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  1. TobusRex

    Southern Scuffle

    Any brackets yet? I couldn't find them at the website above
  2. TobusRex

    Quean Smith

    That's not too bad. Maybe I'm thinking of the year before that? He was the worst in the Big 12, yet somehow beat Ross Larsen twice.
  3. TobusRex

    Who is your pick to win NCAAs and why?

    125 - Gilman 133 - Tomasello 141 - McKenna 149 - Retherford 157 - Nolf 165 - Jordan 174 - Valencia 184 - Dean 197 - Cox HWT - Snyder (with the caveat that I think it's very possible one of the bigger guys sneaks up on him at NCAAs this year)
  4. TobusRex

    Quean Smith

    I am!
  5. TobusRex

    Coaches on hot seat

    After seeing the pathetic competition at RTOC, I"m not convinced I couldn't have come out of retirement and finished at the top 3 at HWT.
  6. TobusRex

    Any Matches More Anticipated Than Tomasello/Brock?

    Because NCAAs are about 1/10th as tough as Worlds?
  7. TobusRex

    Any Matches More Anticipated Than Tomasello/Brock?

    I can't see Brock beating Tomasello. Would love to see it happen though.
  8. TobusRex

    Quean Smith

    He's a pretty bad wrestler, actually. At least he was last year.
  9. TobusRex

    Do you view all NCAA titles equally?

    I think some titles are "tainted", somewhat. Like Stieber's "win" over Oliver or his "win" over Ramos. Yeah, those calls were subjective (and in my opinion both were wrong). Still, those titles will always have an asterisk after them when talk of 4 timers comes up. That being said I always get really excited when Freshmen win titles. I'm always rooting for the next 4 timer. I particularly like it when a guy comes out of the blue to win championships, like Branch did at OSU a couple decades back. Came into the tourney with an 8-9 record and walked away with the NCAA title as a freshman. Still amazes me.
  10. TobusRex


    http://www.wrestlingstats.com/aa/view_aas.php http://www.frederickdean.com/Obituaries/Obituary.aspx?ID=839 Dragoin was a 4th place All American in 1951. Born in Alabama. The article doesn't mention him wrestling in HS. Wonder if that's because he didn't wrestle in HS, which seems incomprehensible, or typical media neglect of wrestling?
  11. It's not in the top 5 when it comes to the teams invited (although Blair has wrestled in it), but I'd put the Geary Tournament on par with any in the country when it comes to tradition/history. No seeding....how can you not love first round matches with the 3A and 4A state champs fighting to advance?
  12. TobusRex

    Athleticism vs Technique vs Strength

    Technique can be taught. Athletic ability can't. Always go with the athlete over the technician.
  13. TobusRex


    If they are wrestling flat wouldn't that be the exact wrong thing to do....overpractice? If it was me, I'd give them some light practices for awhile and see if it helps their energy levels any. Smiths' teams often look flat/listless to me, like they don't have any energy. I think he works them too hard. On the other hand sometimes they look like they are out of shape and not being worked enough. I think Smith needs a top notch trainer to peak his kids for him.
  14. TobusRex


    Judging by their effort tonight, what do you think the score would've been if it was OSU wrestling PSU? Big PSU romp, I'm guessing.
  15. TobusRex

    Coaches on hot seat

    Yeah...I always knew it as Gallagher Hall. I didn't even know who Henry Iba was until I was in HS :D
  16. Boyd would surprise me less than the others. Didn't he beat Dean last year (or the year before?). I can imagine a guy like Boyd getting hot at NCAAs and pinning everybody, including a fluke pin in the finals. Gotta love those defensive pins :D Collica will get bounced in the quarterfinals or semifinals, but I expect him to AA. Weigel, the same.
  17. TobusRex

    Eggum making his case

    Damn. That's a long time to wait.
  18. Speaking of Zeke Moisey...what's the story on him? Did he quit wrestling, or run into academic problems or something?
  19. Maybe Korells had a touch of the flu or something. Still, the fact that Schafer managed to beat Kroells at all should sound the warning bell for the other heavies. I watched the OU/OSU beatdown (it was UGLY!). Jack Spates was saying that he talked to Schafer's dad in the offseason and Schafer's dad said his kid was moving up to Heavyweight. Spates claimed he said that Schafer's results would improve over last year at 197 because he thought Schafer looked "sucked out" last year...no energy because of always watching his weight. Schafer seems pretty small for a heavy, to me. Even Larson looked a lot bigger, and he's a smallish heavy. I'd be shocked if Schafer was able to make it through the season uninjured giving up so much weight all year. But, Kyle Snyder did it.
  20. It's hard to take Dance seriously as a contender. He's one of those hyped guys who wins a lot of matches, but who folds like a $3 accordion when everything is on line. Yeah, he's an AA, but what's he done since his Freshman year? Nothing. He sure looks the part of a tank-type though. No offense VT fans. I like your team and root for them to do well...I just don't like guys who can't deliver on the hype, like Joey Dance.
  21. It was my understanding that Schafer was the only guy to beat Kroells so far this year. Not the case?
  22. Regarding the Larson match: Larson has no technique and just kept trying to get Schafer with throws. He was trying to bully him with his size advantage, I think. Schafer took him down twice in the match (I think) plus got an escape point. I think Schafer won 5-2, or something like that. Larson never got anything going. Larson is perpetually overrated, imo.
  23. TobusRex

    Is Ohio State the Best Team in D1?

    You should send me 10%. If you think Ohio State is the favorite over PSU....I'd also like some of what you've been smoking.
  24. He beat two top 15 heavies last week, including Kroells. Kroells has been murdering people this year too, except for Schafer.