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  1. I tend to side with the opinion of tbar and Idaho on this topic based on the facts that are known today by the public. I am sure there are many other facts that are not known that would be very important in one making their opinion but those may never come to light. Side note...I also think it is funny how some claim to be unbiased about their view point and claim it isn't political when everything they write is exactly the definition of it. To me that is such a weak argument and really shows lack of debate integrity. If you lean one way or the other politically just freakin say it. I lean back and forth politically on a lot of issues but will have no problem saying that I am siding with the right no this issue or I am siding with the left that issue...who cares...what should matter is the content of your argument or debate. By the way npope...sorry bud but what YOU wrote was asking tbar to no longer post here...can't argue and try to spin your way out of it buddy.
  2. Holy crap...of course it was all about the money...however, only up to the point when DuPont murder one of the all time greats. Then it shouldn't be about any money and all about DuPont getting what he deserved. To blame all the wrestlers who trained at the DuPont estate or received money from DuPont up to the point Dave was murdered is completely asinine and ridiculous. However, to judge those who continued to receive money after the murder, that is completely understandable as I am not sure how anyone in their right conscience could do that.
  3. It is called mental toughness. It is really simple to see who has it and who doesn't, but really difficult to teach yourself to be mentally tough if you aren't naturally. I had the physical and athletic and technical skill to be a multiple time state champ...but had the mental capacity of a nat...aka, no state titles...couldn't win the big matches...mentally folded.
  4. Ahhhh....I remember the first time I tried to make a joke on a forum....
  5. People these days (shakes head in disbelieve). How in the heck do you people get through life by being so freakin judgmental?? Do some of you actually think you know these wrestlers as people and can call them douchebags and hate them based on wrestling a match and a line from and interview?? Don't get me wrong...I "dislike" certain athletes but would never ever claim to know them. Nor would I root against them when they are representing my country. Case in point...I really disliked Gillman and root(ed) against him when he wrestles domestically (collage and freestyle domestically)...however, I will absolutely root for him 100% while he is representing the great USA! Nor would I ever claim to know Gilman as a human being and know what type of person he is...my guess is he is a great person and we would get along swimmingly if we ever met. It is a common theme I see a lot of in our country right now...people want other people to fail even at the expense of themselves...ex. I hate Trump so I hope he fails....so you want the US to fail?? That is like saying I hate the pilot of the plane I am on so I hope it crashes. (Shakes head again...)
  6. Some of you think it is more important where someone wrestles versus what they need to do to take care of their personal life?? Wow...... Good luck Miklus....your family and health is way more important than wrestling and a bunch of idiots on a message board!
  7. Follow-up....I think Helen M. is the cat's meow and love watching her wrestle!! :) However, she would not win against boys high school state champs.
  8. Man people are so freakin sensitive. Here are some facts that people can't argue and can call misogynist all they want but men and women are biologically different...period. Men are genetically programmed to be stronger and more athletic...period. Men and women are not genetically equal...period. Men are better athletically than women...period. Now onto the other "stuff"...people enjoy watching different things...people have different opinions on topics...people can NOT truly know what someone believes deep down inside of them by reading a post on a wrestling forum...people that name call and label based on opinions are truly the closed minded ones. Women's wrestling - I actually like watching it. I don't care if someone else doesn't...nor should anyone give to shnits or giggles what other people like and don't like...nor should anyone call them a name or think they are a terrible human being because they don't like something you may like.
  9. Thanks for posting. Yeah...what a punk!
  10. Where could one ignorant poster find video of what Desanto's did at the NCAA's? Or any of his other bad antics? Thanks!
  11. Slight margin in terms of favorite with Penn St., but hard to bet against Ohio St. the way they are wrestling right now.
  12. BigBrog


    It's funny how often people make hard lined decisions about a person based on taking little snipits of information or tweets/interviews, etc. out of context. If you truly want to know who Askren is (or anyone for that matter), why don't you ask him how he feels about something or what his stance is?? Funny how there is so much technology out there that information is instantly at our finger tips, but some are afraid to use it to see all sides of things and actually ask someone what they meant or believe. I don't know Askren, but I can almost guarantee if you reached out to him on the many different social media sites, he would have no problem telling you exactly what he truly feels and/or meant by any post/comment/ interview/tweet. But....as with most of you anonymous internet forum tough guys, you are to much of a coward to ever do that. And go ahead and live your life criticizing and judging people you know absolutely nothing about. By the way...who cares if someone posted something from a right wing leaning website. 90% of the other websites are left wing, so are you going to block or unfriend someone who posts an article from those places?? How about this...why not look at all websites or news sites to get information and then...uh oh....here is a novel idea...make up your own conclusion after seeing both sides?!?!?
  13. It will be hard for them to be successful in college if they don't win. I have just seen it over the years that for some reason it is hard to all American if you are spending most of your time not winning.
  14. How about this...best first year head coach? My vote = Troy Steiner
  15. CTE and brain damage are SERIOUS things...no question...but still don't see how responsibility for the injuries fall on the UFC or NFL. I get it that the NFL may have tried to cover up some research, but again, does that mean they are responsible for the repeated blows to the head on the field that the players know is going to happen? I guess I come from the attitude that people should hold themselves responsible for their actions. If you are not smart enough to know that smashing your head into another person going as fast as you can could potentially cause brain damage then that is your fault....not the NFL's. As for the topic at hand...I love watching MMA but sure hope Synder doesn't go that route...I would love to see him continue to re-write the record books in wrestling.
  16. So those that think MMA is the most dangerous sport, where is YOUR studies/data to support your claim?? Otherwise it is just personal opinion. Second point...I HATE those that blame the company (UFC) or NFL teams for the dangers the athletes know are part of the game they play or sport they participate in...oh and those athletes get paid large amounts of money to do so. So please present a logical explanation how the UFC and/or the NFL are culpable in the injuries the athletes sustain??
  17. By the way...if you want to get technical, they actually weren't in the locker room but rather standing in the tunnel.
  18. I know...I know...sarcasm and humor is hard for some....
  19. All the steeler's players knees were sore from kneeling.....
  20. I love it that other peoples faith and religion bother them...who the heck cares what someone else believes?? As long as they keep it to themselves, I couldn't care less what, or who someone warships.
  21. Man....people love to hate don't they? Oh wait...they disguise it as "giving and opinion". Pico knocked the guy the f#$& out! But it wasn't good enough for people to say, hey nice job Aaron?!? Some of you on here need to get off the internet in live in reality for awhile.
  22. BigBrog


    I would tend to agree with an anonymous forum poster like rhino184 over a professional management group and the Bellator brand who's been in the fighting business for many years.....oh wait.....
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