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  1. I think the numbers you will see will surprise you. I believe the UNK, UCO, UIU and Mankatos of the world travel pretty well typically , as do the schools from the Northeast like UPJ, Gannon, and Findlay. Southeast puts a bunch of teams in driving distance that in my opininon don't travel that well, mainly because not a lot of numbers are qualifying when put in a meat grinder of a regional. They way I understand this situation, Newberry will host in Alabama *(although a SC school, it appears that due to the capitol of the state recognizing and flying the Confederate Flag, the state of South Carolina is barred from hosting within the borders of their state for a championship event) I was thinking that a great turnout may happen and was anticipating seeing great numbers for Alabama just from wrestling fans with no college affiliation from the Southern fans alone!
  2. Goodbye Cleveland, OH....hello Birmingham, AL!
  3. UPDATE #2: While it is not me, the person that has been offered the job had success in SE Kansas area this last year as well, in fact I would say he was the top coach in this part of the state based on how his team did throughout the year.
  4. I only know of 2 former UCO Bronchos that wrestled that have been in the Pro Wrestling circuit, although I know 3 total alumns (friend of mine Stephen has been wrestling in Mid South in Memphis for last 10 years following UCO graduation). I know Mo Lawal who would finish up at Oklahoma State his senior year, has just signed with TNA Wrestling and is going to do a cooperative deal if I recall to also fight in Bellator at the same time he is doing the Pro Wrestling. I want to say Edwin Lorne a former Broncho National Champ played the roll of a hot dog vendor about 10 years ago on an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, and got tossed into a wall by Kane. I may have the wrong UCO alumn on that one though.
  5. I will chime in before I have to head off to job #2 for the evening. I look at it this way, I was born in 1980 and it seemed that throughout the 80's it was the Hulkamania era. There were toys, cartoons and tons of televised shows of "pro wrestling". It sucked you in to see these "Super Hero types". It was pro wrestling that lead me to have interest in amateur form. Bob Backlund and Iron Sheik were both former wrestlers on the mats which I found out later. As I stuck it out on the amateur mats, I grew appreciation for WWE/WCW and other organizations because before the UFC/WEC and so on, those organizations would take interest and employ our amateur athletes. Heck in 2010 when I almost missed the birth of my son, I was at UNO''s DII National Championships and in the crowd actively recruiting was one of the Brisco brothers from the WWE, who back in his day was a decorated wrestler for Oklahoma State along with his brother. Danny Hodge and other greats had a venue to move on and support their families, and now people like Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin, and Jack Swagger (Jake Hager from OU) can entertain and make an honest living. Sell outs? I think not. Just using athletic talents for entertainment value now and making good money for it.
  6. Big 12 at time of eligibility exhausted correct? Nebraska is now Big 10
  7. How about international wrestlers that won gold? We got a few of those that wrestled in the US?
  8. Best post all time in my opinion on this site. Hard to believe that has been so long ago now. I was a Junior in College! Yikes!
  9. http://journalstar.com/sports/article_d8c83b9d-7eeb-57a8-8f84-b158d0b93053.html
  10. UPDATE: Per the email I received today from the AD/Head Football Coach, they have hired a coach, but will not announce until September.
  11. I am interested in finding out where Walker Clarke and Colin Hase formerly of Labette and FHSU wind up. They were both Juco All Americans and DII qualifiers this past year. Have 1 year left of eligibility.
  12. That wouldn't be a bad guess. I didn't apply though, there was another job in Oklahoma that had my interest with possible teaching though (high school level)
  13. Got word today that the NEO A&M program which will be NJCAA level and start competing in 2013-14 season has closed its search for a head coach. No word yet on who it is, a buddy of mine was an applicant and received an email informing him the spot had been filled. Anybody out there have a clue as to who it is?
  14. UPDATE!!!: Raven Duals will take place on December 15, 2012. 11 teams will compete. As of now there will be 5 rounds (not all teams are facing each other...kinda like Lone Star Duals). Each team will have 4 duals at minimum, some teams are looking for a 5th dual, so more opportunities may pop up in the next week or 2 as the schedual is finalized for this competition. Bacone College, OK Round 1: Morningside College Round 2: Fort Hays State Round 3: York College Round 4: NWKTC Round 5: Bye --------------------------- Benedictine College, KS Round 1: Central Baptist College Round 2: Truett McConnell College Round 3: Wayland Baptist University Round 4: Bye Round 5: Fort Hays State University --------------------------------------- Central Baptist College , AR Round 1: Benedictine College Round 2: Morningside College Round 3: NWKTC Round 4: Concordia University Round 5: Bye ---------------------------------- Concordia University, NE Round 1: Wayland Baptist University Round 2: NWKTC Round 3: Truett McConnell College Round 4: Central Baptist College Round 5: Bye ------------------------------------- Truett McConnell College, GA Round 1: Missouri Baptist University Round 2: Benedictine College Round 3: Concordia University Round 4: Wayland Baptist University Round 5: Bye ------------------------------------ Wayland Baptist University , TX Round 1: Concordia University Round 2: York College Round 3: Benedictine College Round 4: Truett McConnell College Round 5: Bye ---------------------------------------- York College, NE Round 1: NWKTC Round 2: Wayland Baptist University Round 3: Bacone College Round 4: Missouri Baptist University Round 5: Bye ----------------------------------- Fort Hays State University , KS Round 1: Bye Round 2: Bacone College Round 3: Missouri Baptist University Round 4: Morningside College Round 5: Benedictine College ------------------------------------ Missouri Baptist University , MO Round 1: Truett McConnell College Round 2: Bye Round 3: Fort Hays State University Round 4: York College Round 5: Morningside College -------------------------------- Morningside College , IA Round 1: Bacone College Round 2: Central Baptist College Round 3: Bye Round 4: Fort Hays State University Round 5: Missouri Baptist University ------------------------------------------- NWKTC, KS Round 1: York College Round 2: Concordia University Round 3: Central Baptist College Round 4: Bacone College Round 5: Bye
  15. University of Arkansas-Ft. Smith (DII) has thought about the addition of wrestling they transitioned from a juco to a DII program and have added other programs. The A.D. there is a former wrestler from Oklahoma and later went on to Oklahoma State (did not wrestle there to my knowledge). Younger guy with a real interest in hearing from people as well. Good location on the Oklahoma/Arkansas border and not far from SEK or SWMO areas. Thought I had heard that NW Oklahoma State which just got accepted into DII membership status planned on adding wrestling as well. Ath Director has had previous stops at Mo Baptist and Newberry.
  16. Did they not field a team? http://www.amuathletics.com/wrestling/news/73/598/
  17. Some of us got married and realized that this site was good therapy from the nagging wife! LOL. Best of luck DF, you will be missed.
  18. Sports Travel Awards Ballot. Vote 2012 U.S. Olympic Wrestling Trials, Iowa City, IA for Best Multi-Sport or Multi-Discipline Event, then when you scroll to the bottom, vote for it again in the Sports Event of the Year category by finding it in the drop down tab! Go Wrestling! Link: http://vote.schneiderpublishing.com/ballot/ After you vote, a confirmation email will be sent to you. You must confirm to have your vote counted!
  19. Get a video/commercial made to show on the "jumbo tron" at the PSU games showing Penn State Wrestling highlights and the trophies. Do that for the first game when they have a packed house at least, and keep doing it. You are bound to maybe catch eyes that didn't know anything about the wrestling program.
  20. BENEDICTINE COLLEGE Dates EventTime Location 10/31/12 Red and Black Inter-squad 7pm Atchison, KS 11/4/12 Dan Harris Open 9am Baldwin City, KS 11/11/12 Central Missouri Open 9am Warrensburg, MO 11/17/12 Lindenwood Open 9am St Charles, MO 11/24/12 Central Baptist Invite 9am Conway, AR 11/29/12 Central Missouri University Dual 7pm Atchison , KS 12/1/12 Bob Smith Open 9am Hays,KS 12/4/12 Hastings College Dual 7pm Hastings, NE 12/15/12 Raven Duals 8am Atchison, KS 1/5/13 William Penn Open 9am Oskaloosa, IA 1/13/13 Truman State University Dual 2pm Atchison, KS 1/19/13 Missouri Valley Invitational 9am Marshall, MO 1/23/13 Missouri Valley College Dual 7pm Atchison, KS 1/27/13 Kansas Cup 9am Wichita, KS 2/1/13 Bethany College Dual 7pm Lindsborg, KS 2/3/13 Missouri Valley Open9am Marshall, MO 2/16/13 NAIA Regionals 9am Baldwin City, KS 2/28-3/1 NAIA Nationals 9am Des Moines, IA
  21. Coach Cy Wainwright is proud to announce the hiring of Thomas Williams. Thomas is a native of San Dimas California. During high school career Thomas was a three time state placer winner and state champion. Capping off an impressive high school career with a senior national 2nd place finish and becoming a double All American in Freestyle and Greco at Fargo. Thomas was ranked the number one 119 pounder in the United States and selected to be a member of the 2008 USA Dream team and Dapper Dan Classic. After high school Thomas signed a scholarship to wrestle at American University for Mark Cody and Teague Moore. He was a four year starter for them at 125 pounds. During his career he was a two time EIWA place winner and two time NCWA Academic All American. Thomas finished up at American with two Bachelor degrees one in International Service and Business. “I am excited to have Thomas a part of our staff. He will be an integral piece to helping the lightweights here at Benedictine College. Not only is he a standout wrestler, but an overall great individual.” Said Coach Cy Wainwright http://aueagles.com/sports/m-wrestl/2011-12/bios/williams_thomas00.html
  22. Offers more options? Like what?! You can still attend meets with the NCWA programs if it is a distance thing. NJCAA is a better option in my opinion too, but it has worked for MMI. Problem is a lot of 4 year programs don't recruit NCWA. NJCAA on the other hand...
  23. Some teams hire guys for that reason, and then those guys don't know how to do anything but show moves in the wrestling room and have type A personalities. Give the guy a chance, heck if he is like me (although his record is still way better then mine in college), he probably has met a lot of people over the years with all the "downtime" during tournaments and has probably networked very well. I hope he does well for Clarion and that it works out well for the school as well.
  24. My first question is why make it a club team instead of an official NJCAA team. They could have added a mens and womens team and the title IX prob is solved. They are raising all this money for travel, scholarships, etc....why not make it an official team? I doubt they'll take away California kids from Cali jucos unless it was an official team like Clackamas, Highline etc... If a program is offering a scholarship, some kids these days just see $$$ and realize they are competing. I just looked and Western Wyoming (9 hours away) is the closest NJCAA program to them. Still, they could dip into California and face all of those Jucos, or better yet, host a California vs NJCAA type of tournament early in the year to get interest brewing.
  25. Nevada doesn't have any college program at all in college, so this is a good start. Keep in mind that this is a school also that is a 2 year junior college and only has 2 sports offered at it right now! (baseball and softball). CSN may be a team that looks to see how numbers are and then move forward, however it could be a situation like Marion Military in which you struggle to find other NJCAA members close enough to you, so you opt for the NCWA route. I think this would be a good program to push the buttons on in a positive aspect to try to convince the powers that be at the school to make it an NJCAA sport at their institution. The numbers they could get from the SW portion of the United States would be pretty good, even luring some California kids away from the Cal Jucos.
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