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  1. That sucks. He seemed like a good guy. RIP.
  2. Askren moved to UFC, but he was a punching bag when he got there. He had all his success in the Junior Varsity level Bellator. Who better for Paul to challenge?
  3. Maybe he saw that one kick knockout where Askren was taught how to feign a coma.
  4. Cool. I knew if he searched long enough that Gentle Ben would find an opponent he could beat!
  5. Hmmmm.....I think so? Was really sad for him when he didn't win a title in college.
  6. It takes 8 to 12 months to fully recover from an ACL injury following the operation. Even if Spencer managed to recover in half that time he still wouldn't have been healthy in time for the Olympics, and that is assuming he won a spot on the team without aggravating his ACL injuries further.
  7. Not a chance Spencer could rehab in time for the Olympics anyway, so why risk further injury attempting to make the Olympic team? He's still young and he's got plenty of time to win Olympic gold, if such is his desire.
  8. He'd HAVE to be, just going by HS records. Count in college and it's Spencer Lee by a country mile.
  9. I'd say Escobedo was the best of all the guys you mentioned.
  10. Problem with Blair is many of their best wrestlers come from other states. Hard to claim a guy as the best HS wrestler New Jersey has ever had when the kid was originally from, oh, Texas.
  11. Best HS of all time in Oklahoma? I'd probably go with Kenny Monday or Mike Sheets, both of whom went undefeated in their HS careers with only one blemish: a tie between the two of them. Kenny was a star at Tulsa Washington (4A), and Mike was star at Tahlequah (3A). Fortunately neither had the misfortune of running into me on the mat. John Smith was pretty great in HS, I think he was a 3 time champ, but he had some losses. I'm not sure if Fix lost in Oklahoma HS folk competition, but I know he lost a fair amount of times during FS during that span.
  12. I'm not saying he's Tom's bitch now, I'm saying he'll be Tom's bitch if Terry becomes the HC at Illinois. Can you imagine the beatdowns the Illini will suffer at Iowa's hands while Terry is building up the program? Regarding Terry preferring to be a room guy, that's great, he can find an experienced 2nd banana to do the check signing and glad handing. Plus, people change over the years. Terry is, what, about 50 years old now? Maybe he wants to be HC now in charge of his own program. I bet Terry would attract a lot of talent to Illinois just based on his name and reputation. If I was a little guy I'd definitely want the Brands coaching me.
  13. Never ask an Okie to do homework. It's a stretch asking us to read/write.
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