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  1. He didn't go to the DI of prison systems either, per his victim's request: http://www.examiner.com/article/off-season-update-ncaa-finalist-andrew-long-gets-1-2-years-for-rape-attempt-1
  2. I think some of it had to be in part of being in the Big 10 as well. Penn State will probably come out toward Iowa, Minnesota, or Nebraska once in a blue moon, which would be nice for his folks.
  3. Speaking of walk ups, what is the price should I get a crazy thought of driving the 6 hours there?
  4. The big difference isn't Team A playing B in football and then Team A2 facing C. It is A vs. B and A2 v B
  5. How about increasing a reversal to 3 in college? You mainly see escapes anymore. Maybe an extra riding time point if you have secured nearfall during the match? I think 3 point takedown should only be awarded to the first takedown, and must be scored in the first period, if nobody scores a td in the first, then it goes back to 2 the rest of the way.
  6. Ok. JB is right on this it is like counting 2 wins against the same team on the same night. Essentially what they did was showcase their guys and in turn gave the smaller schools an opportunity to get mat time as well.
  7. If that is the year I am thinking Ellis got beat in the semis of the Central Missouri Open by DII's Finn from Central Oklahoma and I believe Bradley beat Finn for 1st or Ellis to take 3rd.
  8. Still to many guys not opening up. The 3 pt takedown experiment needs tweaked for sure. I think if you make it so 1st takedown of the match is 3 or takedowns in general are worth an extra point in the first, might have individuals wrestling more physical early on.
  9. Wyoming, Michigan. 4th in Michigan isn't too bad I would say.
  10. It would be great if individuals would list any known internet webcasts too. Can't forget that some college wrestling is small market and a great way to still support team from a distance and talk about wrestling still.
  11. Are they sending them? Because I know if it will be a weather issue only the first to purchase will be able to see the dual and there will be no refunds. Are they electronically sending them? Many places don't do paper ticket through the mail anymore.
  12. Fargo isn't a high school tournament essentially it is a freestyle tournament in the summer.
  13. Or in a bracket that big, only have it that you get drawn back in if the guy that beat you makes it to the semis or something.
  14. Cody Crawford (Oregon State) Sean Russell (Edinboro)
  15. The previous post is under further review after realizing the strength of schedule for Lehigh.
  16. Also when in Topeka, Tequilas Mexican Resturant is operated and ran by The Ayala Family. Their sons are both wrestlers. Raul is a freshman at Washburn Rural High School and their oldest son Bryan is a RS Jr at Concordia-Nebraska.
  17. That will bring the state of Arkansas up to 5 programs established in the last 5-6 years! Great job by Arkansas.
  18. A lot of schools have tuition waivers or reduced priced schooling if your parent is a member of the faculty, so that could sweeten the pot. Free Education and being part of one of the premiere teams in the nation at the DI level? Hard to pass up!
  19. Who said he did? If I did I am sorry...I have him listed as B10 Champ.
  20. EIWA 2003 (pretty dam good group) vs. B10 Champs (pretty dam good group) 125 Travis Lee (Cornell) vs. Jesse Delgado (Ill) 133 Cory Cooperman (Leh) vs. Logan Stieber (OhSt) 141 Philip Simpson (Army) vs. Hunter Stieber (OhSt) 149 Jesse Jantzen (Harvard) vs. Dylan Ness (Minn) 157 Derek Zinck (Leh) vs. Jason welch (NW) 165 Troy Letters (Leh) vs. David Taylor (PnSt) 174 Brad Dillon (Leh) vs. Matt Brown (PnSt) 184 Greg Parker (Princeton) vs Ed Ruth (PnSt) 197 Jon Trenge (Leh) vs Quentin Wright (PnSt) 285 Matt Feast (Penn) vs. Tony Nelson (Minn)
  21. OK HERE GOES EIWA 2003 champs listed first. NCAA 3rd place finishers from 2013 listed 2nd. 125 Travis Lee (Cornell) vs. Nashon Garrett (Cornell) 133 Cory Cooperman (Leh) vs. Tyler Graff (Wisconsin) 141 Philip Simpson (Army) vs. Hunter Stieber (OhSt) 149 Jesse Jantzen (Harvard) vs. Steve Santos (Columbia) 157 Derek Zinck (Leh) vs. Alex Dieringer (OkSt) 165 Troy Letters (Leh) vs. Tyler Caldwell (OkSt) 174 Brad Dillon (Leh) vs. Robert Kokesh (Neb) 184 Greg Parker (Princeton) vs. Steve Bosak (Cornell) 197 Jon Trenge (Leh) vs. Matt Wilps (Pitt) 285 Matt Feast (Penn) vs. Alan Gelogaev (OkSt)
  22. You know heckuva an Idea. I have been inspired by what is going on with Teague's idea of the 5 weight classes, no time, first to 10 points idea , but do something a bit different instead of single elimination tournament: 12 weights: 121, 128, 136, 147, 152, 160, 168, 177, 187, 200, 238 and Unlimited 10 wrestlers max per weight with $12 entrance fee. 2 pools of 5, with 1,3,5,7,and 9th paid entries going into pool A and 2, 4,6, 8 and 10 into B. Wrestle 5 matches in day. Eligible Wrestlers: Any wrestler that has qualified (key word being qualified) for state/national tournament or placed at high caliber tournament such as Fargo, Midlands, etc. I've got a ton of former smaller division NCAA guys, NAIA and NJCAA guys interested this year (August 3) for doing an event. probably won't have enough to do tournament format, so I am going to pair em up and do an All Star "Giving Back to Schools" event. Goodwill donation clinic with all of the individuals, then pairing them up based on credentials and other things of that nature. I have had PA, MO, OK, KS, and IL former prep/college athletes said they would come out on the 3rd to compete and give back to the sport.
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