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  1. LOL at 4th stringer Joe bringing back the infecton to everybody. That's exactly the way it would happen, too. Seems obvious that the fewer kids in the room, the lower the chance of infection. Maybe the starters and the 2nd team kids can work out together, and send the rest to another place to work out? Or maybe even just have the starters work out together (125v133, 141 vs 149., etc) and have the other guys working out somewhere else. Would have a better chance of keeping the entire team from getting infected, at least. Wouldn't be so great at improving the kids further down the depth chart, but this is an exceptional time and exceptional measures need to be taken to protect our boys.
  2. This might sound pretty weird, but why can't wrestlers wear luchadore type masks, but with some sort of breathable material covering the mouth? Hell, the kids might even like it, gives them a chance to get creative. I can already imagine Hawkeyes wearing masks in the hideous gold/black colors with "Hawk" eyes. Fake beak would be cool, but I doubt the refs would allow it!
  3. You really DO want me to pull an Aaron Burr, don't you?
  4. Records might not tell the whole story though. Always best to rely on head to head results.
  5. Seemed to me like you were being insulting to me and I took it as being because I contradicted your opinion.
  6. I met Baumgartner in '83 when he was an assistant at OSU. I think he graduated in 1982?
  7. John Smith won 2 NCAA titles and he's not on the list, but there are 2 Iowa guys with only 1 title each.
  8. (sigh)...it was a stupid joke because the guys name was D. Craig....
  9. Well, he did you one better and became James Bond!!!
  10. "Kind of reminded me of when the Big 12 was going to disband until Texas decided differently. " was the quote I responded to.
  11. Is he funding programs? If so that would partially redeem him using our boys to line his pockets.
  12. LOL...so it's your opinion that when somebody makes an incorrect statement that it's the doubter's duty to verify the story is true for them? Seems rather ass-backwards, doesn't it? Or is it some sort of aspersion against myself because I expressed disbelief at something you seem hold true (if incorrectly)? The latter, I think. For the record the links Juanma posted above do not verify the statement that the "Big 12 was going to disband". NOWHERE is that stated in either article. What those articles show are stories about the schools that did leave, or didn't leave the conference, and rampant speculation by the sportswriters (as I said before) about lots of things. Another thing to consider is that since I'm a lifelong OU fan and have been following the Big 12 since literally the day of it's conception and keenly follow conference stories that affect the Sooners (who as the best team in the conference for the last 20 years were involved in ALL the speculating) that MAYBE I happen to know more about the topic than random guys on the internet who don't follow the Big 12 very closely at all.
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