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  1. knee injury https://www.firstpost.com/sports/once-touted-as-sushil-kumars-heir-apparent-amit-kumar-dahiya-finds-his-groove-after-debilitating-injury-4301193.html
  2. You all seem to leave out the Trump affect. He did say He would make America great again!
  3. Do you assume that you are going to get turned every time you are put in a lace? People do try to defend the turn from a lace. Some do not get turned.
  4. On the video you can turn on closed captions. Then in your settings you can set the closed captions to translate to English. Its not the best translation but its better then nothing.
  5. My understanding is that their is no solid information on how long meldonium can be detected in the body. Until this is determined they can not prove people took meldonium past Jan. 1st this year when it joined the banned drug list.
  6. No name wrestlers? One of those guys was an Olympic Champion in 2012.
  7. It is not legal for any use in the United States.
  8. I really thought Tsargush was going to get 8 points out of that first exchange. After the takedown it looked like he turned Burroughs 3 times.
  9. If you challenge the call and the call goes against you the other guy gets a point.
  10. So what happened in Varner's match?
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