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  1. What if that "carnival barker" was funding programs to start up? Arkansas as a state has wrestling programs because big money donor (singular). I think White isn't a bad person to have in your corner, especially when he hires a lot of wrestlers and promotes the sport.
  2. Are they suing at all for similarity of logo?
  3. UNLV should add wrestling and become an affiliate. We host so much crap in Vegas with 0 college programs to show for it. I'm sure Dana White and UFC guys would attend competition. I think it's past time for BYU to reinstate as well, but need more small school growth to happen. You may see jucos in Oregon and Idaho out of NJCAA affiliation soon. D3 Pacific is way out there by itself in Oregon, next furthest west D3 is 45 minutes east of me in Lincoln, Ne. D2 situation rough to out west...SFSU and Simon Fraser come to mind, way to many schools without wrestling for the amount of participants in hs in that deserted area.
  4. USA today had a gal chine in that lost her marbles over this announcement. Calls it careless. As an athlete you still have the right to not compete during Covid. If a spoiled brat wines about no season and then gets season...they should have no recourse for lawsuit.
  5. I'm in the Burgh area for a few weeks from Nebraska. It's been interesting to hear WPIAL vs Philly area on thoughts. Pa Governor not well liked at the moment in many places in the state. Back in Nebraska and Kansas, I have heard that schools that have 6 or 8 man football will potentially have a full season and all 11 man schools will either be abbreviated seasons with just conference foes, or potentiall scrapped all together.
  6. How about on top position we start a count (like we do if you are holding on to the leg) if a wrestler is just straddling or remaining parallel? Make them hop sides or turn opponent.
  7. Beau Maynes at Oklahoma (from Kansas). Ran into a lot of injuries and had a phenomenal high school career goinng 132-0 with 0 people taking him down. Donte Butler from Missouri. I coached him in junior college for 1 year. He was a stud that was 2nd in a loaded Fargo at 112 in summer of 2007. His freshman year of college in 2008 he came in and just crapped the bed (NJCAA districts), but because he had such a good year, he luckily got a wild card. Needless to say Donte then goes to the National tournament and it is like someone gave him coffee. He wakes up and is launching guys left and right. Loses in the semis and comes back for 3rd and gets Gorrian Award. If academics were not part of college, and just athletics were...he'd be a multi time placer at NJCAA and maybe some lower levels of NCAA or NAIA. Tons of talent, but just could never fully committ to working hard in or out of the classroom. Jesse Webb at Ohio U/Castleton; He came in fresh off Jr. Double AA at Fargo and at Ohio U, you have a heavyweight coach....Freshman year he got fed to the wolves, but soph year looked promising. Started 7-1 before a 17 match losing streak before squeaking out a SV win for 8th victory on the year before losing last 2 to finish 9-18. Redshirted finally at 285 in 2017, but opted to go to DIII Castleton for last 2 seasons where he competed in only 7 matches as a junior (4-3) before going 1-0 in his lone match as a senior.
  8. How about these: If you are let go from international start (intentionally), it is 0 escape for you, however...if you as the one released scores the next point (it can be on a stall, illegal hold, anything...) you get that escape of 1 added to whatever you just scored. Also for college, how about if you are over 1 minutes of riding time and higher but have nearfall rewarded, you get an extra point? So RT at 1 min is 1...but if you are over that with nearfall you can score additional? Or maybe reset RT each period and if you have 1 minute over you score a point at end of each period?
  9. You can still sit out as a DIII kid. As for NAIA standing for that, I am glad it is at least looking like that instead of the old National Assoc of Inelligible Athletes look. NAIA at least has a rule where only so many individuals may wrestle in a dual or point scoring tournament for the entire year. If you are dumb as a box of rocks and can't beat the starter, you best hope you are in the top 12 in the room, otherwise exempted athletes (that can compete if not top 12 in the room) have to have a certain GPA or they are just open tournament guys. It helps reward hard workers in the classroom that might be 2-3 on depth chart.
  10. Notre Dame can eat a bag of feces. Screw them. My hometown was the Fighting Irish like 200 other high schools in the country. Tornado wiped out my hometown and while on CNN for a few days apparently Notre Dame was mad we had a similar logo and sued our town. They aren't the epitomy of anything good. They can eat shards of glass and pour bleach in their eyes.
  11. How about when you are up 14-0 and hit a 5 point move, then a pin? I have heard that called a Tech-Maul
  12. I remembering hearing the story about a younger Iowa fan going up to Mark Hall and saying "you suck" from the discussion with our black brethren of wrestling about a month or two ago. I don't think saying you suck is racist. If he just said it to him, I still don't think it is. Bottom line we don't know much about the twerp who said it. Could have been another fan betting him 10 bucks to go get in his head before a match. At WTT when those were in Iowa City I heard a lot of chirpping in the crowd that was very passionate for Iowa guys. When they were wrestling black guys you did tend to hear a little bit of a different sound. It was beyond the stalling calls synonymous with Iowa. Most were still stalling....but a few bone heads went deeper in the sand and went the route of the "chocolate melts" adage which was also addressed on that zoom meeting. But, just like anywhere......10 knuckleheads being punks can make 1000 passionate fans look like assholes. I know Iowa and OSU have had duals where fans have turned in other fans for stupidity and having $*!& for brains...and security is usually very quick to respond and toss the drunk bastards out of the crowd. Every school has some morons of some shade, some are just better at shutting the hell up and not jeopardizing their future, and others...just do stupid actions to make up for their words.
  13. We may wind up with more damaging floods here in Nebraska if football is cancelled! If you have never been in Lincoln on a game day...they are insanely nuts about their college football. Huge passion. But at least this year they can blame no bowl game on COVID!
  14. I've had 4 coaches from non DI levels already tell me they are looking at redshirting anybody with a redshirt available, and allowing some others to possibly shine. If it looks like season may not occur, I think some are looking at having a gap year or grey shirt. Expect some guys to compete (if season allows), but it looking like 80 or 84 Olympics with many studs sitting this one out.
  15. Anybody else think it is weird that the Trib link has coronavirus in it when we don't know what he died of yet?
  16. Brutally rough. Especially when they are super good human beings too. Another tough thing to watch is when you have a kid with solid credentials come in and wind up 3rd or 4th in the depth chart.
  17. I am at a loss when a "powerhouse" state reduces weights. I can see reducing for tournaments (individual), but this is a freaking mess. Guess Powerade will have schools coming in from out of state with some studs competing at weight classes not recognized in their home states. I just don't get how we have schools out there with 200 kids total in a school with 30 kids on a team, and then have schools with 1500 with 6-7 kids on a team (this occurs nationwide). Blows my mind. I get you have kids that are picky in high school...but we see it carry on to some of our college programs too where you might see 4 matches in a dual. I think some of this goes back to passion and whether you get money regardless of how hard you work. 1 fish is better than 0 for a weight.
  18. Bryce Abbey won TKO last year making wrestling look good. UNK grad.
  19. 2 and a T-shirt : 0-2 but got a souvenir at the meet Oscar- This is a term I learned that a youth club was using as a way to say "Act like you are doing something....key word ACT...as in get an OSCAR for ACTing, not a stalling call. Alabama Crab Dangle- When you are at a middle school meet and you have a know it all snobby parent that doesn't know jack. Yell this move when their kid is wrestling, or casually talk a bit louder to someone near that the kid should hit an Alabama Crab Dangle...it's not even a real thing, but it is fun to get people to yell it. Kober-Time : Named after NJCAA All American Jake Kober. Make the signal for inhaler...even though you don't have asthma, way to catch breath when you are a hwt that does just enough to get by. ILS- Imaginary Lat Syndrome. The guys that puff up and strut, but then get hammered in competition, which in turn deflates the puff.
  20. If it is the one that worked for a certain wrestling media organization that charges for competitions people from other countries don't have to pay to see, I would say he is at home with Spongebob in Bikini Bottom.
  21. I heard a rumor about 4-5 years ago that once Bruce retires, you may see the DI teams that are DII in other sports in PA reclassify to D2 in wrestling as well. Seems he was a major factor in keeping a lot of these teams together and at the DI level. I thinkg Northern Colorado would be a bit of a shock to drop as they have a pretty solid fan base of supporters, but anymore nothing is surprising. They west of Colorado lack of opportunities in general worry me. 1 DIII west of Lincoln, Ne and that is Pacific in Oregon (not sure how they have held on this long especially with Oregon and Portland State having axed in the past). DII is very slim west of Colorado too. SFSU and Simon Fraser (in British Columbia) are the only D2 teams in the Pacific time zone. 3 total for NCAA (non d1). NJCAA has 5 out West, but in the Northwest where they are trying to convince wrestling to become part of the GWAC which is a 3-4 state grouping that doesn't go to NJCAA or CACC. They have their own championships (this may be fine for other sports....but some admins are trying to convince their coaches that it would be good and that they in turn could compete for GWAC, and on to NCWA potentially if they wanted national exposure. Go the the NWCA map, click on the divisions to see how empty some places are. https://portal.nwcaonline.com/aspx/ProgramsMap
  22. I only won 3 times in my college career. I might be the best loser of all time to never win a match outside of the Central Missouri Open.
  23. Honestly what they need to do is look at redshirts for all wrestlers that have not used it yet. They need to also make sure they compete NCWA while transition. That has been a good segway for many teams with good sized brackets and some pretty solid talent considering there are a lot of wreslters out there with the fear of leaving the pond of home where no options are except NCWA level. Some NCWA teams are really solid, some are ****ty. But, some also work way harder than "official" intercollegiate wrestling programs and have way better numbers. Good competition from Navy Prep, Air Force Prep, Liberty ,Schreiner and Apprentice always come to mind. Central Florida might still be up there too, but since schools started adding in Florida I am not sure how they balance out now.
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