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  1. Agree that it’s looking doubtful right now, but has USAW officially declined participation? I thought it was more of a let’s wait and see approach. Also, is Russia pushing for Worlds this year because they’re not officially banned for doping yet, or is it to get the sanctions clock started sooner than later? I lost track of their appeal.
  2. Who gets his spot at trials? Walsh is already qualified, right?
  3. I don't blame the team for wanting to take next season off, but it's interesting because swimming & diving are supposedly considered to be safer pandemic athletic activities, relative to other sports.
  4. DT - Cox would be a good match.
  5. I'm curious to see where Russian Tank's uh, tank is at. He had covid a couple of months ago, but physicians are seeing young people who contract and recover from the virus and feel otherwise OK, but have underlying problems with their lungs, heart, brain, kidney and circulatory system. Eduardo Rodriguez, age 27, from the Red Sox might be an example - caught covid, recovered and felt fine, but then couldn't throw 20 pitches before getting overly fatigued due to cardiac-related issues. Maybe it's just a matter of him needing more recovery time, but physicians are learning that these chronic long-term issues seem to be a byproduct of covid infections in some patients, like those marathon runners who caught and got over c19 in March but still can't run more than a few blocks. Hopefully Sadulaev is 100%. I'm not sure who else in the wrestling world got sick, but that's something to look out for.
  6. I thought the cut to 74kg looked like it could be unpleasant for Dake, but someone said it’s probably worse for JB. When Dake first bumped up to 79, I seem to recall a blurb or something that he was weighing-in at like 1-2kg below weight.
  7. Nice try little dude, but your name calling and... questioning... my dinner? Or... not understanding... replays? is more hilarious than hurtful. I'm enjoying this, haha.
  8. A pivot, multiple name callings, and exaggerated punctuation - a triple crybaby score with a bonus! Awesome! we’ll drink 3+ but you have to take 3+ sheets of kleenex
  9. It’s just food and drinks and music haha. I do apologize for body shaming you earlier. If it makes you feel better, I am also a shrimp. The image of your little face turning crimson red responding to s-posts during Flo wrestling nite at home was just too much. “I made the font even bigger, THAT’LL SHOW HER”
  10. You’re not that much older than me but I guess I have to explain that you don’t actually need to be home to access the interwebs anymore, nor is it any skin off of my back when we have a hilarious little tiny man flying off the handle. Go yell at a cloud, lol
  11. Easy there, shrimp (not an insult, a fact). Youre about to have a stroke, lol
  12. Adorable like your wee little self pecking at your tiny keyboard, yes!
  13. Haha, this is actually great entertainment. There’s the pivot and the big font, lol! We are getting a kick out of your crybaby responses, always on cue. New rule is someone has to drink whenever you’re wiping tears from your eyes. We’ll all be drunk in no time!
  14. You are def flying off the rails, because all your usual little guy insecurities have come out. Name calling, pivoting, dismissiveness, large font exaggerations - haha, it’s textbook LJB desperation.
  15. Very funny, little man, but no one is whining except you. Look at you flying off the rails as usual whenever someone disagrees with you. Haha
  16. Settle down, sparky. You've long since pivoted away from the discussion at hand, you can rest easy that it's well-buried under your name calling and "ughs..."
  17. Yessss, "karen" - lmao. I left the house and am not watching, but OK!!!!!
  18. Another pivot! I will admit that was a little bit of a curveball, but still very textbook LJB. The other stuff is still imminent, we know you've got nothing else. Come on, throw out a good insult and try to change the subject, hahaha.
  19. I already mentioned that it's not a problem for me, bonuses would create action for non-fans. This discussion seems to have you well on your way to an aneurysm though. Lol. Come on, give us another "ugh..." where's the signature "whatever..." or "sigh... no matter..."? Feeling defeated? Throw out more names! Karen, plebes, uncultured, unintelligent, etc. from your tiresome repertoire. Lmao
  20. Oh nooo, failed the purity test. Please climb down off of the ledge! lol
  21. How many times you've explained how point differential bonuses bolster collusion? Zero.
  22. Classic LJB, can't engage in a debate, falls back on name-calling. Up next: "whatever... no matter... i have no time for you plebes..." lmao
  23. Again, you fail to explain yourself and fall back on name-calling. Pretty weak.
  24. If based on a point differential rather than aggregate scoring, that would eliminate collusion.
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