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    How to stop medical forfeits?

    Then keep it like it is. Obviously universities are at legal risk if their athletes experience health problems. Here's a strange possibility: an athlete who faked out out at the semifinals of a tournament then he's immediately cleared to participate soon by the doctor. Kid goes out 2 weeks later, and freak accident, dies on the mat due to traumatic brain injury. Can you imagine the lawsuits? Against the doctor? Against the school? Seems schools would be more than happy to have an impartial expert examine the athletes. Especially after the debacle at Michigan State. Happened at Ohio State to WRESTLERS. You can bet it's happened elsewhere.
  2. TobusRex

    NCAA rooms available just 2 miles from PPG Arena

    Man, your new ads are so much better than your old ones. Like the one below.
  3. TobusRex

    How to stop medical forfeits?

    In that case mandate it can't be a team doctor that evaluates the wrestler. In any case, even if cleared, there should be a mandatory waiting period of "x" amount of time.
  4. TobusRex

    An Outsider's Take on the Big Tens

    I've long advocated wrestling in the nude except for oversized, ornate codpieces of the finest silver. How to we do this without straps, you ask. I reply: Velcro.
  5. TobusRex

    How to stop medical forfeits?

    Medical forfeits should result in automatic scheduling of a hospital visit/physical. Clearance should be required from the doctor before the athlete should be allowed to participate again.
  6. TobusRex

    Tommy and Terry 4th is the new 1st

    Guys, chill. We're not supposed to get into meaningless arguments until AFTER wrestling season!
  7. Birch died. The next thing he knew he was standing in front of the Pearly Gates. A distressed angel, wearing a shabby diplomat's suit says "I'm sorry, Senator Bayh, but we're only allowing Mormons in at this time due to unmet quotas". Bayh, distressed, replied "****. What am I supposed to do?". The angel looks up and says "Have you heard of Edinboro?".
  8. TobusRex

    Marinelli's draw

    Probably sapped out from weight pull, plus emotionally wrecked after his granddad died. I wouldn't be surprised to see a better Joe out there next week.
  9. TobusRex

    Forfeiting Conference Final

    For every wrestler that forfeits out at the conference tourneys their respective coaches should be publicly flogged just prior to NCAAs. 3 lashes for each round forfeited out of.
  10. TobusRex

    Off Topic: Great Video Series

    Looked like a takedown to me, even though Hall shrugged it off immediately. Pretty cool, though.
  11. TobusRex

    Oklahoma States seeds

    Agree with most of that. My only beef with Picc as the #2 seed is having Lee in his half of the bracket. Would've preferred Bresser to be on Picc's side of the bracket.
  12. TobusRex

    Oklahoma States seeds

    Wow, pretty bad seeds for some of OSU"s guys. Picc (2 seed) got some rotten luck having Lee in his half of the bracket. Would rather have had Bresser. Fix having the top seed is great. Philippi will run into him in the semifinals, though. All the other guys who could beat him are in the other half of the bracket. 141Kaid's (#15) got a tough draw, getting Joey McKenna in the 2nd round. I could see him beating McKenna doing weird Kaid things. If he upsets McKenna I wouldn't be shocked to see Kaid make it to the finals. But he's got to beat McKenna and that's a pretty tough go. 149 I think Gfeller got jobbed. #7 seed but a kid he beat with an almost identical record (28-4 vs 28-3) got seeded #3. I think Micah Jordan will be a tough matchup for him. Joe Smith being seeded #33 at 165 is ridiculous and proof the seeding method in use now is dumber than ****. Could be a disaster for Marinelli more so than Joe, I suppose. It's not a good thing to run into a Smith during his JR year at NCAAs. 174 Jacobe is seeded (7) about where I figured. Almost impossible for him to make the finals having to go through Zahid and Lewis. 184 Dakota Geer has a decent draw considering his rotten seed (#26). Could easily see him making quarters. 197 Weigel (3) got a pretty good seed. It's higher than I think he'll finish at NCAAs. HWT White got the top seed like I said he would in another thread. Ha, told ya so (to the guy arguing with me). Should make semifinals before he runs into a major challenge.
  13. TobusRex

    Oklahoma States seeds

  14. TobusRex

    Oklahoma States seeds

    Because Cassar wasn't able to get any offense going at all. White stifled him completely.
  15. TobusRex

    Oklahoma States seeds

    I pretty much called the HWT order, and the rationale. What have you done for me lately counts a lot, and White won his conference tournament easily (I think he bonused all 4 opponents). Cassar beat Steveson in a match that could've easily gone the other way. Gotta figure the #1 seed would go to one of the conference champs, and White has a convincing win over Cassar. I don't think Cassar can beat White. White isn't plodding like the other heavies, he's about as quick as Cassar, and I think he's stronger. I think White is a poor matchup for Cassar. For the record I think Cassar will fail to get by Steveson at NCAAs. I think Steveson will beat White in the finals, assuming he doesn't inexplicably collapse after his loss to Cassar last week.
  16. TobusRex

    Who on earth is Brock Mauller?

    I never heard of him until he beat Kaden, but I'm glad he's not wrestling vs Kaid at 141 with a name like that.
  17. TobusRex

    Marinelli's draw

    The Bull laughs in the face of your doubts.
  18. TobusRex

    Chance's Chances

    I think Chance has a great chance to win the whole shibang. There's only a handful of guys at 165 who can beat Chance, and he's within shouting range of all those ahead of him if you get my drift. It wouldn't be a huge upset if Chance beat Marinelli, despite their records. It wouldn't be a huge upset if he beat Cenzo either, or Lewis. Is Chance the favorite? Hell no, but he's good enough that with a little luck, and if he gets hot, he could win it all. Here's a cool potential matchup: Joe Smith vs Chance in the semifinals.
  19. TobusRex

    How hard is seeding?

    Yeah, it's pretty damned stupid. Joe Smith #33 seed. Really? The Bull got jacked on that one. Technically so did Joe, but here's the funny thing: if Joe upsets Marinelli (Don't want to run into a Smith at NCAAs his Jr year) then Joe is, essentially, stealing the #1 seed :D For the record I think several of OSU's wrestlers got jacked on their seeds. I think Picc was semi-jacked, Gfeller was jacked, and Jacobe Smith was semi-jacked. Oh well, nothing as bad as Marinelli probably wrestling Joe Smith in his first round, lol. The current system is obviously broken. Find another individual sport with superior seeding and emulate their method, simple enough. But to me it looks like too many people are qualifying for nationals already. 72 teams and 33 guys qualify per weight? Nearly half qualify for the most prestigious college event in wrestling? Might as well have every team send their starters (I'd actually like that better anyway).
  20. TobusRex

    Cassar starting to annoy teammates...

    Yeah, 8-2 or something like that.
  21. TobusRex

    Selection Show

    Comedic f-in genius. Jump on the train, hombre....
  22. TobusRex

    Songs that represent your 2019 teams....

    Dedicated to the PSU Nittany Lions from all the other D1 fans....
  23. TobusRex

    Selection Show

    What can I say: Suriano is an expert staller.
  24. TobusRex

    Songs that represent your 2019 teams....

    As a guy who spent a few months in OSU's room as a walkon wrestler who failed to win a scholly, but who nonetheless made 2nd team because the other 190 pounders were sick of living....I feel comfortable presenting this as the song of the 2019 OSU Cowboys....