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  1. The answer might be he learned from those previous matches. You are allowed to learn and improve
  2. Ryan may have learned a valuable lesson about the risk of redshirting a known talent with Hunter Stieber. He sat out a year healthy that probably would have put him on the podium maybe at the top. There are no guarantees strategic planning is going to be successful. Red shirts should only be used for kids that are not ready for the grind.
  3. I guess I just believed in Stieber and Taylor equally and that's the way I see it. Doesn't really matter does it? It's an opinion apparently not shared by many and I'm really okay with that.
  4. I don't think Stieber over performed more likely it was Taylor that under performed.
  5. Not perfect but going forward with some tweaking they might have something. The BIG needs to go to an East / West format to avoid the scenario we have this year.
  6. Having been" owned" by Snyder he may have to consider retirement. Not sure why you think Snyder is a punk. He seems like a good kid to me.
  7. Thought I would toss this into the discussion , 8 out 10 starters for the Bucks are Ohio kids, only Courts and Snyder are from out of state.
  8. Ha has never lost to the same wrestler in folkstyle more than once. Oliver beat him 1 time, Dardanes 1 time, Retherford 1 time, he avenged all those losses. He has never made an excuse for a loss being due to injury or illness. The 3 consecutive losses as a true freshman ended his season because of a broken hand. I don't remember who he lost to that year but it wasn't any of the above mentioned 3.
  9. True freshman was 5-3 before he had to take medical redshirt. 124-6 if you have to have it that way no one ever beat him twice.
  10. You do realize that if you include the 3 losses his true freshman year then you have to include his wins from that year also. No one ever brings that up.
  11. The only real advantage Logan had was the wrestling camp he trained at from a very early age. Burnett trained wrestling can take a bow. They not only helped him sharpen his skills in wrestling but also learn how to conduct himself on and off the mat. There will always be those detractors who don't understand what it really took to accomplish anything in life because they simply never put in that kind of effort.
  12. I have never felt that I needed to use the ignore button before. Gave it a try today though. I like it.
  13. Why pursue him to the edge and let him use that edge as his get out of trouble free card? Stay in the middle when he heads for the edge make him come to you or get hit for the obvious stall.
  14. Really? I thought his most impressive win occurred today over Schiller.
  15. Stiebers history has been that no one has ever defeated him twice in folkstyle
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