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  1. Didn't Dan Hodge pin all his opponents one year?
  2. Who was the recruit getting all the love from the coaches in 1988-89?
  3. You sure Raleigh has enough beer stocked up for him?
  4. Wow. Was the code for this forum written in 1970 or something?
  5. Burroughs might not lose on Twitter but I do. Been banned 3 times, the last time for saying a politician was "literally retarded".
  6. Agreed. I think if you don't want athletes dragging down your academic scores then don't recruit the dip****s.
  7. LOL. He was the TE, I was strong guard and my friend Mark was strong tackle. James couldn't remember any of the plays from the playbook so Mark and I would tell him what he was supposed to do on all plays. We did a pretty good job, he ended up being an All-State player.
  8. I thought he was recruited from Dip****ostan? That's a joke, btw, nobody needs to get pissed.
  9. On the topic of academics, HokieHWT is right on the mark. There are a lot of dummies getting schollies. That's been around forever, of course. One of my old football teammates got offers from many D1 college football programs but picked Oklahoma State (because his dad went there). He was a fantastic football player and 3 year starter at OSU, so you can imagine how good he was compared to HS kids. Anyway he signed my yearbook "You bin gud football, James". No ****. He scored a 7 on the ACT (minimum for a regular student to get into OSU at the time: 14). The guy was dumb as a rock, but essentially a decent kid. I was going to put up a link showing how much the athletes are dragging down academics at Stanford, which I read weeks ago, but can't find it now :(
  10. Well if they are too dumb to learn the differences between Folk and FS then they might be worthless.
  11. Clemson's football team actually MAKES money, unlike 90% of the D1 wrestling programs
  12. Meh, Clemson wrestling sucked anyway. Hard to get excited about bringing back a ****ty program.
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