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  1. Love the ESPN+ Able to watch a lot of college football from FCS and FBS schools too.
  2. They get in with some duals and such. I know Kyven Gadson does play by play for duals at Iowa State .
  3. Yes. One of a few legit things on his resume. Too bad he leaves off other things we know about in the wrestling community like 6 combined months at 2 top 5 college programs, not because he left...he got shown the door. "IF" he did resign from either it was because a. he was told he would be terminated because you can't coach a juco in Kansas while being in Cali (although we might need to credit him for creating Zoom calls). b. threatening to show pictures of a wrestler's mom if he entered the tranfer portal didn't sit well at a Jesuit University. Both were top 5 teams in NJCAA and DII respectively. GOOGLE! I really wish we had SAFE SPORT or something like Character Check through NWCA for College hires. We need legit people that care, invest, stay in the communities and grow the sport. I know we have horrendous pay at the non DI levels in our sport and that goes beyond head coaches too. The amount of vacancies out there for 2 and 4 year programs in the "hotbed" midwest is assinine, but so is what somehead and assistant coaches get paid. I would love to see every school truly invest in wrestling like Basketball/Women's Basketball. Less players yet more coaches (many times paid, not a partial gig either) We need benefits and more. We need to create a pool of wrestlers interested in coaching...at the end of the year (or hell now), every coach in the country at the college 4 year level needs to sit down and find out who all on their team might want to get into coaching. Send me the dam list...we have so many interim heads, so many just graduated head coaches and so much more. We have positions at our colleges for guys/gals that dedicated 4 years to a program. But colleges need to start paying better than what they are, because nobody wants to come up from the high school ranks if you are paying 15 - 20 k less a year for more headaches and longer seasons!
  4. It's out there. Just wait....................................................... More crazy stuff coming out soon.
  5. Better be careful talking about the General like that....
  6. I wrestled in it in 2002 at 197. Previous weekend was brutal... both our 197 guys got knee injuries. I was weighing 211 and drew Kevin Hoy of Air Force at the OU Open. Back then no desent plan, so I cut down to 197 and coach took me. I drew a tough Wisconsin guy first round that was ranked 18th or something at the time, and then lost to an Iowa Central guy in the consos. Got to watch a lot of dam good wrestling. Would love to get back there to work the event as a play by play guy if ever given the opportunity.
  7. OH! Whew, for a minute there I thought it was for the Resume Fabrication Championships of the Midwest! I'm sure he has more than 6 in that category.
  8. ESPY Award for best Greco Roman Wrestler with Leg Attacks?
  9. Swayz


    I believe we have 3 or 4 hbcus with wrestling. Arkansas Baptist of the NAIA which has horrid support, Allen also comes to mind. Want to say Jarvis Christian too, but no roster or coach listed.
  10. Yeah.... but click on the links of all Hall of Famers all time...he does't show up; https://www.sacsportshof.com/inductees
  11. Be a great pickup. Met the Darrah family a few years ago down in Texas at the MW Mat Bash. Great family.
  12. It can be if a host says you need it to compete.
  13. I am wondering if Midlands is occuring is NW requiring you to have a vax or show negative test withing so many hours of tournament?
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