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    pamela got a reaction from Fletcher in Who were you wrong about?   
    I thought Marstellar would have multiple titles by the time he was done, and that DeSanto wouldn’t be in the conversation for a title after high school.
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    pamela reacted to Coach_J in See ya!   
    Clear explanation of how the qualifiers have been adjusted.  Dude really screwed the Army team, as well:  https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/July/30/Armed-Forces-Championship-results-changed
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    pamela got a reaction from fadzaev2 in Best Wrestlers in Oklahoma State History   
    Tough list!
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    pamela reacted to dougb in Best Wrestlers in Oklahoma State History   
    Looks like they give 16 points for a 1st, a lot of These Wrestlers wrestled when there was only 3 Years eligibility, 12 Wrestlers on this list won NCAA EVERY year they were eligible, Certainly some of the 11 that only had 3 years eligibility would have been 4 Time Champs if they had 4 Years,   Uetake not winning NCAA if he had a 4th year would have been shocking,  Most people who saw him say Uetake was the best.
    I know people are going to bring up Dan Gable losing to Larry Owings as anything can happen and it can but,  but the chances of ALL Eleven Including Uetake ALL Losing if they had a 4th Year has to be very close to ZERO.
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    pamela reacted to ShakaAloha in Best Wrestlers in Oklahoma State History   
    Agreed, Uetake wasn't losing to anyone in the US from that era.
    Also, it's crazy to think that John Smith couldn't make this list!
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    pamela reacted to spladle08 in Taylor vs. Sadulaev   
    So admittedly, I haven't read through this entire thread (like I should've before responding). So I'm sure somebody has already mentioned this:

    While anyone with half a brain would think "Saduleav is too strong, fast, huge, technically sound, etc...." ( it was 100% my initial reaction, just a vision of DT getting rag dolled around the mat, like each Yazdani match early, but more-so.)

    We gotta give a little recognition to his circumstances.
    He is a bit of a baby/wussy/whatever, when it comes to losing and I dont think he would call out somebody he isnt confident he could beat.
    He used to be modest and silent, now he is all about "I'm the best in the world and I aim to dominate everyone in my path"... I understand he is trying to manufacture extra respect for his brand, but I hate it (Which doesnt matter, completely respect the guy, just hate the antics)....
    He trains with Snyder, and what this tells me... is he probably beats Snyder easily, and he wants to cement his claims of being unbeatable in the eyes of the public, and how better to prove this than beating the guy we consider the best wrestler in the world.

    Obviously Cox said "lets see who's the best in America".... I don't know if that'll ever happen but I would guess not, because it ruins his (DT's) whole hype train when he loses (I genuinely think he loses that match)
    I believe he handles Snyder, and has faith he can "gas" the Tank. 
    (This also amplifies my belief in J'den over Snyder.... deep read)
    Just my 2cents....

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    pamela got a reaction from GranbyTroll in Dake at 74Kg   
    I thought the cut to 74kg looked like it could be unpleasant for Dake, but someone said it’s probably worse for JB. When Dake first bumped up to 79, I seem to recall a blurb or something that he was weighing-in at like 1-2kg below weight. 
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    pamela reacted to dmm53 in Does Myles Martin have chance?   
    In an interview prior to the recent match, Askren asked Taylor what he thinks the most important but under-acknowledged "thing" (I can't remember the exact wording here) in wrestling is, and Taylor hesitated to answer but basically replied "getting your hands locked on a leg or legs" and then either knowing how to go from there to positions where he (one) can score or simply finish from that point.  
    Whether that is in fact the most important "thing" (and Taylor wasn't saying it necessarily is or is the only "thing" but he was pushed to respond to Askren's question), it's interesting because anyone who has followed Taylor's career knows that has not been his approach for years.   Maybe DT grip strength or  his abilities from getting his hand on a leg to creating action (and high probability scoring from that position) has really taken off and developed. 
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    pamela reacted to uncle bernard in Does Myles Martin have chance?   
    That was the most "F*** You" wrestling I've ever seen at a high level. Absolutely no respect for Martin. DT just said I'm going to shoot straight on from the open and as long as I get my hand to a leg, I'm going to score.
    It's a really interesting development in his wrestling. He was so ankle pick dominant in college, but you never see it from him anymore. He was all touch and go knee-pulls and doubles-to-singles from space. He has supreme confidence in his finishing ability, so he prioritizes just getting his hands locked over having super clean technique. I'm curious if that approach will be effective against a guy like Yazdani or if he'll reign it in a little. Yazdani is very good in short offense.
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    pamela reacted to IronChef in Lots of redshirts this year?   
    I suspect that redshirting is not common in swimming so this is not an issue. None of the articles about this mention an issue, and a quick survey of the ASU roster doesn’t show any redshirts having been used, other than an Olympic redshirt or two.
    Redshirting is less common in sports where you can’t compete during the year off.
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    pamela got a reaction from spladle08 in Dake at 74Kg   
    I thought the cut to 74kg looked like it could be unpleasant for Dake, but someone said it’s probably worse for JB. When Dake first bumped up to 79, I seem to recall a blurb or something that he was weighing-in at like 1-2kg below weight. 
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    pamela reacted to IronChef in Lots of redshirts this year?   
    ASU is redshirting their entire men’s and women’s swimming & diving teams this year to avoid losing another year to COVID-19. They are taking the season off.
    I don’t expect any wrestling teams to do that, but with the way things are going, if I was a wrestler with a redshirt available, I’m taking it this year.
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    pamela reacted to Lurker in USA vs NLWC   
    Why not?  At Rec Hall. Charity event with proceeds going to fight child sex trafficking:
    Lee vs Gilman; Oliver vs Retherford; Yianni vs Lee; Lewis vs Nolf; Cox vs Taylor; Parris vs Cassar; PD3 v Nickal; Gable vs Snyder. 
    There’s your card. Book it. 
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    pamela reacted to spladle08 in Dake at 74Kg   
    Totally agree guys, JB vs Chamizo Olympic finals.
    Going to be FIRE
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    pamela got a reaction from Eagle26 in Is flo offering bonuses?   
    You are def flying off the rails, because all your usual little guy insecurities have come out. Name calling, pivoting, dismissiveness, large font exaggerations - haha, it’s textbook LJB desperation.
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    pamela reacted to Billyhoyle in More evidence that the PAC 12 is on thin ice these days   
    I don’t think this is a pac 12 issue. I really don’t think many players will want to risk their lives/lives of their families when they’re not getting paid and most of the campus is taking classes remotely. 
    Where was this info on USC? It makes zero sense
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    pamela reacted to jchapman in B1G Conference Football   
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    pamela got a reaction from JHRoseWrestling in Is flo offering bonuses?   
    They should call them Flonuses.
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    pamela got a reaction from Idaho in Pat Brucki enters the Transfer Portal   
    Yep, that’s why the greyshirt idea is puzzling. He’d lose a year of eligibility and pick up the tab on his own tuition so he can compete another season? (I’m not asking you @Idaho, I’m just wondering) As I mentioned previously, I guess he could be taking time off to get his academics in order and settle in (esp if grad transferring), or to ease the scholarship burden at the new school he’d be going to bc they have a senior 197. Or maybe he wants to take a shot at FS or GR in the pseudo-Worlds this year? Idk.
    But yah if he’s transferring, why not take a standard RS? If he’s grad transferring, there’s a strong chance that he’d be leaving the Ivy League anyway.
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    pamela got a reaction from Wrestleknownothing in Is flo offering bonuses?   
    They should call them Flonuses.
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    pamela reacted to High Leg Over in Carlton Haselrig - RIP   
    KCMO2 asked about Carlton Haselrig's two college losses. I believe that they were both to Dean Hall of Edinboro, one in the semi-finals of the DII nationals when Haselrig was a freshman.  (Haselrig took 3rd and Hall won.) In 1987, Haselrig defeated Hall for the DI title (with Edinboro evidently having moved to DI that year).  Haselrig also had one tie during his junior year (1988). Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of that wrestler. 
    There were many factors that led to the "Haselrig Rule. " I was coaching DIII in the late 1980s so I heard all the arguments, though my memory is a little rusty. Some DI coaches wanted  to eliminate DII and DIII wrestlers from advancing in order to allow for more DI wrestlers to qualify. Some DI coaches argued that, in no other NCAA sport with separate divisions, did athletes from DI or DII advance to the DI nationals.  Some DI coaches (and even some DIII coaches) did not believe that DIII wrestlers were competitive at the DI nationals. Haselrig came along and heated up the debate when he won back to back to back DI titles, but the discussion had started before he came on the scene.
    I think that the 1988-89 season was the last year that DII and DIII champions had full automatic qualification for DI nationals; however, a few of the DII and DIII champions competed at the 1990 DI nationals under a grandfather provision when advancement was eliminated (and I think one DII champion--Dan Russell--competed in the 1991 DI nationals.)
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    pamela got a reaction from btb1127 in Is flo offering bonuses?   
    They should call them Flonuses.
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    pamela reacted to 1032004 in Pro Wrestling Card   
    I think the RTC’s should dual each other 
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    pamela reacted to Pinnum in Flo — Reaping What a Bad Citizen Sows?   
    Filed in Travis County Texas.
    Flo was successful in keeping the rights and stopping the dual from being on National Television.  (I don't think anyone being sued by Flo wanted to pay the money to fight it.)
    Basically, if I recall correctly, the dispute seemed to stem from the question of if the National Duals were a post season event or a regular season event.  Everyone but Flo treated them as a post season event but Flo said they were a part of Oklahoma State's regular season and as such they owned the rights to the matches. 
    This killed the National Duals which resulted in fewer matches being wrestled and less big duals for fans.  (The NWCA National Duals are exempt from scheduling limits by the NCAA.)
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    pamela reacted to HokieHWT in "Study Hall Commandos"   
    Shayne Graham, who was a KICKER for VT, before playing 15 years in the NFL refused to sign unless they offered his Pulaski County High School teammate a full ride as well. Wasn’t really uncommon except...his teammate’s position was HOLDER!
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