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  1. With Dean Heil winning the Big12 and his brother Josh Heil winning the SoCon they have a chance to wrestler each other at NCAA's. I'm guessing it's happened, but have brothers ever wrestled at NCAA's or even a dual meet?
  2. Great video. Excited to see this program continue to improve.
  3. Don't see him leaving campbell. He's got a great thing going there.
  4. The Wells Fargo Center (Formerly Wachovia Center) did do some upgrading this past off season inside the arena. Also Xfinity live, which was being built while NCAA's were going on in 2011, is a cool bar to hangout at in between sessions and only about 100 yards from The Well. So Philly has done some upgrading. It is a bit far from center city, but the subway takes you right to the Well for only a couple bucks.
  5. I really wish West Chester would/could bring back their NCAA program. They're in a perfect spot for wrestling.
  6. Millhof from OU wrestled Sean Russell from Edinboro this year in round 2. And they were high school teammates
  7. Mascola just about died on the mat in his pigtail. Deserved to lose. Had a nice 2nd match though.
  8. Completely agree. It looks like 2 kids who entered a tournament for the first time and only had shorts and a t-shirt. Looks awful. Either go full on compression, or keep the singlets.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FYTc55nGEI
  10. Also they are currently building a new weight room for football and girls lacrosse, I believe. So that will wrestling, as well as other sports, more room to train in the Pope Arena.
  11. I'm pretty excited to see what campbell is going to do. I think Kolat will be able to pull some good recruits and develop them. They could quickly become a top 25 team in the near future. Look for Kraisser to be their first AA next year or the year after.
  12. He is ranked here: http://wrestlingreport.com/college/rank/ncaa_rank.htm and according to his facebook he isn't redshirting
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