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  1. BENEDICTINE COLLEGE Dates EventTime Location 10/31/12 Red and Black Inter-squad 7pm Atchison, KS 11/4/12 Dan Harris Open 9am Baldwin City, KS 11/11/12 Central Missouri Open 9am Warrensburg, MO 11/17/12 Lindenwood Open 9am St Charles, MO 11/24/12 Central Baptist Invite 9am Conway, AR 11/29/12 Central Missouri University Dual 7pm Atchison , KS 12/1/12 Bob Smith Open 9am Hays,KS 12/4/12 Hastings College Dual 7pm Hastings, NE 12/15/12 Raven Duals 8am Atchison, KS 1/5/13 William Penn Open 9am Oskaloosa, IA 1/13/13 Truman State University Dual 2pm Atchison, KS 1/19/13 Missouri Valley Invitational 9am Marshall, MO 1/23/13 Missouri Valley College Dual 7pm Atchison, KS 1/27/13 Kansas Cup 9am Wichita, KS 2/1/13 Bethany College Dual 7pm Lindsborg, KS 2/3/13 Missouri Valley Open9am Marshall, MO 2/16/13 NAIA Regionals 9am Baldwin City, KS 2/28-3/1 NAIA Nationals 9am Des Moines, IA
  2. Coach Cy Wainwright is proud to announce the hiring of Thomas Williams. Thomas is a native of San Dimas California. During high school career Thomas was a three time state placer winner and state champion. Capping off an impressive high school career with a senior national 2nd place finish and becoming a double All American in Freestyle and Greco at Fargo. Thomas was ranked the number one 119 pounder in the United States and selected to be a member of the 2008 USA Dream team and Dapper Dan Classic. After high school Thomas signed a scholarship to wrestle at American University for Mark Cody and Teague Moore. He was a four year starter for them at 125 pounds. During his career he was a two time EIWA place winner and two time NCWA Academic All American. Thomas finished up at American with two Bachelor degrees one in International Service and Business. “I am excited to have Thomas a part of our staff. He will be an integral piece to helping the lightweights here at Benedictine College. Not only is he a standout wrestler, but an overall great individual.” Said Coach Cy Wainwright http://aueagles.com/sports/m-wrestl/2011-12/bios/williams_thomas00.html
  3. Offers more options? Like what?! You can still attend meets with the NCWA programs if it is a distance thing. NJCAA is a better option in my opinion too, but it has worked for MMI. Problem is a lot of 4 year programs don't recruit NCWA. NJCAA on the other hand...
  4. Some teams hire guys for that reason, and then those guys don't know how to do anything but show moves in the wrestling room and have type A personalities. Give the guy a chance, heck if he is like me (although his record is still way better then mine in college), he probably has met a lot of people over the years with all the "downtime" during tournaments and has probably networked very well. I hope he does well for Clarion and that it works out well for the school as well.
  5. My first question is why make it a club team instead of an official NJCAA team. They could have added a mens and womens team and the title IX prob is solved. They are raising all this money for travel, scholarships, etc....why not make it an official team? I doubt they'll take away California kids from Cali jucos unless it was an official team like Clackamas, Highline etc... If a program is offering a scholarship, some kids these days just see $$$ and realize they are competing. I just looked and Western Wyoming (9 hours away) is the closest NJCAA program to them. Still, they could dip into California and face all of those Jucos, or better yet, host a California vs NJCAA type of tournament early in the year to get interest brewing.
  6. Nevada doesn't have any college program at all in college, so this is a good start. Keep in mind that this is a school also that is a 2 year junior college and only has 2 sports offered at it right now! (baseball and softball). CSN may be a team that looks to see how numbers are and then move forward, however it could be a situation like Marion Military in which you struggle to find other NJCAA members close enough to you, so you opt for the NCWA route. I think this would be a good program to push the buttons on in a positive aspect to try to convince the powers that be at the school to make it an NJCAA sport at their institution. The numbers they could get from the SW portion of the United States would be pretty good, even luring some California kids away from the Cal Jucos.
  7. Hatcher is a great guy. I have talked to him on an occasion or two and have worked with several people down in Arkansas. While the state is young in wrestling, they love it down there...heck one coach mentioned he was the only coach on his team and had 70 kids out!!! I will say Arkansas Baptist is a bust of a program though. School needs huge insight and should have hired someone that at least wrestled in high school or something. They had 1 kid at the end of the year and are in Little Rock...you would think you could do way better then that, especially with the location of a lot of Junior Colleges (BFE!)
  8. Alma and Ferrum programs back and going as well as NEO. I believe all had been gone for around 2-3 decades on average. Maybe we start looking at the drop list and targeting other programs to bring back the sport!
  9. Did I miss it or do we also have a list of teams that have added at least in the last 10 years?
  10. So on the APR when it says Cal Poly is reduced .69 are we talking 69% of all scholarships or as in 1 scholarship is 100% for example, they lose 69% on that one?
  11. In 2002 at the Central Missouri Open in the quarterfinals was a matchup between Zach Esposito and Teyon Ware. I was in my last year on the UCO team and matside for that. Great match! UCM Open and Also the Kaufmann Brand have had some doozies!
  12. I think the only other college program he was at was at Army.
  13. Head Coach Cy Wainwright added 26 to Raven wrestling program By sports information office 06/18/2012 Benedictine College head wrestling coach Cy Wainwright has announced the newest class of 26 Raven wrestlers who have signed Letters of Intent and are set to join the 2012-2013 Raven wrestling squad. “I am very excited about the group we have coming in this fall,” said head coach Cy Wainwright. “I feel good that this group of young men will not only be successful on the mat, but in the classroom and in society. “One my goals this year were to get all around great people and I believe we have done that.” Dylan Johnson (Moberly, Mo.), Taylor Smith (Gardner), Hunter Speer (Horton), CJ Ikenberry (Olathe), Andrew Morgan (Baldwin City), Garrett Matthews (Mayetta), Ben Randolph (Prairie Village, KS) Ben Rynda (Montgomery, Minn.) Michael Cutherbertson (Branson, Mo.), Mason Hurla (Paxico), Zack McClure (Fulton, Mo.), Luke Frame (Orange Park, Fla.), Hunter Stalford (Coffeyville), Chase Wells (Augusta), Gabe Suthoff (Clinton, Mo.), Joe Hunter (Harrisonville, Mo.), Darien Willis (Kansas City, Kan.), Brad Williams (Darlington, Mo.), Lucas Sansovich (Champlin, Minn.), Augustin Schmidt (Augusta), Ethan Jirak (Oakley), Eric Mason (Overland Park), Connor Kenyon (Bainbrdige Island, Wash.) and Caleb King (Kansas City, Kan.) - Dylan Johnson is a 5th placer. - Taylor Smith is a state qualifier. - Hunter Speer is a three-time state placer, 2012 state runner up. - CJ Ikenberry is a state qualifier from St Thomas Aquinas. - Andrew Morgan is a two-time state placer and 2012 state champion - Garrett Mathews is a state qualifier from Royal Valley High School. - Ben Randolph is a fifth-place finisher from Shawnee Mission East. - Ben Rynda is a three-time state qualifier and two-time state placer from Trinity at River Ridge. - Michael Cutherbertson is a two-time state placer and state runner up from Branson High School. - Mason Hurla is a two-time state qualifier from St Mary’s. He finished off his Senior year with a four-place finish at the state tournament. - Zack McClure is a two-time state placer from Fulton, Mo. He finished off his senior year second. - Luke Frame is a fifth-place finisher from Clay HS in Florida. - Hunter Stalford is a three-time state placer and state champion from Caney Valley. - Chase Wells is a two-time state qualifier from Augusta. - Gabe Suthoff is a two-time state placer from Clinton, Mo. - Joe Hunter is a four-time state placer and state champion from Harrisonville, Mo. - Darien Willis is a two-time state placer from Sumner Academy. - Brad Williams is a two-time state qualifier from Albany, Mo. - Lucas Sansovich is a state qualifier from Totino Grace. - Augustin Schmidt is a state placer from Bluestem HS. - Ethan Jirak is a state champion from Oakley KS. - Eric Mason is a three-time placer and two-time stat champion from St Thomas Aquinas. - Conner Kenyon is a state placer from Bainbrige Island, Wash. - Caleb King is a state placer from Piper HS. - Stephen Loosbrock is a state champion from Lisomore, Minn. - Tanner Murphy is a state qualifier from St Joseph, Mo. - Tres Gravois is a two-time state champion from Baton Rouge, La. This recruiting class is highlighted by eight individual state champions and 20 state placers, but most importantly this class has several scholar athletes and National Honor Society members. “I am very excited about this recruiting class," said Coach Wainwright. "I have put a lot of effort into getting academically and athletically sound student athletes here at Benedictine College. “I feel that many of these guys have what it takes to put Benedictine College wrestling on the map. It will take a lot of dedication and hard work, and we're looking forward to working with them." The Raven wrestling program will begin its first-ever season during the upcoming 2012-13 school year and will compete as a member of the NAIA and Heart of America Athletic Conference (HAAC).
  14. The neck bridge...you guys have seen my competition record! Whizzer I was only good at when in front of a urinal.
  15. I will say NAIA throws it off as some have upwards of 60, but I think around 28-33 range is typical of most places.
  16. Isn't Lindenwood in a transitional phase too? All of those other NAIA programs only took a year and are good. What is the story with them? Thought they were going to be MIAA conference in DII starting in 2012-13.
  17. I never had heard of Life College until I was watching NBC Sports this past weekend. They are a chiropractic college out of Georgia and were competing in the Rugby7's National Collegiate Championships. They did so well, that they actually won their pool, they went on to finish 4th in the nation (against teams like Cal, Notre Dame, Army, Navy, Dartmouth and so on).
  18. Bethany (2012) Benedictine (2013) are adding for those seasons. St. Mary's of the Plains in Dodge City, Ks had a program but dropped when the school closed it's doors in the mid to early 90's. I believe records of the school are now kept at FHSU.
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