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  1. You are a moron. You obviously don't know jack **** about playing offensive lineman and I played on the offensive line for 7 years. I bet your ***** ass never stepped on a football field. Oh, and I'm so far off the mark on Coon, clearly somebody who didn't play football in college has no CHANCE at all of making it in the NFL. Oh yeah, except for 2 other college wrestlers who also never played a down of football in college but who were HS All Stars. You are a true, know-nothing moron who defies the evidence of reality itself. Just like the rest of the Trumpanzee morons. Oh, "eyeroll", you ****ing Nancy.
  2. In Oklahoma that's spelled "Perfesser".
  3. Name doesn't ring a bell. Was he a wrestler as well?
  4. A big boy like Coon can add weight super quick and easy.
  5. Guard is a lot more fun, actually. Tackles make more money in the NFL though, generally speaking.
  6. That would've been when he was 18, right? ALMOST fully grown. I wouldn't be surprised if he added another inch in height after that.
  7. Hope Cenzo can find some quality meatballs in Palo Alto, otherwise he's gonna be homesick for the east!
  8. Only for schools with lowered expectations (like Iowa or PSU).
  9. Depends on whether you think 20th is good. Personally, I think 20th sucks (below are the men's rankings). In women's soccer we're #1. 1 Belgium 1783.38 2 France 1757.3 3 Brazil 1742.65 4 England 1686.78 5 Portugal 1666.12 6 Spain 1648.13 7 Italy 1642.06 8 Argentina 1641.95 9 Uruguay 1639.08 10 Denmark 1631.55 11 Mexico 1629.56 12 Germany 1609.12 13 Switzerland 1606.21 14 Croatia 1605.75 15 Colombia 1600.66 16 Netherlands 1598.04 17 Wales 1570.36 18 Sweden 1569.81 19 Chile 1569.52 20 United States 1555.42
  10. LOL at Mayweather holding up Paul after clobbering him :D That fight was about as legit as Pro Rasslin'.
  11. As a matter of fact I WAS an honorable mention All State offensive lineman (3rd team All State) while weighing 184 pounds, and no, there is virtually no difference in technique between the pros and HS on the offensive line. Blocking is blocking, good technique from HS would be considered good technique in college or the NFL. BUT, the guys in the NFL on the defensive line are all former HS and college All Stars, and are in full on beast mode. They are big, mostly 300 pounds or more, strong and fast. Offensive linemen in the NFL just have to be bigger/stronger and more athletic than guys from HS or college, that's the only difference (as long as they have good technique). In fact in this very thread two wrestlers who didn't play a down of football in college, but who were All State in HS in football and who succeeded in the NFL (Neal and Haselrig), Haselrig was even All Pro multiple times after not playing a down in college. I don't see why Coon can't make it as well.
  12. Not crazy at all. It doesn't take any more technique to be an NFL lineman than it does to be an All state HS lineman. All it takes is more mass and strength (aka: being big) and athleticism, all of which Coon has in spades.
  13. The distance between HS all-star and NFL all pro isn't as wide as you may think. Let's remember Adam Coon was a very talented HS All State selection in a large population state. The guy was a legit top notch D1 recruit in football, but he chose to go wrestling. As I've said many, many times on this forum we are shorting ourselves in the wrestling world with this ridiculous limited HWT bracket, and we're hurting our boys after their wrestling careers end (not blaming you for that, btw). Goddammit, HWT should be unlimited. There should be a place in college wrestling where the giant freaks take on "average" guys who only weigh 240 pounds. Plus, Coon is a very smart fellow...he's in the same field I am for godsake. In fact if Coon reads this forum he should send me an email if he needs a job. I offered another guy on this forum but he thought he was worth more, btw :D The boys in the NFL are big and strong, but I bet wrestler Adam Coon is stronger than the average NFL offensive lineman and we all know he's smarter than the average NFL lineman. Coon is a shoo-in, as long as he doesn't get lazy.
  14. Not to rain on Coon's parade, and I'm 100% sure he'll succeed in the NFL, but has he gotten a full-on contract or is he just on the practice squad? Practice squad in the NFL isn't chump change, btw, you are looking at $250k for a practice squad gig.
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