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  1. I think depending on the circumstances, he winds up in a school in California (if homesickness). Otherwise I can see the Oregon State debate... his dad was a few years older than Pendleton right?
  2. Off to Oklahoma State where mom and dad competed? Or back to Cali? Could he land at Stanford?
  3. Marshall in football makes a lot of sense too with Rivalry they had (even though they were on losing end) with WVU. It was known as Friends of Coal Bowl.
  4. First of all Good man having CU Buffs. I have thought about teams to contact for full membership into Big 12. I think Wyoming and AirForce could add some value across all sports. I love the idea of SMU and Houston, and after being to Liberty Bowl in 2019 I would enjoy Memphis in the equation. Some other schools that come to mind with football: Arkansas State Northern Illinois Middle Tennessee State super odd duck idea; St Thomas (MN) transitioning from DIII to FCS, hell with it, transition to FBS and duke it out with others in area. I also think (although they are horridly bad) that New Mexico and New Mexico state could be a good be a good regional addition, but UNR or UNLV would be better options in my opinion. Non football schools: UMKC Little Rock Oral Roberts Denver Omaha
  5. Yeah, but they need to put more $$$ out there for all the best guys in surrounding states. Nash going to Nebraska isn't a surprise. I think FROST needs Walt Disney World to be down the street again to be successful, because a lot of these athletes complain about nothing to do, yet they find plenty of time to not do their homework and fail.
  6. One of my former wrestlers (Ceron Francisco) trains with Gable too. Love it!
  7. NCAA panel discusses -- but does not decide -- future of sports at 6 Pa. state universities http://www.theprogressnews.com/ncaa-panel-discusses----but-does-not-decide----future-of/article_e61a53bd-e484-53d0-84b5-85af97700648.html
  8. Burroughs was on the committee too. I am wondering if they even heard about others and names on those?
  9. They almost lost to SW Louisiana or some team like that a few years ago. Came down to a bs 65 yard punt return with time expiring to win.
  10. Be interesting to see how they traveled. Bussed right to a tarmac to then get on private planes?
  11. ...when they were in Nebraska a few short hours away. Oh and changed the locks too! I called this in June though and people said it wouldn't happen. It has. Mark Manning is a former UNO guy. Don't let Trev size up the wrestling room... might turn it into an AD suite.
  12. Saw a deal on CBS affiliate out of Pittsburgh saying NCAA might be the hinderance on them all keeping separate teams.
  13. They can do other tests, but not as cheap and paid for like all of the tests we have for the last year and half almost.
  14. If he had a medical exemption... but I get it. The premise of Big 10 athletics as a whole was what is stupid. Nebraska can dual Maryland, but can't dual South Dakota State. Nebraska basketball can play Rutgers, but can't play Creighton 50 miles away.
  15. Like mask for COVID or we talking the attach to the headgear type? I'd assume the former. Stupid on them for doing that, in all honesty Big 10 did a lot of things that didn't make sense. Like you can only compete in conference for duals and B10 tournament...but your span is from Nebraska to NJ/Maryland? WTF!? Meanwhile you had other programs in other conferences that as long as everyone was testing you were good to dual them. For me it makes a helluva lot more sense on say Iowa and Iowa State wrestling each other than Iowa going out to Maryland and competing. Same state with same guidelines, and both were under testing protocols. Iowa State was smart in scheduling all sorts of teams that tested. Loras, UNK, and Wartburg all had chances to take on Iowa State which was fun from a small college fan.
  16. Reminds me a lot of Ryan Ludwig's journey to NIU head coach.
  17. Wasn't this his first year in college? He was at Penn State and they only were allowed to dual other Big 10 teams. So unless they had "extra matches" available for him, he probably didn't get a chance to show what he had on the mat. Sounds like he left the program at semester, so probably wasn't too happy sitting either.
  18. What colleges (any division) have schedules out now? Looks like a few in the PSAC are done. List any you know of with link!
  19. What drives me nuts is PA is leaning on the 13. Less populated states like KS going 14. I could see if you have a dual championships lessening it (potentially). But 14 is fine for invitationals in post season.
  20. The entire problem was in 2020 when we had very little we could do, words got tossed around with new meanings. Defunded didn't mean defund somehow, but neither did a lot of other terms. Reform, redistribute and so many other words could have been used. Not like we are going to call the Culligan man if someone beats grandma up for a wooden nickel.
  21. That's what the state of SD does in high school. 5 match limit or 30 minutes (ot doesn't count). I think is needs to be 42 min or 6 match limit in college. If you have a match under 7 minutes of regulation, but hit 6, you could move on.
  22. A few years ago at the NAIA a guy won and then lost and battled back for 3rd. Had opportunity to wrestle for True 2nd, but they said he already hit 6 matches. Huge arguement ensued as to whether or not True Placement matches count on total. They called rules people and it was stated it did. So if anything, make it so True Placement matches don't count! Right now too many schools losing money on a tournament that can be done in a single day, because of one freaking instance!
  23. 6 match limit needs to go. I get it was implemented a few years ago, but if you are in some of these opens. You get a pin here and there...let them wrestle. 30 minute break between matches at tournaments drive me nuts too. You can have 7 minutes rest in practice and are up again... I'd be for 15 or 20 if needed.
  24. I think we will see some shift out of Big 12 potentially...UVU and Cal Bap come to mind. Wyoming and Northern Colorado long shot. Schools with no d1 program yet that could are Dixie State, Idaho State, UNLV, and Reno. I think Air Force will stay in Big 12 and potentially join in football and other sports as a full member.
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