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  1. Great news indeed. Very good for Pacific. This now makes those two the farthest west DIII programs, Schreiner (TX) Neb Wesleyan, and Ozarks I believe are 3-5
  2. I know of at least 2 college opens/invites with over 500 committed already. I think we will see a surge of cases. Plus places mandating are doing terrible job of enforcing. We are not like Japan where the workers in the tournament were going up to fans telling them to put the masks up.
  3. Most annoying thing ever. Dam Big 10 school and we are out a month from starting competition (or less in many places) and they can't get a dam roster up. I am trying to think if Vasbinder has RS left?
  4. Journeyman stated long time ago only 2 per conference. That is why Michigan wasn't named when giving my thoughts. Otherwise I would have mentioned NorthSouthEastWest Polytechnical School of the Figthing Peacemakers or some other non Big 10 school.
  5. For 2022 season, I think Lock Haven may open some eyes. 2x Njcaa champ and a champ/2nd will add some older guys into the room to push the younger talent. I'm thinking the work Pendelton is putting into recruiting at Oregon State along with improved schedules for them will allow for guys being seen more and elevating the brand.
  6. We did 3 on 3 6man tag match at Usawks State Championships a decade ago. 2 live in middle partners on perimeter can tag. If you tag and are on bottom, teammate runs in and gets on opposition, it was 2 reverse.
  7. So was Cael dragging his feet and not committing, then they get to bump Michigan out, or is Michigan being strict on where they can and cannot go to? Pretty lousy if they said we're in and get bumped, unless they knew that would happen.
  8. Been sober for 11 years, so no booze for me. But I feasted like a beast!
  9. I think he has a great personality. He has battled adversity, but in society these days I think the student athlete is more aware of challenges and people not giving up. He provides a huge name recognition to a school. I hope he does well. I hope he can get weight back down as well. One of the most disheartening things we see in our sport is when individuals we look up to fall hard. His is a bit different than challenges of others, but he is one of our "heroes" of the sport. I think we all want him to do very well. I think the HC will be a big part in getting kids (great personality and huge recruiter). I think Rulon will be a bonus in the area personna.
  10. What weight is Peterrr Christ Godvessel going? Fyi if coming to town let me know. I work I'm Lincoln. Saturday will be a mess. Home football game and a Broadway tour both in vicinity. Expect to pay 40 bucks parking. Best bet may be to uber to event or catch a shuttle. 95k people in downtown will make it nuts. I may skip Saturday.
  11. I think he waited to do so until brother Bobby was signed to developmental deal. Blood > water
  12. Dixie State if they get nod to go D1 could elevate higher than Utah Valley quickly. As a NCWA team for men they are landing some hammers and have Rulon on staff.
  13. Manning is doing a great job and when he does decide to step away from Nebraska as their leader, Coach Synder would be a solid hire. Big 10 you have loaded Penn State and Iowa. So 3rd in conference would be huge. I think this year they can piece some things together and do top 5, possibly snag top 3
  14. My bad. Got a link? Our colleges do pretty crappy it seems.
  15. I think depending on the circumstances, he winds up in a school in California (if homesickness). Otherwise I can see the Oregon State debate... his dad was a few years older than Pendleton right?
  16. Off to Oklahoma State where mom and dad competed? Or back to Cali? Could he land at Stanford?
  17. Marshall in football makes a lot of sense too with Rivalry they had (even though they were on losing end) with WVU. It was known as Friends of Coal Bowl.
  18. First of all Good man having CU Buffs. I have thought about teams to contact for full membership into Big 12. I think Wyoming and AirForce could add some value across all sports. I love the idea of SMU and Houston, and after being to Liberty Bowl in 2019 I would enjoy Memphis in the equation. Some other schools that come to mind with football: Arkansas State Northern Illinois Middle Tennessee State super odd duck idea; St Thomas (MN) transitioning from DIII to FCS, hell with it, transition to FBS and duke it out with others in area. I also think (although they are horridly bad) that New Mexico and New Mexico state could be a good be a good regional addition, but UNR or UNLV would be better options in my opinion. Non football schools: UMKC Little Rock Oral Roberts Denver Omaha
  19. Yeah, but they need to put more $$$ out there for all the best guys in surrounding states. Nash going to Nebraska isn't a surprise. I think FROST needs Walt Disney World to be down the street again to be successful, because a lot of these athletes complain about nothing to do, yet they find plenty of time to not do their homework and fail.
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