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  1. Or maybe App. St. is actually a pretty good team?
  2. Cornell: https://cornellbigred.com/schedule.aspx?path=wrest&
  3. 16 teams - that's a pretty decent turnout! Are you going to be there, SHP?
  4. Consistancy wasn't a problem with Will Koll - he was 8-4 going into EIWAs with his four losses: 3-5 to Ronnie Perry (NCAA 2nd) , 4-8 to Matt Kolodzick (NCAA 3rd), 7-10 to Troy Heilman (NCAA 4th) and 5-6 to Grant Leeth (NCAA 6th). Everybody else he faced prior to EIWA's he beat (although granted, his best win was only against Lehigh's Schuyler) and then at EIWA's, he was injured. If he comes back healthy, I look for him to be about a top 15 guy, with an outside shot at making the podium.
  5. I'm also not fan of irresponsible speculation without proof.
  6. Never heard of him. Sounds like some tough guy. Does he still post on this forum, or did Sheriff Bryant run him out of town? ;-)
  7. Right on. Remember Adam Frey? RIP.
  8. Rob Koll told me he gets all his best ideas from this forum! ;-) Seriously, though - he's told me it's a good way to keep up with what fans are thinking, and for some coaches - that's significant. And I think he reads the Lehigh Forum just for giggles.
  9. redblades


    I wonder if this is part of a growing trend - kids are becoming far more specialized far earlier now, and special coaching or training outside of the "normal" classroom and school regime is becoming necessary if they want to compete in any field at the college level. I see it in theater (both of my kids involved with it), and I also see it in the visual arts. I suspect you also have a higher level of preperations for kids interested in pursuing higher level technical fields - Math camp, anyone?
  10. I think the same number as from Pennsylvania?
  11. Just so we're clear - Snooki grew up in Marlboro NY (North of I84 along the Hudson)
  12. Or consider: 4. Accept that there may be circumstances that we don't fully know or understand, and avoid passing judgement on others. It's one thing to speak out about a specific action, quite another thing to draw general conclusions about someone without a full understanding of the person and the situation.
  13. A lot of unhappy people around here... I'm leaving for my happy place.
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