.
  5. To me this just reinforces the signals Bo has been throwing out there, maybe Caesar too, that they’re fine dipping their toes in freestyle until the Olympics but it’s just a quick pit stop before going MMA. I agree that the new environment will be mutually beneficial for Snyder and PSU/NLWC heavies. With the new facilities and Logan Steiber’s training thing nearby, Tom Ryan could probably have attracted some eastern European wrestlers & coaches to come over and train with Kyle, give him some fresh looks.
  6. Yah, the Uzbek guy who wrestled Tervel D. The before & after pics are wild.
  7. How was the match? Did they wrestle folkstyle?
  8. We’re not talking about the general public, we’re talking about high performing participants in a sport (you know, like the caliber of athlete who would be recruited by Ok State) knowing one of the GOATs in their sport. Do 8th-12th grade baseball players know who Roger Clemens is? The ones in my family do.
  9. Must be the same way a bunch of 8th-12th grade baseball players would have no clue who Babe Ruth is, but would only know someone recent like Mike Trout.
  10. Ohhh I figured at least Tobier and Eierman for medaling at this year’s Pan Ams. Maybe Yianni and JO for their placement at this year’s ranking tournaments. There’s not much else to base the seedings on for next year, so I agree that the methodology is a big question mark rn.
  11. Hmmm... if they seed Pan Ams he same way they seed Worlds I think Eierman, Yianni and JO are our only guys at 65 who could get a 2 or 3 seed right now. Not 100% sure but I don’t think Zain has the ranking points to get seeded.
  12. It would be either Tobier or YBR if he can’t make 57. Possibly Gomez, but not likely. The problem is only the finalists from Pan Ams qualify the weight, so our guy at 65 would ideally need to be placed on the opposite side of the bracket.
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