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  1. I didn't score a point this year and took 2nd in the HWT bracket at the Sooner Athletic Conference in NAIA. LOL. Only 1 guy in the bracket at HWT, so they gave me a souvenir of the 2nd place plaque for announcing the tournament! LOL
  2. If you miss Chertow's spamming, add him on Facebook. lol
  3. 2nd Prep Nationals 2021 6th Prep Nationals 2020 for Wyoming Seminary. I think he may have done a Post Grad year this past season.
  4. Another reason we probaly never heard an apology from Zahid. Didn't matter once he was kicked off and the tournament was cancelled anyway.
  5. Any truth that Gregor might be joining brother Lachlan at UNC?
  6. Wonder if he thought ASU was against him when they forced his hand on Zahid?
  7. He ran Iowa State club team from his couch in Cali. Was hired to take over NWKTC (NJCAA) and wasn't around while team ran afoul (dismissed before 1st semester even over). I believe he then landed at Wheeling Jesuit (DII) and was gone within a month. Then a Pharmacy College in St. Louis adding wrestling announced his hiring and many of us lost our collective crap and he got canned pretty quick when individuals from the local sector all the way to higher brass in coaching circles called the school out and asked WTF were they thinking?
  8. Yes. By the way the rule looks they can RS and be in a dual for example. I think we will see some schools willing to bring in say a DII or DIII to dual the "RS" Guys. It won't count against them, and they get experience. Maybe you see RS Teams vs RS Teams, and even some jucos being able to get duals with bigger schools.
  9. I'm banned from posting on his fake wiki account. I changed that he placed in Sunkist Kids to Capri-Sun Kids. Also says he was some NE Champ or something, so I put the NSEW Misdirection Incontenental Champion and some other stuff. He's a crook. But with lack of some schools having applicants, I would not be shocked to see him emerge again. Think he is pretty much hit the crap list in Iowa, Kansas, and Misssouri...but I honestly can see him showing up somewhere again. Which will give me something to be super vocal about.
  10. Also can't forget Shelton Mack asst at Columbia and former Pitt Panther. He'd be dam solid!
  11. No rumors, but some I think these guys could make solid options (A- previous hc, B- big name assistant already on East coast, C- one of the top HS coaches): Kerry McCoy Jamill Kelly Cornell Robinson Some outside the box thoughts on coaches (guys I'd really love to see in the mix ...but have solid gigs where they are at): OT Johnson - DII UNCP Coach. Great energy with dyamic capability of technician and recruiter. Marques Gales- CACC Sac. City College HC. Formerly was HC at DIII Trinity College in CT where he was the DIII Rookie Coach of the Year in 2014. (Has East Coast experience, but is back in California where he was a competitor at CACC and DII level). Omi Acosta - NAIA Life HC; Dude knows how to recruit and produce. Give him the budge Morgan State will have and his connections from the South as well as with Juco, and he'd have them up and running asap.
  12. Like promising to sign singlets for kids and then sending them? ;)
  13. There were articles out a while back, one I can't find now is the fact Sinkovics has now been associated with 2 wrestling deaths.
  14. These schools are on trajectory to hopefully save the West. Get past the rockies we should have powerhouses with all the dam talent and lack of opportunities. Should have a ton of hammers at each program and be top tier yearly (Top 15 or so).
  15. We have similar problem across divisions. I usually know of if a school has wrestling or not regardless of division, but I was in SW Pennsylvania this past week and had to look up on a local college website to know Washington and Jefferson had a program. DI's there are a few I have to double check from time to time. Davidson I knew only because of the Wince family that long was associated with it. Ty Eustice should be elevated in my opinion. Pretty well known name that could get recruits, and furthermore might be able to get bigger programs to dual them. Speaking of bigger programs and dualing, that is another reason we struggle to hear from some smaller programs. They need those schools to dual them to help with qualifying numbers and strength of schedule. If Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, and ACC give a big F. U. to these schools, they would be more well known.
  16. For me, folkstyle grows faster because fanbase of folk is willing to sit and explain and have great patience. FS/Greco to me has been pretty snobby from folks; "You don't F'in understand FS?" is how I've seen people greeted to that side of things.
  17. DIII model is one that I'd advocate more for in a heartbeat. Not sure if it should stay region specific, or if they could do like some sports and rank so many and spread out to break up the groups. The ARC regional is super tough, be nice to see some splitting up of talent, or x amount get autos, and do a national WC or something.
  18. I'd go with Troy Nickerson, but he's got a good thing going at N. Colorado right now.
  19. The wrestling team needs to make sure they are doing NCWA during the transition. That will be a way to keep it somewhat competitive for a team that isn't competitive.
  20. Rob Tate is the HC there. He was a DI qualifer for Gardner Webb. They already have a solid schedule as a DII. They dualed NAIA runner up Life and UNC-Chapel Hill. Citadel beat them 30-10. They need some more support if they are transitioning, but I'd guess they would jump into the SOCONN and could be somewhat good out there. They had 3 NQ this year in DII but they went a combined 1-6 at the DII Championships. Adding them to DI, would put NC as a state at like 10 DI teams right? (or in that vicinity)? Ken Chertow was there for a short time as HC. Maybe a season?
  21. If we want to go that route, is Mizzou only having 4 champs in the MAC in 2021 that great of an achievement? MAC had 3 teams finish in Top 30. Big 12 had 7. What they did at Big 12 was pretty solid. Mizzou was expected to win MAC always because $$$ compared to the other teams in that conference flowing in.
  22. Lou is a great person that is surrounded by wonderful good quality men on his staff. We have teams out there that have way bigger issues and retain coaches for decades. I think it will be fun to see what develops at OU.
  23. Last 4 conference team titles for OU: 2021 2002 1999 1986 He helped break a drought.
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