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  1. I worked a qualifier at NAIA level this past weekend and I was impressed with having three camera workers with 3 separate feeds.
  2. The finals were insane that year. 1st NCAA's I ever attended. Team score came down to ndsu and sdsu and sdsu had defending champ...he lost. Also 125 match ended in fall in 18 or 19 seconds with 0 takedowns
  3. I would think the Mid Pacific (or whatever that conference is called that has Mountain West and a few others merged together for Men's Vollleyball, Track, and so on would add wrestling)...be quite a few programs closer in proximity.
  4. Someone not getting a lot of love at 197.... Bulsak of Clarion. I like Buchanan and his potential, but I'd be surprised if he made the finals this soon. My sleeper is Trumble of NC State. Sentimental pick: Nino Bonaccorsi.
  5. If I am not mistaken, he battled injury for a while and then couldn't crack starting lineup the next year or two. I am thinking he used up a few more years, but would have been a senior aftere 2011 when the program was dropped at UNO. I'll double check on that though.
  6. I think the one semester thing is well liked by Cali Jucos, but...Fall/Winter here in the midwest, FOOTBALL is massive at the same time. I was hesitant on a 1 semester for wrestling, but, you can do conditioning, getting ready and all that, let the athletes enjoy Thanksgiving and come back ready for the new year. Problem is administrations that don't let you come back and stay on campus or use facilities during the break (I know of a school that is pretty talented that wans't allowed back on campus or in room until 2 days before a 2nd semester event...they got skunked 55-0 and guys were pale white). I think a Late Jan start like NJCAA is doing would be great. I think we get the Cali jucos to get on the same page as the rest of the country would be huge in growing more opportunities out west as well and would open up teams traveling to and from the West Coast. I am banking opens will slowly go away and extra matches will stick around (predicting redshirts will no longer be going to Opens...at least the DI guys, and you will continue to see quads with extra matches against other DI teams, because for one, it looks bad if you are a highly coveted recruit on a DI team and you lose to a 3rd stringer DIII guy for example). Bang for your buck on traveling is great too. Pendleton at OSU can fly cross country now and get match guarantees of half a dozen for his guys as opposed to showing up for a "required conference meet" where some team may be open at a weight. I hope the addition of extra matches facilitates growth out west. We really need about 5 new programs in DI by 2025 (and all in Mountain/Western time zone) to help the sport. I personally think we should be like track and field: They have Cross Country, Indoor, Outdoor. Why can't we have Greco, FS, Folkstyle? Maybe it would take a small contingent of getting that together...and EDUCATE us on the Difference so folkstyle fans can learn FS and Greco, and FS and Greco fans can learn that style better to explain it to new wrestling fans. I hope we keep some Opens. I hope we keep some traditional invites. I hope we also continue to see a step up and face some teams we might not (Like Loras vs. UNK, Iowa State vs. Iowa Central, Gannon vs. Kent State, St. Thomas vs. Citadel and so on). I believe these small school scraps between divisions or a David vs. Goliath setting have been awesome to see and helps give identity to some teams you may not have otherwise known about as we tend to have tunnel vision to just a division we are familiar with due to having competed in, coached in, or just prefer to follow. While we are at it, Presbryterian and Limestone Women's dual on ESPN+ the other day was huge, but let's pair that up televised with a men's match before it, or interwoven with it to keep engagement of 2 styles. COVID has sucked, but technology wise, it is forcing some lazy bone SIDs and ADs to offer better streaming, or streaming in general to keep engagement of fanbases, and in many cases I think some schools you have never heard of tend to pop up on a link you find and you kick back and enjoy 2 teams battling it out that are 700 miles from your humble abode. I think a lot of great things are matriculating with our sport....now we just got to keep it going and keep tweaking things to make it as perfect as we can!
  7. Coach Vote has taking bottom dwellers to Conference Champs at 3 different NAIA programs. He was also wrestling operations director at Iowa State in Kevin Jackson's last season. Freaking has had 3-4 National Champions and has coached numerous All Americans. Helluva a good guy as well. He took a chance on my old ass for a GA spot a few years ago which in turn got me an advanced degree and now I am working for Health and Human Services (oy what a year 2020 was) and also have gotten back into sports broadcasting for the first time in over 20 years.
  8. 15 time National Champions and in the top 5 yearly for about 30 straight years. Split between NAIA and DII. Last National Title was 2007 for team. They are the only program at any 4 year level to have 6 champions in one year, and former coach David James coached 2 individuals that won National Titles 4 times. Been a long time coming since they have been very good. Covid hitting late makes me cringe as they are set to host the qualifier as well in a few weeks.
  9. Originally it was going to be Mizzou and Oklahoma state having 3 duals on the day, WVU and UCO having 2 and Wyoming wasn't in the picture yet. WVU did not want to dual UCO. As for UCO sadly my Bronchos are battling the crap, and they had to back out of this opportunity and 2 duals vs. ranked foes in conference.
  10. How about this: Yasiim Bribeseca making his mat return tonight for Limestone. In his RS Freshman year he was an All-American in a loaded 141lb weight class (for University of Nebraska Omaha).....back in 2007! He is at 149, and will need to knock a ton of rust off as he lost 10-1 this evening...but dude, so cool to hear!
  11. He is on the roster at Cleveland State and is cleared to compete. https://www.csuvikings.com/sports/m-wrestl/2020-21/releases/20200918i9cobg
  12. NAIA has some qualifiers this weekend. Others next weekend. KCAC/Sooner super conference is this week with next two weekends off before NAIAs. I believe the Cascade has cancelled theirs and will qualify differently (based off dual results I believe) GPAC is 12th and 13th. All over the place for that Level. NJCAA is now basically a National Open (but only for your top 10 in the room with 1 per weight). No need to qualify, bring your 125-HWT and scrap. No qualifier.
  13. ahhh. my bad. Yes, that would be NAIA. great catch. I forgot about the DIII guy from Simpson.
  14. Which was more based off the fact he beat the field of CKLV.
  15. Schreiner is not DIII in men's wrestling. NCWA. They are hoping to go DIII though. Women's is an NCAA program though and also competes folkstyle in NCWA.
  16. "Varsity Programs" aka non Club, although some "NCWA teams" are funded by their school. I will say this. There are a lot of schools out there claiming to have a varsity wrestling program or even a team...but if you can't cover 80% of the weight classes and have at least 15 wrestlers in the room. Opt out of duals if you don't have enough guys. That falls back on piss poor recruiting. You can only blame administration so long, but remember if you are still around and you blame administration for not fielding a full team...you are one of their bad decisions as well.
  17. Talking about the NC State dual? They were very good!
  18. To add to this setiment...UVU is B12 in wrestling, but WAC in other sports...with that being said, if you download the WAC app....you can go watch any home UVU dual on the WAC network, which is why I know both conferences they are members of. Wyoming is Mountain West in majority of sports, big 12 in Wrestling. I am not one to know all the faces of DI wrestlers, but I try to pride myself on knowing what schools have programs, although I couldn't tell you were some ranked guys are from in the DI ranks. Small schools are more my jam.
  19. One of the most gorgeous college settings is North Idaho College. They have a wrestling program.
  20. Lot of teams supposedly wrestling are slower than molasses in putting up schedules on a normal year...let alone this year. Usually those are the teams we wonder if they even field a program anymore in my opinion.
  21. How many years you already compete? I know lot of coaches looking for bodies at semester in NAIA level.
  22. I wonder what some of these schools have as protocol. Athletic Departments make the schedules, but then the school itself doesn't want guys on campus for any reason. I saw a team return to mats for a dual last Wednesday. Day and a half back after 3 week layoff. It was horrid. 55-0 for a team that should have won at least 2 or 3 matches. I was on the mic struggling to try to make it sound competitive.
  23. Maybe all the guys should wear Kenshield foam before and boom go at it. I believe about 90pct of teams aren't mopping between matches from what I saw this weekend and have seen this season. Exposure is 15 minutes close proximity to someone. If a match is 33 seconds we don't need to mop the mat...plus most of the stuff used needs to set for 15 minutes alone before being mopped. Then using leaf blowers, which blow the air around....not super intelligent in terms of "viral" management.
  24. So on the Oklahoma State thing, I think A.J. Ferrari reminds me of Mo Lawal who was an AA for the Cowboys in the early 2000's. I think he keeps it on his feet and holds down guys some, he will do very well and win many matches comfortably. Nebraska- I am not surprised on this win. Last year Boo Dryden came in from NEO and got tossed into the guantlet of Big 10 at semester. He's had time to train there now and get some size on him. Anybody that saw him at various tournaments or duals while he was at NEO know how freaking mean the s.o.b. is. He is very physical and I think he may pull another "upset or two" before they year is done. He qualifies for NCAAs I have him round of 12 at least. Other things: I believe it was 184 in the UNK vs. IA St. dual there was a beautiful throw. OKState there was a nice supplay in the HWT match. If you have ESPN + the underrated dual of the weekend was Northern Illinois vs. Southern Illinois. Some fireworks of matches. The 133 was super fun to watch and the 149 (I believe it was that weight) was won when a kid (NJCAA Champ Cardeionte Wilson) hit an inside trip for an old "Chuck Woolery" 2 and 2 for 4 points to pull off a 3 point win after trailing with 5 seconds left in the match.
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