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  1. Yikes...so no postseason for that school? I hope recruits are being told!
  2. 2 years in a row I got really crappy draws at the Oklahoma Open. In the 2001-2002 season prior to tearing my ACL I had made 184 cutting down from about 225. I weighed in typically 180 flat. 1st round...Josh Lambrecht (who was a DI finalist and should have beat Rohn that year....btw random trivia, those two met in the 1st round of NCAAs the previous year with Lambrecht torching him). Lambrect at DI's that year might be remembered for that loss, but he was a 6th seed with some tough wins....2nd round 9-0 over Pascoe (11th seed), Quarters he beats 3rd seed Andy Hrovat (19-2 TF), Semis he topples #2 Damion Hahn 8-6. Bracket is crazy to look at: http://www.wrestlingstats.com/ncaa/pdf/brackets/NCAA 2002.pdf 2002-2003 I was struggling to get weight off after almost a full year of rehab. So I competed at the Oklahoma Open weighing 211.5 , so HWT bracket I went....well, my teammate Josh Leadingfox (who'd go on to All American twice in DII) slapped me on the back, started laughing and said, "Oh Swayz we are going to have some fun.... he drew Leonce Crump (who was Redshirting that year after making the quarters of DIs in dominate fashion before being upset and defaulting)....who would go on finish 3rd n 2004....meanwhile I drew Kevin Hoy of the Air Force Academy. Hoy would go on the following week to Dominate at the CKLV tournament with 3 falls and two major decisions. He placed ahead of defending National Champ Tommy Rowlands there and pinned Kellan Fluckinger in the 1st period finals. Later in the year he won the OW (not often a HWT does that) for winning the West Regional. D1s that year Hoy and Mocco both benefited from DFT wins to make the finals as well. Mocco in his first match when Bobby Douglas told the ref that his guy would toe the line, blow the whistle to start, blow to stop and we will default, (Mocco would have been disqualified otherwise). Hoy claimed a victory 46 seconds into the semis against Tommy Rowlands.
  3. Then as a dam coach, promote your team and get the information on how to do it. Anymore most programs even at smaller levels give the athletes a fillable link. They submit, and it automatically loads. Then it's one click approval to make it live. I get there are cuts (it's everywhere...I freaking work in public health and we have huge department cuts, unless you are in COVID19 or Disaster Preparedness). But, at some point, you owe it to your fan base, and the parents of the wrestlers you recruited to have a roster up.
  4. He was over that 7...Schultz closest match was to Tanner Farmer the CornDog.
  5. It's usually pretty crappy anyway year by year. This year just adds to the dumpster fire. The uncertainty of how the wrestling season is going to be complicates things with a lot of schools except the NAIA going to a January start. I think the slow release of schedules usually is a shot in the foot to our sport, but this year I'd give them slack. Rosters however...School has been going on at most places for over a month. I'd be pushing to see how to add my roster if I was a coach at a DI, because obviously the SID isn't doing a bang up job.
  6. 3 walk on football players at Nebraska got in trouble for hosting a party.
  7. Nevermind, just found this: From Cody Hollingsworth, Oklahoma State University Rodeo Program Coordinator and Head Coach: “We are comforted by the overwhelming response and outpouring of support that have been shown since Rowdy’s passing. He was a wonderful person, teammate, student and friend to so many. We continue to send our thoughts and support to his family and others close to him. The OSU Rodeo Team celebrates Rowdy’s life and cherishes the time we had with him. He always had a smile on his face a...nd was a joy to be around. His positivity and enthusiasm for life and rodeo influenced us all. Rowdy was a great young man who will be missed dearly. His family is establishing a scholarship in Rowdy’s name as a memorial tribute to him. Contributions can be made to the Rowdy Swanson Memorial Scholarship Fund, c/o BancFirst, PO Box 430, Frederick, OK 73542.”
  8. I haven't seen anything yet, but I would contact Coach Hollingsworth: cody.hollingsworth@okstate.edu
  9. Great question. I should see if I can hunt down the bracket!
  10. Some kids get to college and you wonder if they ever learned how to tie their shoes growing up or even set an alarm.
  11. Because of their athletic directors trying to save money. Those schools are only NJCAA in wrestling for the most part, otherwise they are in this glorified super conference, that treats Oregon, Idaho, and Washington as an equivelant to the CACC or NJCAA.... https://nwacsports.com/memberschools Basically they go to that...they become NCWA. There are a few schools out that way doing really well in NCWA, and the athletic directors are talking.
  12. Had to be Freestyle or something that late though. Baumgartner is like 8 years older.
  13. I thought I heard on an old broadcast of DIIs his Junior year that Haselrig in that season only lost to Baumgartner....I hope someone has that video!
  14. Yeah, I would have thought at DIII he woud have All-American based on credentials from HS, but college is a different beast.
  15. Appears he took 5th at Regional in 2018 and then made Nationals going 0-2. So I would keep him in this category for sure though.
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