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  1. Catamounts would do well.
  2. 1 school did it...Or I should say 1 sports team at a university did until university stepped up to interject.
  3. ...you can do that and keep your job in the Pac12
  4. also... 4 DII, 1 DIII, and 2 NAIA programs in NC.
  5. How about add wrestling at DII Fresno Pacific? They went from NAIA to DII...maybe then they would jump up to DI eventually. Plus it would double the amount of DII programs in CA, OR, WA, ID, NV, and UT combined!
  6. A majority have not had an NCAA DI champ, but these teams do see some DI success periodically. UNC, DUKE and NCState from ACC are obviously the cream of the crop from NC, but Campbell and App State aren't to far behind. GW and Davidson are lower tier, but academically very stringent like Duke and not the biggest draw, but have had some wonderful individuals come out of the programs.
  7. Yes. They have 3 in the ACC 4 in the SoConn When compared 1 on 1 vs California for 4 year programs per division North Carolina also has more DII, more DIII, and more NAIA options one on one than a state with 1 hs tournament and 27.7 million more people!
  8. The west coast drought (outside of this year) is disheartening, especially with how populated that area is . California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah combined have less DI opportunities that North Carolina if I am not mistaken.
  9. I think it would be neat to know most recent finalist too Air Force had to be 2003 I would guess.
  10. I have a buddy that Coached ms Football, hs wrestling, hs tennis, with his teaching salary as well, he makes around 80k a year in an area that is high poverty. Stick around in the school districts long enough they will pay off your student loans and load you up on coaching. makes about 24k just on coaching.
  11. 149 2020 Champ/ 2021 Runner Up Jake Beeson will move on to Lock Haven.
  12. You will see more and more "old shoulda retired guys" taking over NAIA and Juco programs. HC at a job opened up recently for NAIA was 36k. That is why some of these schools wind up mediocre or staying ****ty, because nobody with a real drive wants to make lousy pay for premium effort.
  13. How about suing the majority of the west coast and good chuck of Mountain time zone for lack of opportunities to have opponents? (Tongue in cheek thought).
  14. Pac 12 shouldn't be to hard to get Odds are favorable. Top 20 shouldn't be either...I mean for crying out loud, you basically have a helluva lot of athletes west of Colorado and Wyoming with very few DI options. Recruit like hell and get the best of the west to stay out west. However, how many DI, DII, DIII and NAIA in Pacific time zone have been the champ of their division? I say you win a NCAA DI title being in Oregon and having to travel so dam much not only does the NCAA Team title need to be higher, but the APR and GPA need to as well.
  15. HC at St. Mary is the Former Oregon Coach . Not enough DI jobs out there to keep it up. Especially on the west coast where no growth or more like slow growth is occuring.
  16. All Divisions....What is open for HC positions right now? I know the following 5 are open in NJCAA and NAIA respectively. IF you know of a young hungry coach wanting to try the college waters, or take lead of a program some of these are good routes to go. Cloud Coach moving on to DII level to coach, they have a great freaking facility for their team (basically an entire old elementary school). Colby has a sweet new facility and great alums (Cormier among them). Bethany is in a great location off of a major north/south highway, and not far from I-70 either. Williams Baptist was AMC champ last season and placed at NAIA's a few years ago and is in a great area on the far edge of Arkansas (not far from Memphis if I recall). Barton has lots of potential too, typically have 7 or so qualifiers, but have struggled at the National Tournament in finding guys to reach the podium. If anybody had insights on other open jobs, then post them below. If you have questions on any of these programs, let me know in a private message and I can get you more "REAL TALK" on ins and outs of each. Colby CC Cloud County CC Barton CC Bethany (NAIA) Williams Baptist (NAIA)
  17. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thank you for that reminder. Jim is the lead Jimmie! Lot of Oregon ties to NAIA. Midland in Nebraska and University of St. Mary in Kansas have Oregon ties as well.
  18. Helluva pickup by the Jamestown wrestling team! Big name that can hopefully do some big things up there. Super excited as I see Jamestown a few times during the season with them being in the GPAC Conference.
  19. White at 197 from Nebraska to Oklahoma State for hwt. He got in some trouble up in Lincoln and made the newspaper. It sounded like the path back home was going to be better for him, and was granted a release.
  20. Then Penn State to Grand View to State Penn.
  21. 141 I know the juco stud Chinzorig is supposedly not back at juco...he'd be AA wherever he lands
  22. Yet we still have more options of college wrestling than warmer states...
  23. You can have an IEP in college and be able to attend classes and set up ways of doing things different such as tests being all verbal. Additionally I hardly doubt any Professor would just pass on somebody who couldn't read, but I do know there are some teachers that give way too many chances 2 kids in college, which is why I believe that the coveted bachelor's degree has become somewhat watered down in society.
  24. May have missed this on the board (doubt it though since it isn't DI), but Ben Provisor just signed with freaking Grand View. Someone on Facebook joked that is probably the reason 2x NAIA champ is transferring out of Graceland and heading to Iowa.
  25. Only at 133/141 sometimes. Most guys I coached became Pharmacists, Pre-Med, or Teachers and got a degree in 4 years. No redshirting...get them in, graduated and into the real world.
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