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  1. Then Penn State to Grand View to State Penn.
  2. 141 I know the juco stud Chinzorig is supposedly not back at juco...he'd be AA wherever he lands
  3. Yet we still have more options of college wrestling than warmer states...
  4. You can have an IEP in college and be able to attend classes and set up ways of doing things different such as tests being all verbal. Additionally I hardly doubt any Professor would just pass on somebody who couldn't read, but I do know there are some teachers that give way too many chances 2 kids in college, which is why I believe that the coveted bachelor's degree has become somewhat watered down in society.
  5. May have missed this on the board (doubt it though since it isn't DI), but Ben Provisor just signed with freaking Grand View. Someone on Facebook joked that is probably the reason 2x NAIA champ is transferring out of Graceland and heading to Iowa.
  6. Only at 133/141 sometimes. Most guys I coached became Pharmacists, Pre-Med, or Teachers and got a degree in 4 years. No redshirting...get them in, graduated and into the real world.
  7. Pawnee! My Teammate Josh Leadingfox was from there. I will have to see if Coach Lynes is still there.
  8. Going back to the old 215? Why not keep the 220? Also if 235 is the highest for girls at HS level, we need to do better at the college level than 191 being the heaviest. That's horsecrap!
  9. I was at the NJCAAs on Thursday. Pretty cool that 6 Kansas High School alums were in the finals 4 from Pratt, 1 from Cloud, 1 from Iowa Central. NWKTC from Goodland, KS had 2 finalists. Chinzorig 141 and his brother Chinges at 157 will wind up somewhere...Chin is freaking amazing! The Iowa Western 2x champ is going to be a freaking force as well. As for non finalists, the NEO Heavyweight might be the biggest steal from this year's NJCAAs. What I don't like is some coaches are bringing guys back for a 3rd year (that can graduate)....in those limited cases, it's selfish and tacky. Graduate guys and move them on!
  10. That's a bad assumption, given they are only allowed to wrestle exempts (academic guys) in addition to top guys. If you are 2nd string for instance...you may never get in a dual if you have crappy academics. Unless that has changed, you can only wrestle x amount of guys throughout the year in a "varsity role" unless they have a certain GPA. I've seen more bomb out of NCAA schools than NAIA. Most the NAIA programs I have been around graduate their guys in 4 years, so the stigma is a bit dated. Every division has solid academic teams, and some full of dipsticks.
  11. If he is getting a master's or another major in I think it is worth it, however...I'm not big on keep coming back because you have eligibility. At some point the thought of debt must outweigh the fun of competition. In fact I think there are a lot of guys that don't want to go to college at all, but want to keep competing. These guys however I believe are moreso at the NJCAA and NAIA levels as opposed to the NCAA in some (not all cases).
  12. I wonder if Chuck Kearney would know? I can ask him. He is the HC at St. Mary of NAIA now.
  13. He beat PD3 and Zahid this weekend. He has done more than McGruff the Crime Dog lately...
  14. No. It's an exemption for the unique circumstance.
  15. From accounts I heard, officials were still in the area. They saw him weigh in, but it wasn't recorded because time was past. They voted no on making it official because time had surpassed for weigh ins.
  16. Lot of schools are asking alum to "sponsor a scholarship" for the extra year for an athlete.
  17. Amos looked great today. Reader had him warmed up and pumped up early today and he was still clicking late.
  18. That was last year for Veteran's in Las Vegas. I'd hit him with a folding chair if his rear tried doing that this weekend.
  19. Hinckley is hand to hand combat retired Captain from the Army. I am surprised he isn't going greco. He said this is his bucket list swan song.
  20. Erik HInckley has to be the oldest competitor in the tournament. US Silver Greco and FS Bronze (or vice versa) in US Veteran's Championships.
  21. We have plenty of coaches nationwide understaffed at most levels of college wrestling, they have to in turn recruit, schedule, teach classes, wash mats and do so many other things. Spread thin are most programs. If you want to compete in a light heavyweight class, go to a NCWA school for 235. We have enough schools that don't get enough productive bodies at the weights we do have now to warrant an 11th. If we were talking college women though...there is growth and the top weight class in college is about 30lbs lighter than the heaviest in high school. Maybe all divisions need to look at the 12 wrestler model that saved NAIA.
  22. I would have DeSanto in my top 10 somewhere because my top 10 would be guys that don't suck to watch. He gets after it.
  23. Swayz


    It's like the thought "only dumb kids go to juco" I had a 3x state placer with a 4.05 GPA and 30 ACT come wrestle at a small juco I coached. He was a decent college wrestler, but nobody was knocking on the door. It was fairly easy to recruit. You see a lot of programs afraid to reach out to guys in "other territories" as well. You don't see Iowa sticking to just Iowa, they dive into the area where Pitt is and so on. Lot of wrestlers go unrecruited in a good year.
  24. I know Utah Valley you can find all home duals on their actual conference for all sports. Big 12 in wrestling, but their wrestling home meets are not on Big 12. So I would say your non power 5 football conferences. Missouri is Mac in wrestling but has that SEC Money. I wouldn't count Missouri.
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