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  1. No, it would have been Taylor again, almost certainly. Not that it matters.
  2. so does your handle These are two of the most beautiful posts I have seen in a while.
  3. BS. Most of the top schools redshirt their freshmen, unless it's a guy the feel is going to push them over the top to win a title.
  4. The part where you said Alton was ranked "highly" right after saying Tessari was low when they are ranked right beside each other. Then you use Flo's "low" ranking of Tessari to build an argument about Intermat overranking Alton. Now that makes sense. Anyhow Tessari's AA finish from two years ago isn't entirely irrelevant but he has a ton, a ton of bad losses to mix in with the nice wins. So any bad ranking he brings on himself. He did beat Alton last year but Alton had better wins on the whole of last year, which I'm guessing is why Flo ranked Alton a little higher than Tessari.
  5. Doesn't Flow have Alton ranked 16th, just one spot above Tessari? What are you talking about?
  6. She would be completely and utterly smashed and would not qualify for the NCAA tournament. She would be lucky to crack a starting lineup.
  7. Askren wasn't jacked in college and he did alright.
  8. Did Brands seem to think KMF was funny, or did he disapprove in general?
  9. wrestlingnerd: Thanks for the detailed analysis and post. In your post regarding the non-escape, you indicate that "there is no way Taylor could've secured enough control [to earn the escape] in the [span of] milliseconds". Yet, regarding the reversal, you acknowledge that the action happened in a span of "milliseconds" and that a ref could not possibly have called it earlier. What is the amount of time required to change control for an escape? What is the amount of time required to change control for a reversal? Why are "milliseconds" sufficient to change control for Dake's reversal, but not for Taylor's escape?
  10. Did he do well in opens? I honestly didn't even know he'd wrestled a college match Phillips was amazing as a frosh in HS but I think a lot of people have questioned his dedication to the sport since then He entered two or three opens. One of them was the Edinboro Open. He won all of the tournaments he entered in dominant fashion, but didn't face anyone noteworthy in the process.
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