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  1. I only won 3 times in my college career. I might be the best loser of all time to never win a match outside of the Central Missouri Open.
  2. His regional final loss to Silvis was a freaking awesome match. Never got to see the NCAA final, but those two were go go go
  3. Honestly what they need to do is look at redshirts for all wrestlers that have not used it yet. They need to also make sure they compete NCWA while transition. That has been a good segway for many teams with good sized brackets and some pretty solid talent considering there are a lot of wreslters out there with the fear of leaving the pond of home where no options are except NCWA level. Some NCWA teams are really solid, some are ****ty. But, some also work way harder than "official" intercollegiate wrestling programs and have way better numbers. Good competition from Navy Prep, Air Force Prep, Liberty ,Schreiner and Apprentice always come to mind. Central Florida might still be up there too, but since schools started adding in Florida I am not sure how they balance out now.
  4. Edit out Dan Russell for Sigman in opening line
  5. The number of coaches out there struggling to figure out the basics of how to hunt down guys (like it is a foreign concept) that are reaching out. If the kid (not sure if he is) a first generation athlete being recruited, a lot of work honestly has to come from your end of things. I think we are going to see some ****-tac-ular duals this year with coaches blaming COVID on bad classes (although some do a horrendous job yearly in that regard).
  6. I wonder if it is that they maybe looking juco route? The other thing I was thinking is a lot of kids and coaches seem to not know how to contact each other (which baffles me) in regards to recruiting.
  7. Flu was from Nov 1 to April 1 if I recall for this most reason flu season; 22-64,000 estimated deaths (CDC). Reason for the wide range is belief of under-reporting. In a 100 day span in the USA, we are at around 110,000 deaths, or 1,100 deaths per day nationwide. It is deadlier than the flu based on a shorter time span with quicker mortality rate.
  8. One of the biggest dam problems with a majority of schools with wrestling at the college level is they require a majority of student athletes to live on campus...that in itself isn't the issue, the issue is the disconnect of the school vs. athletic department. Lot of schools clear out the dorms and won't let athletes stay in them during breaks...so it may make the decision not to really start practice until around Dec 28th. The schools want numbers but give a big middle finger to the athletes when it comes to accomodating them during the breaks. I get cafeterias being closed, but come on..have the housing open.
  9. Probably as a consultant to give commentary on the no hair rule?
  10. Bumping...part of reason I am bumping this is I know NWCA used to have listed on HBCUs being a great investment....but no support for the 2 with wrestling. Embezzler fired at one leaving a team with a single wrestler , the other never has more than 4 come national qualifier...combined the NAIA and Njcaa school rostered 5 guys last year. We need to push some guys those directions...
  11. In part mostly true. But if you are not contagious but have pre existing conditions that make you more succeptible to catching a virus, it is best if you wear one and others around you wear one. As for attending a college dual in person now....I'd probably stay home like most of you do for college duals, just watch it on someone's Facebook feed, and then moan and groan when they drop the program (sarcasm for those of you at morphine drip speed cognitive ability). I've been to college duals for every division and some of the smaller DII and DIII (non powerhouse teams) have loyal fans and wind up with larger crowds than some DI programs. I've been spoiled for my DI experiences with duals at OSU, OU, and Nebraska...however, I have also been to Slippery Rock and Edinboro...Boro has great crowds for school size (DII in most sports). Slippery Rock got axed in my opinion to having horrendous home dual crowds. It is a shame too on SRU, because I thought in their last year or two they were trending up. Barring the school transitioning to DI overall, SRU would come back as a DII now if it were to happen.
  12. It will not help the already thin options out west.
  13. Bump...if you have time on your hands now and want to help research.
  14. I know he had a brother at Nassau and one at Cowley. I bet he heads to one of those jucos, Cowley is in his hometown and had an excellent year.
  15. Not true I had a 6'9 kid I coached at Neosho County Community College from Pennsylvania.
  16. I don't know if I can find copies, but some from DII: Shane Perkey of Indiapolis vs. Adam Keiswetter was a freaking battle for the bronze in the 2005 DII nationals. 2x 165 Champ Shawn Silvis vs. 2x 149 Champ Waylon Lowe in the Regional finals was awesome in 2004, I have heard the finals at NCAA's 2 weeks later was awesome too.
  17. The whole logistics of saving next season is not totally in our control. Granted if we have people following CDC guidelines and not thinking this is "phantom ****" we can flatten the curve, but right now we have morons leaving their house because they think pickle relish and Copenhagen is necessity for living. We have to rely on everyone from every background to do the right things to keep the spread of disease down. In all due respect, we have too many family trees with no branches out there for me to carry faith in our fellow humans.
  18. How about if you competed and didn't rs but had one, you can exchange it for 2020 second semester and recredit attached status?
  19. Spartanburg dropped today, Macmurray closing doors so mens and women's gone. MNE closing doors after 2021 season
  20. Swayz


    Wesley Dawkins watch out for him!
  21. Haselrig vs. Greenlee in 1989. 1-0 HWT match.
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