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  1. First week of April, like 2 weeks after NCAAs.
  2. Maybe both? I don’t follow his MMA stuff but thought fans either found him charismatic or off-putting which might kind of work in a media role.
  3. I feel like he might be happier and do more for the sport as some kind of media personality, but idk.
  4. Is Nelson Brands wrestling up a weight, and did he win the starting spot? I guess I was surprised to see him at 184.
  5. True, something wild always happens at trials.
  6. We will know a lot more next month, but: Garrett, JO, JB, Taylor, Snyder, Gwiz
  7. Gilman also didn’t wrestle freestyle until the last chance qualifier, then went on to make the WT.
  8. He’ll probably qualify via NCAAs so nbd.
  9. No different from Taylor, I suppose.
  10. He does, and I’m amazed that he managed the cut. The single-day format of today’s tournament favors the cut and recovery through finals, though. Maybe less so with a finalX style format, and perhaps less so at Worlds or the Olympics with (I think) a bigger field and two days of weigh-ins. I wonder if Seth Gross could wrestle 125 at NCAAs this year. It would be like seeing Matt McD on the mat again.
  11. I love me some Jordan Oliver and am very glad that he’s qualified for trials. With all the suspension stuff I was saddened that he might have missed his shot during some prime wrestling years. We’ll see how he fares against Zain, Yianni, etc. but I’m very happy to see him there in the mix.
  12. Yah, highest US medalist per weight who isn’t already qualified.
  13. Was it just a tweak or did it look like it could be worse? Same knee as a couple years ago? I didn’t see the match but maybe Nolf plans to go for it tonight. Dunno if Cael would be cool with it but Nolf is def a go’er.
  14. Thanks! I think Gross should be in pretty good shape for finals.
  15. There’s no evening weigh-in before finals, right? Sorry for the dumb Q.
  16. Exactly. He over-respects good opponents and doesn’t trust his own ability to create offensive opportunities.
  17. He said he knows which weight he wants to go, but won't say until he gets on the scale. Does that mean it's still up in the air depending on the progress of his cut/bulk up, or is he saying no one will know until he weighs in?
  18. I'm not sure if J'Den needed a change more than the Ohio RTC needed J'Den, but it seems like a mutually good fit. Nice facilities, new perspective - really great for Kollin Moore and MyMar imo.
  19. That's a good point about Gross' from neutral. In FS though he could (or should) exploit his size and length from neutral against guys like Suriano and either rack up pushout points or force him into scrambles which play to Gross' strengths - that is, if he isn't totally emaciated from the weight cut. I don't remember Seth Gross having anywhere near the gas tank that Nick does (few do), so that would be another factor working against him if he can't put the match away early.
  20. I think Gross will be hampered by the weight cut and could be vulnerable in early rounds after weigh-in. My guess is that Suriano would over-respect Gross and not commit offensively so it would be up to Gross to try to get something started on less than a full tank of gas. The weight and style might favor Nick. If it was an NCAA match at 133 or 141 I’d favor Gross.
  21. I looked it up today. Looks like Helen is treating 2020 like her final year of competition, and it starts with her return next month at the US Open/Sr Nationals OQ. Coach Smith said she had a setback over the summer but didn’t specify if it was related to her head injuries or her shoulder rehab or what. https://olympics.nbcsports.com/2019/08/30/helen-maroulis-wrestling/
  22. It depends on what you mean by following women’s college wrestling. Even here a lot of ppl, myself included, don’t really keep up with college wrestling outside of just a handful of D1 programs and/or their alma mater. I think women’s college wrestling could get a lot of traction around individual wrestlers with interesting storylines - like a Helen, a Teshya, a Yoshida, a Dhanda, a Khoblova, etc. but in college - and then grow from there, but it seems like a tough ask of fans that watch selectively by habit.
  23. I thought John Smith said over the summer that Helen would be back for this. Is that right? I hope she’s still competing.
  24. Isn’t the AD there pretty new? Does he support wrestling? I know he came from Pitt but I also remember him saying that he was going all in on football at OSU.
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