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  1. I thought a few years ago if you went down into the quadpod or tripod and backed up it was a stall call.
  2. Just imagine a parade of champions with sashes decked out?! LOL be like guys that attach all medals to their letterman's jackets.
  3. Too bad Hagan inj defaulted out. He would have been top four and could have given a helluva match to Traub.
  4. I know personally as someone who didn't win a lot, I always appreciated the difficulty of placing let alone winning many matches at tournaments at the college level. For many of us, the souvenir stand was just as good to me as anything else. I love having trinkets from competition so boom. I will say though I believe many individuals at college level don't even get a shirt for winning college tournaments which I think sucks. Why not have something for guys that win tournaments in college? As for the participation type of awards, I think recognition of achievements would be good. Maybe do like BoyScout's do with patches... Like .500 record at tournament, 5 matches won, 10 Pins patch and so On. Make it to where you meet a goal to get the "participation trophy"?
  5. Lot of various illnesses popping up. I know in nearby Crete the Omicron was hitting hard, but Doane University has stayed safe from it at this time. I'm working a wrestling 5 team dual event on Concordia University's campus about 25 minutes from Lincoln on Saturday. Nebraska Wesleyan is hosting a D3 event on Saturday too. Sucks for the DI school in the state to be bogged down with COVID.
  6. No doubt about it. The margin of victory was a bit of an eye opener. I tell you what...UNK vs. Grand View dual will be awesome!
  7. Grello of OU loses 8-2 to Matt Malcom of Neb-Kearney
  8. I know Witcraft and Harris (125 and 285) from Oklahoma State are entered into the Jet Open this weekend in Wichita.
  9. 1 time champion in Nebraska if I'm not mistaken. Huge get for ASU though, especially with his pedigree outside of the folkstyle circut.
  10. He sure the hell doesn't do this when he wrestles Wesley Dawkins. The guy he wrestled was a DII 7th place finisher last year if I am correct. If he wrestles vs. Clarke tonight I doubt we see stupidity like what he did.
  11. Gimson brothers ranked 1 and 2 for NAIA Indiana Tech as well. All these twins at 125.
  12. I believe you need to send an email to their coaching staff. Midlands isn't an Open like some believe, you have to request to get in, and if they say Yes, then I believe you can move on to the step of registering. Tim Cysewski is the Director of the Ken Kraft Midlands you can call him at 847-491-4799 or email him at wrestling@northwestern.edu
  13. Michigan was supposed to be there until PSU agreed to be in late. Only 2 per conference.
  14. A while back it was mentioned that it will be pools of 3 and then bracketed (or another pool) of the remaining 4 (so like a semis and a finals for bracket, or 3 more matches if pooled again).
  15. I had a blast Friday and Saturday. Announced 4 NAIA duals on Friday, then a 7 hour open on Saturday. Took an hour break and announced a college volleyball game. It was super fun.
  16. Was there a list for non DI men's recruiting rankings that came out at somepoint? I've seen women's rankings for recruiting and I know a men's DI list exists, but non DI?
  17. Love the ESPN+ Able to watch a lot of college football from FCS and FBS schools too.
  18. They get in with some duals and such. I know Kyven Gadson does play by play for duals at Iowa State .
  19. I wrestled in it in 2002 at 197. Previous weekend was brutal... both our 197 guys got knee injuries. I was weighing 211 and drew Kevin Hoy of Air Force at the OU Open. Back then no desent plan, so I cut down to 197 and coach took me. I drew a tough Wisconsin guy first round that was ranked 18th or something at the time, and then lost to an Iowa Central guy in the consos. Got to watch a lot of dam good wrestling. Would love to get back there to work the event as a play by play guy if ever given the opportunity.
  20. Swayz


    I believe we have 3 or 4 hbcus with wrestling. Arkansas Baptist of the NAIA which has horrid support, Allen also comes to mind. Want to say Jarvis Christian too, but no roster or coach listed.
  21. Be a great pickup. Met the Darrah family a few years ago down in Texas at the MW Mat Bash. Great family.
  22. It can be if a host says you need it to compete.
  23. I am wondering if Midlands is occuring is NW requiring you to have a vax or show negative test withing so many hours of tournament?
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