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  1. pamela

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    Looks like a great way to start off the day/weekend!! lol
  2. pamela

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    Huh, for some reason I always thought pigtails were "wrestle-in" matches where the loser gets eliminated from the tournament.
  3. Yah Yianni gave the best answers. Bo was pretty good too when he went off-script. There was also a very important and insightful discussion about waffles vs. pancakes.
  4. You can do a trial with YouTube TV and then cancel. There's also a DVR feature if you want to record the tournament. Sling TV also has a 7 day trial but I don't know if they have ESPNU so you might miss the "main" broadcast and have to flip through mats on ESPN3.
  5. pamela

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    So excited for today! Btw here's the TV schedule: TODAY (THU, 3/21) 12 - 3:30pm EDT ... Session I - first round, ESPNU (8 mats) 7 - 10:30pm ... Session II - second round, ESPN (8 mats) FRI, 3/22 11am - 2pm ... Session III - quarterfinals, ESPNU (8 mats) 8 - 11pm ... Session IV - semifinals, ESPN (6 mats) SAT, 3/23 11am - 2pm ... Session V - medal round, ESPNU (3 mats) 6:30 - 7pm ... Championship finals preview, ESPN3 7 - 10pm ... Championship finals, session VI ESPN (1 mat) Right after finals ... post-show, ESPN3 ESPN3 will have cameras on individual mats and you can watch them all through the ESPN app or on Apple TV or Roku. If anyone wants to provide ESPN with feedback or thanks for their great wrestling tournament coverage, direct your comments to Derek Volner tel 860-384-9986 email Derek.Volner@ESPN.com twitter @DerekVolner
  6. The NWCA website says Hawaii dropped D1 wrestling in 1977, but doesn't say how long it was around. 1931-50 is before Hawaii was a state though, and things must have been interesting wrestling like 10 miles away from Pearl Harbor around WW2.
  7. My husband was looking over my shoulder and said the guy on the right (White) looked kind of deflated and probably wasn't enjoying cutting weight. Haha. He didn't know White was a Hwt. Also I like how Jason Nolf got Yianni to say the Flo waffle question was stupid, lol.
  8. 125 - Does anyone think Patrick Glory could trip up Picc in the quarterfinals? I don't know if he has trouble making weight but I saw a video clip of him and Daton Fix drilling in Pittsburgh today and it looked like Nick should be the 133er - he is pretty big! So, a Friday morning match shortly after weigh-ins could be tough, plus Glory was also able to get to Picc's legs for the first two periods the last time they wrestled; just not finishing or winning scrambles. Anyway I think Spencer will come out of the bottom bracket because he'll take care of Glory, not Picc.
  9. It's all over social media because it's Kurt Angle's brother.
  10. My dark horse finals pick is Max Murin. Getting there would be a long shot for him, but I think he'll AA and outperform his seeding by far. He's been sooo close to breaking through all season and I think he finally gets it done in a tourney format and wrestling at "home" if he can just get past his morning matches (esp quarters on Fri).
  11. pamela

    2019 NCAA Betting Hub

    Have you seen how the odds have been moving/changing? I have a hard time deciphering sports odds, like I can't tell if Yianni -250, Field +2000 means 141 is the most top-heavy bracket and Yianni is the most favored of all to win a title, or if it means too many people are betting on Yianni and not enough on the 141 field so they move the numbers to entice more bets on the others.
  12. I wish I could go to the arena and hand out fake foam bricks to fans, but I think it would quickly devolve into mayhem like fans throwing squids onto the ice in hockey. Which would be awful/awesome.
  13. pamela

    One Day More!!!

    The two really great things about nationals overlapping with March Madness are Full ESPN coverage Everyone's being unproductive and watching basketball at work so you can be unproductive and watch wrestling at work
  14. pamela

    Brands' comment on the pundits.

    Exactly, coaches and the media may be at odds with one another sometimes but the relationship is symbiotic. They need each other to survive.
  15. pamela

    Dresser Coach of the Year Cyclone Nation Proud

    Say whaaaaaaat??
  16. pamela

    Kyle Conel to PSU

    Agree that a conversation is very likely to have happened, but bringing Conel on board may not cost Cael/PSU very much, if at all. He's in a STEM program with a high GPA and could qualify for an academic scholarship. He would probably also be eligible for the NCAA's graduate scholarship program, which would be $10k of funding right off the bat.
  17. pamela

    Kyle Conel to PSU

    Part of what's swaying him could very well be academically related. I remember reading on Flo or the USA Wrestling website or something that he's earned distinctions for his high GPA, and he doesn't exactly have a cupcake major. Bright kid, he's setting himself up well for life after college.
  18. pamela

    Over/under on NOLF pins?

    The only one who can beat Nolf is Nolf, in which case he'd technically still be the winner!
  19. I really like the roster naming btw because maybe it could have a small influence on the way picks are made, like "Cael is the GOAT so I'm taking his roster" or "ugh, there's no way I'm picking a roster with Gilman's name on it". Haha.
  20. pamela

    Over/under on NOLF pins?

    I think Jason Nolf will bonus his way through the tournament but will pick up two pins along the way for a total of 61 during his career. I can see him pinning his way through Friday morning but then things get a bit tougher. Based on bracket, it looks like Bo Nickal could rack up more pins at NCAAs, even though he didn't pin anyone at Big Tens, but with 56 currently he'd probably have to pin his way through the tourney to be PSU's career pin leader outright. Here's another one: what's the over/under on never-seen-before moves Nolf will pull off at nationals? I think he will continue to let it fly at NCAAs and that he's still got some secret moves we haven't seen yet, so I'm guessing three. Lol
  21. pamela

    Kyle Conel to PSU

    Maybe Kimmer could transfer and join the MedRed dream team, esp if Mark Hall decides to ORS. Wrestle close to home, train with his old buddy Nolf...
  22. pamela

    Kyle Conel to PSU

    Sorry, I was going off of memory and thought he placed at Juniors or U23s? If not, I guess that makes him an aspiring world medalist. As opposed to wrestlers who want to go MMA, coach, or move on after they're done in college.
  23. pamela

    Mike Francesca

    I don't know who this guy is, but PD2 or 3 should call in, it would probably be funny.
  24. Ah, I was wondering if you used a program of some kind. Creating all those rosters by hand looks like hard work. Thanks for putting this together.
  25. pamela

    Non Wrestling Fans

    ESPN used to have a dedicated section on its website for wrestling, then they moved it under "combat sports" (now the MMA section), then had only NCAA wrestling stuff under "college sports", and now there's mostly nothing. It would be awesome if ESPN would reestablish its wrestling section and partner with Flo on the content. ESPN has the eyeballs and traffic; Flo has the analysis and the user engagement. It would be win-win-win for both sides and the sport. (Oops, I pressed Submit too soon) anyway my theory is that sports fans care more about storylines and analysis than scores or if their team wins. Sure, some ppl might just want to see highlights and scores, but you can convert casual fans into loyal followers with stories and the personalities behind the team logos. Flo does wrestling stories very well but doesn't have tremendous reach beyond its insular community of fans; ESPN on the other hand has insane exposure but subpar content to hook or create new wrestling fans. So, why not combine the two and take the best of both worlds.