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  1. That is extremely interesting. Not only were they not in the top 5, they weren't even in the top 11. Also of note is that they only had enterd 3 wrestlers into the main bracket and all 3 walked away champions (a 4th lost a pigtail). They would have been in either 4th or 5th place that year (I can't remember) but they were not Division 1 until 1974. They also had 2 champions in 1972. Of more interest, they finished 2nd in DII race in 1973 with only 2 Champs (28pts behind Cal Poly). One of the guys that wound up DI champ was 3rd at the DII Championships!
  2. Adding....well do ya, punk? Now that post is great!
  3. Yeah, because Dake and Sanderson as freshmen struggled against those older guys. How about this? Redshirt, Olympic Redshirt, 2 year mission, 2 years varsity, Olympic RS again, 3rd year varsity, Med RS, 4th year varsity? Is that possible?
  4. Finished 11th out of 14 in Regional this year too. By the way, mentioning those teams but not Pitt? Penn State? Franklin and Marshall expensive...gets no love.
  5. It was the 125 I believe, maybe the 133. I don't have that interview, just the one I linked above! LOL Also you can tell we are legit as a televised sport by the number of times the cameraman panned to Va Tech random gals, or Ohio State Gf's or Iowa Moms.
  6. So if that is the debate, how many All Americans did North/South Carolina have combined because they have a fair number of opportunities if I recall.
  7. Gelogaev trying it In the semis with a lead was just as bad. How about the Ultimate Warrior like interview of the Iowa kid who was saying "we will see each other til 2020, I need to own him and so on" made me think of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb9aAXo-u78
  8. Kansas produced 3 from what I saw: Maple (OU), Caldwell (OSU), and McCormick (Mizzou). Beard didn't AA I believe. But solid showing for our state!
  9. Heaven forbid the coach that won the team title would win coach of the year. Kevin Jackson? That is a joke correct? I am assuming no on that being a joke. Look at what has occurred in terms of one season to next with Jackson. You can't discount the guy simply because he is at Iowa State and history tells us they have been better. If he were to have accomplished in 2013 from 2012 what he did this year at a smaller school such as a Davidson, then people would take that thought more seriously.
  10. I agree. ESPN is known for showing high school football games even. We want a fair shake at that level too. How about the finals of Ironman or Reno shown. It would be good for the college coaches that are in season that can't travel to recruit. Also ESPN shows DII and DIII basketball and football championships, lets open it up and maybe get ESPN to shown NAIA, NCWA whatever. More options certainly would be welcome.
  11. Well, I thought you all were going to say Rulon got reinvited.
  12. So I know Kansas has 3 All Americans, how is the breakdown with the rest of the Nation? How many states that don't even have a DI program like Kansas produce a DI All American?
  13. Grand Canyon University going DI and those coaches pulling out the stops to get good kids, if they can get that to carry over...I worry about Arizona State as a program.
  14. So Gelogaev had things in control during the semis, if you gave him advancement points to the finals and lets assume he then loses but all the other OK State and Penn State results finish the same, Would Oklahoma State have won the title, or would they still have been too far back?
  15. The Brands brothers have a great sense of humor, but can also intimidate Chuck Norris given the right setting. I would love to see a still frame pic of that smirk...it was awesome!
  16. I thought it was pretty good myself. Lot better then I anticipated, as some hyped matches just suck! I will say I did like the format change to starting at a different weight then the traditional 125 and ending with 285 which could produce nothing but belly bumping depending on the year. Maybe just draw all 10 weights. So maybe 174 is first, then 133, up to 149, then HWT and so on....
  17. Does being in a 4 team regional help his cause this year?
  18. He lost that match when he attempted the Fyling Squirel and looked more like a Falling Star.
  19. May have been his Left. Either way he won without it! :D
  20. Maybe Cael should go after Tyrel Fortune the DII champ who is now a 2x NJCAA, 1x DII champ. They are transitioning to DI, so will be club level next year, but his clock at D1 maybe over. Rumor is Nebraska-Kearney will get him next year.
  21. another: Darrell Frain graduated from Graceland in 1991 and became an educator and highly acclaimed coach, teaching high school special education for 18 years at Creston, IA High School. While at Graceland, Darrell excelled in both baseball and football for the Yellowjackets, lettering all four years in each sport. Darrell's abilities in football allowed him to successfully co-captain the team in his junior and senior years. His athletic skill was also prevalent in baseball as he received All-Conference honors in 1990. His passion for coaching is evident, having spearheaded the wrestling team at Creston High School from 1999-2010 where the overall record stands at 191-44. For his efforts, Darrell received the 2008 NFHS Coaches Association Iowa "Wrestling Coach of the Year" award and the ICOA 2A "Wrestling Coach of the Year" award, and is the six time winner of the 2AA Southwest Iowa District "Wrestling Coach of the Year" award. The overall performance of his athletes is a testament to his passion for coaching. From 2003 to 2008 his wrestling team never finished lower than 3rd place at the Iowa State Wrestling Tournament. In 2007 his team finished first and in 2008 the team achieved a second place state finish. He brought home district titles in 2000, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008. His teams have also earned sectional titles and conference titles during his tenure. Overall, Coach Frain has captured 11 individual state championships and 6 state runner-ups along with 65 state qualifiers. In addition to success at the high school level, Darrell has had 14 athletes continue on to wrestle at the college level, including 3 Division-I athletes and 2 Division-I All-Americans. In addition to coaching wrestling, Coach Frain has coached baseball, track, and football at various high schools around Iowa. Darrell married Kimberly Allen (Graceland '91) and they have 3 children: Madison, Trevor, and Brody.
  22. here is an alumn: Dr. Gary Collins 1995 Gary entered Graceland College in 1958 with no high school football or wrestling experience. He would earn eleven varsity letters from Graceland: three football, four wrestling and four track. Collins was honored as an All-Conference football player his junior year. He also was a two time All-American wrestler, winning second place in the NAIA national wrestling tournament, as a junior and third place is senior year. Gary won numerous medals as a member of relay teams anchored by Hall of Fame member Rich Simmons. Dr. Collins graduated from Graceland College in 1963 with a B.A. in Education, majoring in Physical Education with a minor in Mathematics and Science. He went on to obtain a PhD from the University of Utah in 1972. Collins was an assistant at Ottawa University in Kansas, from 1971 to 1972 and at Graceland College from 1974 to 1978. Both teams won the Heart of America Conference Championships. Dr. Collins coached wrestling at Northwest Missouri State University from 1965-1970 and again from 1978 to 1985. At NWMSU he coached many All-Americans including two NCAA Division II national champions and won several team conference championships. Gary has been teaching at NWMSU since 1976 as an associate professor in the physical education department, and is also the director of the college fitness center.
  23. Good to see them reinstate wrestling. I know current Neosho County Community College head coach Wayne Petterson went there first and was an All American if memory serves correct, before transferring to Fort Hays State in the latter part of the 70's and into the early 80's or somewhere in that range. Location wise, they will be able to draw a lot of kids from Nebraska, as well as SW Iowa and Kansas City areas.
  24. Finished 6th at Regional. 5th place guy didn't get invite? I understand that it was a med forfeit in 5th place match, but that struck me as odd in some way. I would be pissed if I was that kid that was 5th.
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