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  1. Oh, I don't know about that. Taylor was more dominant than Hall ever was. Hall is more dominant than he gets credit for, though. He's gotten a lot of falls this year.
  2. Yeah, I think so. You must have an NCAA title or two of your own if you don't think it's impressive.
  3. I'd think it would be a huge disappointment if a guy who won an NCAA title as a true freshman never won another title.
  4. Maybe they do that and don't tell anybody :D
  5. Any idea what's wrong with him? This is his last hurrah, would like to see him at least qualify for NCAAs.
  6. Whose records this year do you guys look at and go "huh" about? Real Woods has been mentioned a few times in here. Tucker from Cornell as well. Still can't believe Tucker is 27-0, I could easily see him going 1-2 or 2-2 at NCAAs, but for the record I think he scrapes in at 7th or 8th. One guy I'll toss on the heap is Boo Lewallen. Great record this year, everybody is rooting for him, but I noticed something on his wrestestat page: he still hasn't beaten any really high ranked wrestlers this year. Brayton Lee is pretty solid, but I think of him as a #6 or 7 guy, tops. He beat Alirez pretty good (11-4), but Alirez is still just a pup and might not win a single match at NCAAs (to be fair, I think he makes R12, R16 at the least). The rest of Boo's wins came over mediocre guys for the most part, and he's not exactly been ripping those guys limb from limb (bonus points seem kinda "meh" for the level of competition). Don't get me wrong, I think Boo will AA this year, just saying he's getting a lot of credit for a pretty modest workload. I got him coming in 5th-6th range and would be tickled pink if he finished higher than that. I don't think a finals appearance is completely out of the question for him, depending on how well he wrestles/matchups. Who else comes to mind? .
  7. How'd they do? Damned if I'm going to prop some chick who went 2-22....
  8. Was looking at the records of guys over on wrestlestat and found a terrible case of regression. Christian Moody is 6-14 this year (his Sr year) with 8 of his losses by bonus. He's a 3 time NCAA qualifier and won 23 matches a couple years ago. I was hoping at that stage he'd continue to improve and scrape onto the podium his Sr year, but clearly that isn't going to happen. What's happened with him? Injuries? HEW? Any other guys you can think of who have definitely regressed? Off hand I'd say Joe Smith, but he's not been very good for awhile now.
  9. Verk teched Sasso in FS as well. Didn't see that last week in their match.
  10. Oh, I see. I think Terry's chops as a wrestler are high enough that he doesn't rate a comparison to Mike Stoops :D
  11. I don't think Berge scores many points at B1G or NCAAs. I'll be surprised if he even qualifies for NCAAs, based on his loss to Kinner.
  12. Meh, people always trash the opinionated people, regardless of whether the opinions are on the mark or not. I don't have a problem with Cinnabon, he does make interesting topics although he gets shredded a lot.
  13. I don't get it. What does Mike Stoops incompetence have to do with Terry Brands? You think Iowa would fire Terry if his brother wasn't running interference?
  14. A buddy at work has been pestering me to watch that show.
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