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  1. So the committee is really filtering based on the #1 criteria, record, although it's weird that Pletcher (26-1, 62% bonus), Nick Lee (20-1, 80% bonus), Hidlay (26-1, 75% bonus), Hall (24-1, 75% bonus), Marinelli (20-1, 55% bonus) and Kutler (21-1, 52% bonus) are all knocked out with single losses while Spencer and Gable are in at 18-0 and 15-0 respectively. It seems to send a message that wrestlers can compete selectively or sit out matches and still be a Hodge finalist as long as they are undefeated. I'm not saying Spencer or Gable ducked during the season, just that the system can be gamed. Also depending on how the committee weighs the other criteria - pins, dominance, past credentials, quality of competition, sportsmanship - I would imagine that a bunch of those one-loss guys would be higher on the finalist list than Tucker, who had a single digit bonus rate.
  2. Thanks @gimpeltf and @82bordeaux - it looks like the current Ivy League rule is that student-athletes are only eligible for competition during their 8 semesters (or equivalent term) of active enrollment in college, and that the league disallows grad students from competing in varsity sports. So, it looks like Yianni could ORS again (if he qualifies through USAW) without it affecting his eligibility clock. And that's before whatever changes, if any, the member schools make if they want to offer eligibility relief to those affected by the shutdowns.
  3. Well I am glad to hear that you are home and safe!
  4. NCAA freezes eligibility clock during ORS. Does it still run in the Ivy League?
  5. Did you end up taking your trip to Minneapolis last week as planned? I was wondering what happened to you.
  6. Nah, not that big... his leg brace is big enough to have its own ballot vote I still think it's Kollin's to lose. The committee won't want to establish a precedent by awarding the Hodge based on such few total # of matches, despite the postseason cancellation (5 matches), or defaulting out of a tournament. Who knows though.
  7. Who knows if Japan will rework its Olympic team and how our OTTs will go, but maybe we'll get to see that Maroulis-Icho match after all next year. (@CA_Wrestler)
  8. Did this year's Hodge excitement wash out? Finalists were announced yesterday: https://www.win-magazine.com/2020/03/hodge20/ Noah Adams - WVU, 197, SO: 32-0 (5 FALL + 2 TF5 + 6 MD [+ 2 FFT] = 40.63% bonus rate) Ryan Deakin - Northwestern, 157, JR: 21-0 (5 FALL + 0 TF5 + 8 MD [+ 0 FFT] = 61.90%) Pat Glory - Princeton, 125, JR: 24-0 (4 FALL + 9 TF5 + 4 MD [+ 1 FFT] = 70.83%) Shane Griffith - Stanford, 165, FR: 28-0 (9 FALL + 1 TF5 + 8 MD [+ 1 FFT] = 60.71%) Spencer Lee - Iowa, 125, JR: 18-0 (4 FALL + 9 TF5 + 3 MD [+ 1 FFT] = 88.89%) Kollin Moore - tOSU, 197, SR: 27-0 (4 FALL + 6 TF5 + 10 MD [+ 0 FFT] = 74.07%) Gable Steveson - UMN, Hwt, SO: 15-0 (4 FALL + 6 TF5 + 1 MD [+ 0 FFT] = 73.33%) Chaz Tucker - Cornell, 133, SR: 31-0 (2 FALL + 0 TF5 + 1 MD [+ 1 FFT] = 9.68%) Fan voting is open until 5pm CDT this Friday, March 27: https://www.win-magazine.com/hodge-vote/ Winner of the fan vote gets 2 first place votes in the committee ballot tally. Right now Spencer Lee is winning by an enormous margin right now.
  9. Japan's Olympic Organizing Committee is looking at different scenarios for the postponement but it's hard to imagine it happening this calendar year.
  10. I don't have any expertise at all in this, but IMO the distancing and sheltering seem to be our best option at the moment until more testing and testing infrastructure is available and a treatment is ready. The reason why SARS, another type of Coronavirus, was halted so quickly without these measures was because many of its viral characteristics (overt symptoms, short incubation period, straightforward social footprint, interruptable transmission path) played right into the hands of those trying to stop it. Basically, it was easy to identify who had SARS and the way it was spread and the virus' lifespan outside the host was limited. Unfortunately C19 isn't like that, which is why it has been so difficult to get a handle on how to stop its spread. If you're looking for something interesting to read while sheltering-in, check out Viruses: A Very Short Introduction (Dorothy Crawford) and Pandemics: A Very Short Introduction (Christian McMillen). Both are very informative, and there are links on both of those pages to online bookstores and libraries in your area that carry the book or ebook.
  11. Even after looking it up I don't totally understand what catch wrestling is, but between grappling, Goresh/belt wrestling, beach wrestling, Pankration, Kushti, Pahlevani, Goresh and all the variants that fall under the umbrella of UWW, plus MMA, BJJ, Judo, Sanda, Silat, Sambo, folkstyle, etc. idk if it would be a destination sport for wrestlers?
  12. People here are always talking about how big Mark Hall's head is. It's weird, idk what they are talking about If you ask me, Cenzo has a much bigger noggin
  13. I was thinking maybe WCs for the non-Oly weights but you make a good point, qualifications could get messy for both
  14. I thought Chris Taylor had double unders in the famous back arch suplex photo but I just looked it up, and he had the overs. Which of course matches the story about Dietrich giving him a hug at weigh-ins to size up Taylor's girth.
  15. Nice. RBY is an actual flying squirrel. It's almost a crime that they didn't include Cenzo-Marinelli, although Caffey's throw at :40 is pretty much the same thing. Also Pletcher's early TD against Nick Lee in the tOSU-PSU dual.
  16. I agree. Opening it up to suggestions is very thoughtful but feel free to DWYD and just run with it! :)
  17. You're right, there's a huge economic cost to prevention but it would be far worse if c19 were left uncontrolled and the pandemic ran wild. That would fully thrust global markets into a depression. IMO the mitigation measures are there to prevent healthcare systems from being overwhelmed and collapsing (and so that contact tracing can be employed effectively), and to buy time until there's solid medical intervention. There was going to be an economic impact no matter what, it's all about minimizing the damage without risking public safety, even though the costs may not seem so minimal. That's where economic stim comes in. Our government can stimulate demand and employment by making changes to monetary policy, quantitative easing, providing disposable income to consumers, heck our administration could even reestablish a New Deal style WPA and put people to work on infrastructure and other much needed projects while softening the financial blow to everyday folks.
  18. pamela


    I heard the xfr portal broke up with the NCAA and now it's only accessible via subscription paid through Rockfin doo-doo coins
  19. Whoops, I totally missed the notifications on this - thanks everyone! I am dumb and just realized from the video and your explanations that crackdown refers to having the opponent's buttcrack down on the mat (right?). I think I've got it now, lol. I'll have to look up videos of Randy Lewis and Sergei Belaglazov with their overhook offense. I think Cenzo is very comfortable in that position too and maybe Jason Nolf when he wrestled IMart? Will have to rewatch those matches.
  20. It came from the guy who tweeted about Zahid getting busted around the same time. No idea if it's legit, but last I checked Fix was still on the OSU roster so at least there's that...
  21. Japan’s Olympics Committee is finally scenario planning for a postponement. The IOC notified the federations and athletes yesterday. Both are saying it’ll be a postponement, and an outright cancellation is still a non-option. They are gaming out what a 1 month, 3 month, 5 month and 12 month postponement would look like. They are hoping to keep the event in the 2020 calendar year but there are a lot of complexities, like the c19 precautions, conducting the summer games potentially in November-December, securing venues and staff for 33 sports, media contracts, world sports federation calendars, etc. I also wonder how much of an appetite Tokyo will have for a postponement once the costs are on paper, rather than just absorbing the sunk cost - esp given where world markets are projected for later this year. The current budget is $12.6B but some estimates have the costs doubling that amount. Or maybe there’s too much national pride and legal/political spaghetti to traverse. A decision is expected within the next month. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/after-ioc-bends-japan-finally-starts-to-plan-for-olympics-postponement/
  22. This online tool pairs well with @Lurker’s numbers updates. It lets you click on a state then predictively models the point of no return moment for different actions (e.g., social distancing, shelter in place, doing nothing) before the c19 case curve moves past the point of hospital overload. For some places, that moment has already passed: https://covidactnow.org/ (also FYI for @shieldofpistis)
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