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  1. For me, folkstyle grows faster because fanbase of folk is willing to sit and explain and have great patience. FS/Greco to me has been pretty snobby from folks; "You don't F'in understand FS?" is how I've seen people greeted to that side of things.
  2. DIII model is one that I'd advocate more for in a heartbeat. Not sure if it should stay region specific, or if they could do like some sports and rank so many and spread out to break up the groups. The ARC regional is super tough, be nice to see some splitting up of talent, or x amount get autos, and do a national WC or something.
  3. I'd go with Troy Nickerson, but he's got a good thing going at N. Colorado right now.
  4. The wrestling team needs to make sure they are doing NCWA during the transition. That will be a way to keep it somewhat competitive for a team that isn't competitive.
  5. Rob Tate is the HC there. He was a DI qualifer for Gardner Webb. They already have a solid schedule as a DII. They dualed NAIA runner up Life and UNC-Chapel Hill. Citadel beat them 30-10. They need some more support if they are transitioning, but I'd guess they would jump into the SOCONN and could be somewhat good out there. They had 3 NQ this year in DII but they went a combined 1-6 at the DII Championships. Adding them to DI, would put NC as a state at like 10 DI teams right? (or in that vicinity)? Ken Chertow was there for a short time as HC. Maybe a season?
  6. If we want to go that route, is Mizzou only having 4 champs in the MAC in 2021 that great of an achievement? MAC had 3 teams finish in Top 30. Big 12 had 7. What they did at Big 12 was pretty solid. Mizzou was expected to win MAC always because $$$ compared to the other teams in that conference flowing in.
  7. Lou is a great person that is surrounded by wonderful good quality men on his staff. We have teams out there that have way bigger issues and retain coaches for decades. I think it will be fun to see what develops at OU.
  8. Last 4 conference team titles for OU: 2021 2002 1999 1986 He helped break a drought.
  9. Some are....not in terms of NIL, but if you are using NIL to recruit a kid, there are some fine lines in the rules of what can and can't be done. If you operate inside the rules you are good. If you aren't, then eat a bag of feces. NIL deals are suspect if being used to incentivise individuals to leave their program from individuals/entities with invested interest in another program. You can adapt to the rules, but to pretend everyone is being ethical is the high horse's rear end! Top programs are adapting. But I think most of the programs on a ventilator as it is, will have pulled plugs if they can't compete. I just want to see coaches get canned if they can't maintain above 15 -20 on a regular basis across the board of all divisions. But, nobody wants to be a glorified babysitter at many of the non DI levels for making money less than a McDonald's manager.
  10. Ethics. But we have programs that are win at all cost cut-throat. From the top all the way to the bottom the expectancies are way screwy. We have elite programs that don't need to do suspect bs, but are. We have teams that could be better but are old school with everyone must come out of high school and we train them from start to finish. Then we also have programs that invest in 1 guy on the recruiting trail so much that when that doesn't pan out, the numbers are hideous and you are left with a rag-tag group. At least in DI we have teams with full rosters. We have a lot of coaches at other divisions not being held accountable for crap numbers.
  11. Lot of "volunteer coaches" at the DI level make more money then head coaches at Non DI level, which is also why some of the smaller divisions see such high turnover. Can't make a living when you are being killed.
  12. In the portal but I believe a do not contact is in place on him like Real Woods had.
  13. YEP!. MacNeill is a stud!
  14. My apologies, the COVID Shirt thing.... but, you either have to beat him in the room or as an opponent on another team, guess better not play guessing game on if you will be the starter and move on?
  15. Yeah, but Real Woods will be there 1 year.
  16. Bingo. Not sure the mindset on this one. Real Woods comes in and has 1 year total. Is it a worried about possibly getting beat for the spot? Hell, go to UALR and help them out. Lot of programs would love to have him.
  17. Legit candidate for a Hodge non-DI. Baterdene Boldmaa.
  18. If Fix goes 141 no.
  19. MacNeil I believe beat Clarke 4-3 in the room, but Redshirted him. He will be a stud for UNC. I think the best 141 in the country though is not in DI.
  20. Eeek. Drop and give me 400 ...
  21. Didn't realize that. Wound up tuning in midway through 141
  22. Yes he does. Thing we need to keep in prospective with him is if he gets taken down and put in a 6 - 0 defecit again versus the field at NCAAs...he may not come out winning. Look forward to seeing how he matches up with a lot of the individuals.
  23. I am sure an unsportsmanlike by any service academy guy is dealt with a lot harder behind the scenes than any other program out there.
  24. ESPN showing no respect. Interviewed 9 champs and Coach Smith of Mizzou...but miss out on interviewing the OW of the tournament in Hendrickson?!
  25. I wrestled Hoy that year. It was brutal. I still feel it .
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