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  1. Haselrig vs. Greenlee in 1989. 1-0 HWT match.
  2. Can I just make a pro rate deduction so I don't have to relive some horrible matches I saw?
  3. Duh on Belleville- that's my bad. I knew that being an old NAIA coach. Karwath should have a solid team with them too. I think Lindenwoods should consolidate like the New York 2 schools that are combining to become DI. DI in that area of Missouri would work!
  4. NAIA Kansas Wesleyan -2019 DII Lindenwood-Belleville 2019 (consolidating with DII Lindenwood) What is the situation with Wheeling Jesuit? They keeping? Financially the school is struggling, but the team did well. Head coach peaced out though and I don't blame him.
  5. ........so much for thinking this was in reference to the National Championship DIII match at 157 and the Championship match in DII at 165.
  6. Because Mizzou has about the same amount of revenue for athletics as the others combined maybe? Got to remember they get some SEC cashflow into athletics to spread out which doesn't hurt. I think they would be fun to have back in the Big 12, or move them over into the Big 10, but I don't ever see that happening. Next years addition of teams to the MAC will make it interesting, but Mizzou should still always be in the top 1-2 in conference no matter what.
  7. Ok, I am going for the out of the Burgh itself and into the suburbs for some treats with 3 destinations: Oakmont Bakery (this place is easy to drop $40 on pastries): https://oakmontbakery.com/ Blawnox (Starlite Lounge) This place has been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. PIEROGIES are MASSIVE! Great atmosphere and probably for you all that like a drink, a great place to hit up and kick back (btw...very little to no signage...drove by like 4 times finding it with my dad): http://starliteloungepgh.com/ Moodogs Music Bar is right there too....here is a link to bands playing DI weekend: http://moondogs.us/events/2019-03-22/ Russelton, PA (Deer Creek Diner)- TRUST A BIG GUY ON THIS....go out of your way and hit up Breakfast early here...you will not need to eat another meal for a long....long time, and a good chance you will have leftovers (especially if you get the pancakes which they flip using an old steam shovel...I did a non timed food challenge there, and made it through half dozen eggs, 3 sausage, 3 bacon 4 slices of toast, but only 1 of 3 pancakes...had to get 4 to go boxes...it is insane amount of food): https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deer-Creek-Diner/161987227175645
  8. Swayz

    D1 vs D3

    133 Boo Dryden of Northeast Oklahoma is mean as hell, but will he go D1? He would be a solid pickup and worth a redshirt at the DI level. Long tall frame for the weight, he is 35-0 on the year and only 1/3rd of his wins are against juco guys. He has wins over Sjmolering (by fall) and Parrish of Nebraska. Also wins over the #2 NJCAA wrestler by major, and pins over 4 different NAIA and NJCAA All Americans. I am fading fast (just got in about 40 minutes ago from announcing a match, but I do like Baterdene Boldma at 141, but he is ranked #2, so I may have to research some more.
  9. Swayz

    D1 vs D3

    Hell there are some solid juco guys that would All American this year. Every once in a while you get an NAIA guy that could too.
  10. ….anybody else think it might be the folks making the headgear preventing the rule of headgear being optional?
  11. John Smith would be the Kayak salesman at Cabella's. Cael Sanderson would be the curator for a Frank Lloyd Wright house. Brands would be a Sam Kinnison impressionist. Ryan would be a stunt double for Ben Stein.
  12. Sounds like your dad needs to quit trying to relive his life through you. Talk to your coach and let him know you are not enjoying the sport because of your dad....maybe he would talk to him.
  13. Think he got penalized a point for not having shoe tied and lost to Noah Juan 1-0.
  14. Some of the divisions have it right with how many make the playoffs, but DII I know pisses me off because they do 4 regions....what if the best two teams are from the same regional area? Seed the top 16 and let everyone else travel and then highest seed always hosts.
  15. Same thing with siblings....sometimes siblings go to different schools or hell are at the same school and the way the bracket falls they meet up....wrestle your dam brother!
  16. I know of an open that had 1 guy in the bracket at 125 this year. St. Cloud State's open.
  17. ...and that 133 isn't their starter either. This is the program that had a guy miss weight a few years ago and lost to Iowa State by 2 I believe? They also beat up on Drexel that year.
  18. I will bite with two from this season (both small school guys....one NAIA, the other Juco). 133lbs - Boo Dryden of NEO is a mean s.o.b. He is undefeated on the year (some of those wins against DI competition to boot) I believe close to 90 percent of his matches have ended in fall and 99 percent in bonus. 184- Cody Linton of Doane...he will club the hell out of you and keep going on one speed for 7 full minutes.
  19. Swayz


    Grandview's backup 133 beating AU's Terao was big.
  20. Grandview's backup 133 knocked off Terao today.
  21. Is it not happening this year?
  22. Wyatt Wriedt at HWT won't be a factor this year. Torn ACL on Friday in Practice.
  23. Isn't the NJCAA finalist from Iowa Central back? Hope they don't burn another year on him when a teammate can't make weight. Maybe he gets a rs this year. I really like Christian Lance coming in to the room at HWT.
  24. Nebraska....the only state that can have a game cancelled due to weather and still have 13 page postgame newspaper section!
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