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  1. Well on the bright side there are plenty of schools that don't graduate kids. :roll:
  2. Ok if you took the Big 10 individual champs from this year and put them against the 2003 National Champs of Division 1, how close would it be dual wise? 125 Jesse Delgado (ILL) vs. Travis Lee (Cornell) 133 Logan Stieber (OhSt) vs. Johnny Thompson (OSU) 141 Hunter Stieber (OhSt) vs. Teyon Ware (OU) 149 Dylan Ness (Minn) vs. Eric Larkin (AzSt) 157 Jason Welch (NW) vs. Ryan Bertin (Mich) 165 David Taylor (PnSt) vs. Matt Lackey (Ill) 174 Matt Brown (PnSt) vs. Robbie Waller (OU) 184 Ed Ruth (PnSt) vs. Jake Rosholt (OSU) 197 Quentin Wright (PnSt) Vs. Damion Hahn (Minn) 285 Tony Nelson (Minn) vs. Steve Mocco (Iowa)
  3. Swayz


    I am guessing some of the other countries athletes may not even have televisions or waste their time with them. Probably out farming 1,000 head of Yak or something and throwing cabers in their spare time to worry about how someone did at the D1 National Tournament. But if they do have TV....as hard as it is to find coverage on wrestling here, I doubt they will ever see Fortune, until he is tossing them!
  4. Nice post on the bigger to smaller. But there are some scenarios where it is just all about being homesick. I had a kid from the Kansas City area recently tell me that he would love to wrestle collegiately, but not at a juco. When I pressed him more he said he was hoping he could find something in the metro area (HELLO?!?!) KC has basically UCM (DII), Baker (NAIA) and Benedictine (NAIA) as the nearest options. This is a kid that was getting offers from a lot of schools for scholarships, but was afraid to leave his neighborhood where he is idolized in fear of having to restart his reputation, which already got soured when he tried to go to a college and flaked out.
  5. If there is a legitimate reason to move to Lincoln, NE (hypothetically I am saying because it is closer to home is BS because New Mexico is still good distance and not a good reason anyway). Now if it family emergency or someone on death bed and they live in that area then fine, but what I have seen too is kids that get homesick as an excuse. If they can provide documentation that the transfer is due to something catastrophic then no penalty should be issued. However, things like (I don't see anybody in this part of the United States I used to wrestle against) to go back home, then make them RS or burn a year. Heck it may need to be that if you transfer you must use 1.5 years to see if it would stop it in all sports.
  6. About like you did. I live in Southeast Kansas. My brother and sis-in-law live almost 20 hours away in Monck's Corner. My parents felt pretty helpless too. They are in Pittsburgh, PA. Dana's other uncle who was a state qualifier in 1999 at the same high school I went to, lives in Doha, Qatar with his wife as a civilian contractor, but her Aunt takes the cake as she is stationed in Korea. None of us were close enough. Very tough year on me as I have no relatives nearby and went through 5 events that just put me in a high level of stress (this took the cake, and made me realize the others while significant weren't as bad). I definitely am ready to get on anxiety meds tho after this!
  7. She must have been wearing heels or I must have been sitting every time I was around. GOOD NEWS though, about an hour ago I got the call from Dad that Dana walked into my brother Rich's house. She is home safe, don't know all details on condition and what not, but she is ALIVE! Thanks to all for the help.
  8. Contact Person for Pittsburgh, PA vigil is my cousin Becky Willis. She can be contacted at the following: 814-590-2900 or @mrsgregwillis on Twitter
  9. Dana Sweazy, age 15, has been missing from Monck's Corner, SC since Thursday. Pittsburgh, PA family and friends will gather at the Rachel Carson Park in Cheswick, PA at 8:30 PM on Friday, May 17 for a candlelight vigil and prayer service. Please join us a we gather to pray for Dana's safe return. We are urging her family and friends across the country to hold vigil at the same time as the search continues for Dana. Please contact local police or 911 if you have any information on her whereabouts. If you are able, please bring a candle.
  10. Just got a call from dad. 2 have been arrested, but no signs of Dana. Story here: http://www.live5news.com/story/22282544 ... y-teenager
  11. Here is a pic of Dana. UPDATE: At 3am police found clothing scattered at 3 different locations. She used a phone of a classmate's yesterday to text someone, that person is believed to be the one who was driving the car she went off in, but the vehicle has yet to be found. The student she borrowed for the phone has been meeting with police this morning as have some other students at Berkeley High School. Continued prayers are appreciated. Will update as soon as I know more.
  12. If anybody has any information...please send a message to her profile as well: https://www.facebook.com/danasweazy I will have my phone on. Call anytime and let me know.
  13. I just received word that my niece Dana Rhea Sweazy has gone missing. Apparently she disappeared sometime around 1:45-2pm Eastern today. She is a Freshman in Monck's Corner, SC and just turned 15 in April. She is without her cell phone so we have no way of contacting her. Apparently she got in a car with someone earlier and they drove off. Dana is an honors student and takes accelerated courses. Please, Please, Please....if you see someone matching her description call the police. Dana is my eldest niece and means the world to me. Thanks to all for prayers. I have a picture but can't figure out how to put it on here from my hard drive). Dana is probably 5'8 and 145lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes and some Asian features (mom is half Korean). Aaron Sweazy 620-717-5721
  14. Yes. Neosho County Community College. They had upwards of 7 hotels, now down to 5 if I am thinking right. 2 Chinese resturants now. They also have added Spirit AeroSystems to the area...some other businesses have left town though. 10,000 people roughly.
  15. I have coached 2 kids from Jersey. They get shocked when you are nice and try to help them, if anybody will be in for a shock it will be the faculty and staff if the previous 2 kids I coached are any indication of what the majority is! One in fact tried to pack and leave that same night, and Chanute has way more then 1 stop light. As for being a small Kansas town, I think that thought is disqualified since they have a fast food joint in my opinion. If you have a hotel in your community you might be disqualified as well.
  16. Labette has the Upper Iowa former Assistant now as the head coach. They are also looking for an assistant and that search will close up tomorrow.
  17. Heard they are dropping program. Any details?
  18. I think Florida Gulf Coast would be a great addition. Women's team in basketball broke the NCAA 3 point record this year in a single game (a record they set last season). The men's team brought excitement to the Basketball bracket with their carefree style and slams galore. School only has been eligible for post season for 2 years and the school is only like 20 years old or younger. I think they would be a great target personally.
  19. Technically, there is one other -- Arkansas Baptist College. Great to see VUL starting up wrestling. Fire me an email at jason@bryantwrestling.com. I've got several questions regarding VUL's program. Technically they need an administration that supports them better, and a coach that has a clue as to what he is doing. 2 guys combined have wrestled in regionals in the last 2 years!
  20. They are USCAA an organization that I believe doesn't have a National Championship yet, so I would assume they would compete NCWA for Nationals.
  21. Who or what were the workout partners for the 3 guys that won it 4 times? I think you have to eat, breathe and sleep training, unfortunately some kids out there don't realize that means academics too. You keep a sharp mind, you eliminate distractions, that's why I think you start seeing random guys show up at the NCAA's from schools that have more notoriety for academics then athletics pulling off "upsets". At the same token if you have a room full of talent like Ok State, Iowa, or Penn State do on a yearly basis you get more of your dominating, very few loss types, because the toughest opponents they are seeing is in the practice room, and in some cases their own coach!
  22. So if that were to happen, how would the Cal Jucos be affected, or would they stick to their championship schedule? I think they are losing some kids to football that would wrestle and it would make it more appealing if a kid could do both.
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