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  1. There needs to be a push for the conference that hosted the event to get members from their schools to add the sport. It was a phenomenal DII's this year and I think the push would come at a great time!
  2. Jason Bryant might remember, but I think it was the Lake Erie kid that made the finals in DII or it may have been a St. Cloud Kid (not O'grady obviously), but some kid had the same first and last name as another teammate and too boot they were at the same weight, so they both had to use middle initials.
  3. Next year I believe. They are going to NCWA Nationals and easily dominated the regional they were there by winning by nearly double over the next team.
  4. Yes on Martinez. PRIOR TO UNK Spent three years at Wyoming .. career mark of 64-27 with 10 falls ... two-time NCAA qualifier ... as a sophomore in 2011-12, ranked second on the Cowboys in wins with 35 ... seven majors and and three tech falls ... helped UW beat Oklahoma for the first time in school history thanks to a major decision ... went 1-2 at the NCAA Championships ... won the West Regional for a second straight year .... as a redshirt freshman, went 29-15 ... team-best 10 majors along with a fall and tech fall ... started at 165 lbs. but moved up to 174 lbs. by the end of the season ... went 1-2 at the NCAA's ... as a redshirt in 2009-10, went 17-3 in open tournaments ... competed at 165 and 174 lbs. ... five majors and one tech fall ... first or second in every tourney he entered ... prior to starting college, he placed at Junior Nationals in both freestyle (fourth) and Greco (seventh). HIGH SCHOOL Was the 160 lbs. California state champion as a senior and place-winner (sixth) as a junior ... also a two-time Freestyle and Greco Roman state champion, as well as a place-winner at the Reno Tournament of Champions ... helped team win four straight CIF titles and four straight Southern Section Masters championships
  5. I have a signed handkerchief from Matt Gfarri (I know I am butchering that last name). A Cael Sanderson unopened can of soup (yes he was on a can of soup) A Melvin Douglas signed tshirt from the USA-Kansas 96 state wrestling championships 2 NCAA D2 Championship team rings (2002 and 2003) A John Smith is My Homeboy Shirt I am sure I have other stuff...just don't remember.
  6. Fair enough. Junior college level I am thinking Ark Baptist needs to get a clue. 2nd year program, and they took 0 kids to a qualifier a year ago, this year they had 3, but one didn't make weight!?! Wentworth Military had 3 show up....2 teams with a combined 5 athletes at the districts...not good!
  7. Did he not qualify for NJCAA, or is he redshirting?
  8. Forfeits in general whether or not you are on television is getting absurd. Anybody see the box score for Princeton vs. Sacred Heart the other day? I believe there were 4 contested matches....but to Princeton's defense I think they were resting a few guys as they have had a full roster everywhere else. College level your job is to recruit, bring in bodies and retain. At the NJCAA level they have to be there 1st semester to compete 2nd....that is not the case at the 4 year level. Romero Cotton (Nebraska-Kearney) and Clarence Neeley (Central Missouri) both just joined at semester and were finalists at the MIAA Championships this past Sunday. It needs to be an aspect of 365 days of recruiting if retention is a struggle. It is a blackeye on the sport and people can use various excuses...but if there are schools out there with 0 scholarships that can have 20 in the room....why not have the minimum of 10 CYA?
  9. Swayz

    Cal Poly

    Atticus going to be back for the National Qualifier?
  10. Glad to see Justin Grant doing well. He was one of those kids that was so nice and respectful and I thoroughly enjoyed when he came on his visit to Neosho.
  11. The bigger mystery to me is do people not know how to roll mats tightly?
  12. Watching #1 lose in 1st round, 2 in the 2nd, and 3rd seed in the 3rd round was nuts.
  13. Swayz


    Transferring instate as a strain or just to Ok State in general? I would take Mocco of Iowa over Mocco of Ok State for example.
  14. Not sure if UNI does it or not, but the football team just signed a guy at semester that was pretty stellar in high school. Tate Omli was a 2x State Champion and would fit in well at 197 for UNI. He just transferred in from Butler Community College where he was an All American at Linebacker. If they could get him to do both sports that would be a nice pick up for the mats of UNI.
  15. Find former DII Champ Bryant Blanton against Kent State a year or 2 ago. Took down a top 5 DI guy with an inside trip and nearly got the fall.
  16. Hoy didn't have a shabby sophomore campaign either going 2-2 at the NCAA tournament. I unfortunately drew him 1st round at OU Open and was dismantled. My teammate Josh Leadingfox (an NCAA DII finalist later in his career) drew Leonce Crump 1st round. Leonce won the tournament. A week later Hoy breesed through the Vegas Tournament. Won by fall in 50 seconds or something like that in the Championship. He was one tough Ginger!
  17. Maybe Calumet should wrestle Ark Baptist and Wentworth Military since those teams are failing to get a roster going.
  18. I saw that former NJCAA All American and D2 Champion Raufeon Stots got smoked in the finals of a tournament by an Iowa Central kid last week. Can't recall kid's name off top of my head but my eyes got wide when I saw that.
  19. Q: What is the penalty for a positive drug test? A: The penalty for positive tests of both performance-enhancing and street drugs is strict and automatic. Student-athletes lose one full year of eligibility for the first offense (25 percent of their total eligibility) and are withheld from competition for a full season. A second positive test for street drugs results in another lost year of eligibility and year withheld from competition. A second positive result for PED usage will render the student-athlete permanently ineligible. If you are a Junior and this happens, you lose Senior year...can you go NAIA? I am thinking 2 members of an instate team had this happen to them last year and are nowhere now.
  20. An entire athletic department has to reclassify. The process usually takes more than five years. Then why are there places like Edinboro that is D2 in almost every sport, but wrestling is D1?
  21. http://juniorcollegewrestling.com/ At the bottom I saw this statement: [highlight=#000000][highlight=#000000][highlight=#99cc00] [/highlight][/highlight][highlight=#ffffff][highlight=#99cc00][highlight=#000000]AIC Wrestling the "Only AZ Junior College Wrstling Program" American Indian College is the American College Open to the Public and Sanctioned by the NJCAA[/highlight] [/highlight][/highlight][highlight=#ffffff][highlight=#000000][highlight=#ffffff][highlight=#99cc00]Thank You For Your Support in Keeping College Wrestling Alive in the USA! Help send our student athletes to the NJCAA REGIONALS AND NATIONALS WRESTLING TOURNAMEN [highlight=#000000] [/highlight] T!!![/highlight][/highlight][/highlight] [highlight=#000000] [/highlight] [/highlight][/highlight]
  22. I saw them in person, they are going to do very well. Coach Williams and Coach Bartlett will keep them plugging along this year. Best of wishes to Coach Wainwright as he is moving on to be the head wrestling coach at Coker.
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