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  1. pamela

    How much $ for a team title?

    Please state your answers in cinnamon bun units.
  2. pamela

    Penn State - How Do They Look Next Season?

    I thought Manville was undersized and bumping way up when he was subbed in this season. Slotting Mason into the lineup may also create some goodwill for his brother's recruitment down the road, assuming he didn't already verbal somewhere else already.
  3. pamela

    You may not like it but...

    I will ask the next time we talk!
  4. pamela

    You may not like it but...

    I'm not sure which academic system the wrestling Ivies are on, but a big challenge for NU and Stanford are being on the quarter system. The college wrestling season overlaps two quarters which means two sets of finals on top of missing spring break, the holidays, etc. That's kind of rough for kids these days. Also the reason why it would be theoretically even harder to rebuild wrestling at the UC schools (except for Berkeley).
  5. pamela

    You may not like it but...

    We have a friend who is a single mom with a son who just started junior high last fall. She actually did an analysis and found that hockey was the sport that gives boys the best chance to earn an athletic scholarship at a D1 flagship type state or private school, given the amount of scholarship money offered vs. participation. They also looked at wrestling way back when, but the chances were unfortunately very slim (again, I'm just talking about D1). Her kid ended up continuing with baseball, which he loves and is very good at, where his chances are OK but not great. He lives in California but plays as a ringer of some sort on travel teams in like New Mexico where it's easier to stand out from the crowd and I guess sort of game the system. Kind of a wild process.
  6. pamela

    You may not like it but...

    Or Northwestern.
  7. pamela

    Penn State - How Do They Look Next Season?

    Whoah, he's a lot bigger than I thought.
  8. pamela

    Penn State - How Do They Look Next Season?

    I dunno, Cornell's lineup looks pretty good. Big gap in the middle, but PSU will also have a lot of untested talent. It would be a close dual because both teams are strong where the other has question marks. 125 Vito 133 Tucker 141 Yianni 149 ? 157 ? 165 ? 174 Ramirez/Foca? 184 Dean 197 Darmstadt Hwt Fernandes Iowa is looking like a solid crew of returners though one of JRent, Murin, Lugo, and Brands will probably have to sit. Maybe everyone bumps up after next season once Lugo and Kimmer are gone. But in an Iowa-PSU dual, I'd put my money on Iowa (and I'm neither an Iowa or PSU fan). 125 Lee 133 DeSanto 141 JRent/Murin 149 Murin/Lugo 157 Brands 165 Marinelli 174 Kimmer 184 Assad 197 Warner Hwt Cass And yah, it's super duper early still, but that's already been qualified.
  9. pamela

    Penn State - How Do They Look Next Season?

    Where do you see Lee's brother in the lineup? Or do you think he'll RS next year?
  10. pamela

    Iowa returned 73.5 points from last year

    And is that also counting the pts. that DeSanto deducted?
  11. pamela

    Quint Kessenich is incredibly horrible

    I think he's backed off of interviewing coaches while their guys are on the mat wrestling... but we'll see if he does it during finals tonight.
  12. pamela

    NCAA Session 5 Thread

    What's up with Steveson's leg brace? Is that a new injury?
  13. pamela

    Penn State - How Do They Look Next Season?

    As someone else mentioned, lots of question marks right now. I'm not really sure who is coming in, but there team looks a little green/unproven below 165. 125 Teske 133 RBY 141 N.Lee 149 Verk 157 Berge/J.Lee? 165 Cenzo 174 Hall (ORS?)/Manville 184 Manville? 197 Shak?/Conel? Hwt Cassar? Cornell's lineup seems to look better, and Iowa looks a lot better on paper right now. I think OSU and Michigan could be in the mix too.
  14. pamela

    NCAA Session 5 Thread

    Way to finish strong, MyMar!
  15. pamela

    Starting at HWT

    Or a little before last... like the 3rd quarter of a game where ppl get refills and use the bathroom before the big finish. Lol