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  1. TobusRex

    Down Goes VakAttack's Avatar!

    I need a beer after seeing that.
  2. TobusRex

    Nolf vs. Pico

    All Zain would have to do is pick top when it's his choice :D Sounds like it would be a blast to see those guys wrestle a folk match.
  3. TobusRex

    Gable Stevenson switching to Penn State?

    I gotta say he looks pretty good. Moves like a smaller man, has some decent stuff. How big is this kid? Looks like he just overwhelms the USA kids with power. The fact he was manhandling a Russian in the video was impressive. How high do you think he'd have placed this year at NCAAs? OU could use a good heavy :D
  4. TobusRex

    Gable Stevenson switching to Penn State?

    I'm not sure I've seen any of his matches, which is part of the reason I'm so skeptical. I don't usually watch Jr level FS, but if he's training with our SR level athletes that says a lot. Good God I hope he doesn't learn that boring spiral ride from Nelson. Any matches of his you'd recommend? I'm willing to let you get me stoked over this kid, lol. But, the last time I got excited about a HS HWT he didn't do much (Brooks Black).
  5. TobusRex

    Nolf vs. Pico

    Hope he doesn't end up punch drunk at the age of 30, when he could've had a college degree and a job that doesn't require multiple shots to the head every time he goes to work. Money is a poor substitute for a fully functional brain.
  6. TobusRex

    Gable Stevenson switching to Penn State?

    We do see it sometimes. But how often have you seen it happen at Heavyweight?
  7. TobusRex

    Mizzou - Next Year

    A haircut, and a little plastic surgery...and you guys might be able to put Ben Askren back in the lineup. Under a different name, of course. Just saying...would help your chances at NCAAs!
  8. TobusRex

    Nolf vs. Pico

    I think IMAR was stunned. Not at the result, I think he took a shot to the head somewhere in that match and was literally stunned for a good deal of it. Look at his eyes during the match. He looked kind of dull, like he was lost or something.
  9. TobusRex

    Nolf vs. Pico

    I'll take your word on his strength/athleticism. True enough that not all FS guys are fish on the mat, but enough of them are that I think skeptics are quite just in their skepticism of Pico's success in college. We've all seen FS studs come in and fall flat on their faces. I think he'd do quite well for himself, mind you, but I think he'd take some losses getting used to Folk. But that's neither here nor there, he apparently has no interest in college. I think the onus is on Pico to prove that he could win in folkstyle in college, and that it's a discredit to Zain, who actually has put in the effort, in saying that Pico would beat him in folk. Maybe you are right and he would...but, again, that remains to be seen. What HAS BEEN seen, however, is that Zain is a beast in Folk.
  10. TobusRex

    Where was Dan Gable on the broadcasts?

    He's not as relevant as he used to be. He doesn't coach anymore, his wrestling glory days ended over 40 years ago, and he hasn't coached in about 20. Plus, Iowa isn't a juggernaut anymore, which reduces the attraction of interviewing a Hawkeye great (technically a CYCLONE great :D ).
  11. TobusRex

    Gable Stevenson switching to Penn State?

    Just curious...what makes you think a HS stud could beat another HS stud with 3 years experience in college?
  12. TobusRex

    Gable Stevenson switching to Penn State?

    Just checked. He is a sophomore. My mistake.
  13. TobusRex

    Great Coaching!

    Not sure JRob belongs on that list.
  14. TobusRex

    Gable Stevenson switching to Penn State?

    Why would he? Nevills is just a R FR, and a high placer. I doubt Stevenson could even beat him out, so he'd ride the pine for a year or two. Best to stick with Minnesota...he can just slide right into the starting spot (assuming Minny doesn't have a great backup HWT).
  15. TobusRex

    Nolf vs. Pico

    Those FS guys usually struggle on the mat. I bet Retherford would grind him to dust in folkstyle.
  16. TobusRex

    David Taylor vs Jason Nolf (Folkstyle)

    Nolf will likely have 1 more title than Taylor did. I don't think he's better though, about the same skill level.
  17. TobusRex

    Coaches getting 'long in the tooth'?

    I don't think any amount of conference competition could've prepared them for what PSU unleashed. PSU was just a much stronger, more talented team. OSU will have a shot in 2 or 3 years, if they are smart with redshirts and the young talent they have.
  18. Not true. I talked to him this morning about it, shortly before he cut my grass.
  19. Man, you are way off. OU sent 8 guys to nationals and none made it past R16, lol.
  20. TobusRex

    Cruz would have majored Suriano

    That's not how I remember it. I remember a heavily favored Suriano barely holding his own against Piccininni, Then he got hurt.
  21. Ah....the famous "phantom punch".
  22. TobusRex

    Askren or Cox?

    I'm still not convinced. It's not like Askren has allowed himself to go to seed. He's still in great shape thanks to MMA. Plus, and I know Cox has more NCAA titles...Askren was a significantly better folkstyle wrestler, imo. He was a better mat wrestler than JDen. Oh well, it's all hot air speculation anyway.
  23. TobusRex

    Spencer Lee to Iowa -- Mistake IMO

    Spencer Lee to Iowa is indeed a critical mistake. Oklahoma University is obviously a better fit.
  24. Joseph looked a lot bigger/stronger than IMAR did in that match, to my eyes. That is a great picture.
  25. TobusRex

    I cannot get over

    It was a very entertaining finals. Unfortunately I missed the first few matches because of work. I managed to catch the matches from 141-184. I