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  1. Yeah, forgot about the win over Martin, whom I had pegged as a "can't miss" champ last year! I did remember Dean losing to Foster (#6) in the finals.
  2. I think it's a bit optimistic to assume Max Dean will score 20 points at NCAAs next year. He got super lucky this year with his draw/upsets elsewhere in the bracket. I'd put him more at #4 or #5 going into next year.
  3. oh...well, makes sense in that regard :D He was a pretty highly touted HS wrestler.
  4. That's part of the reason I'm not upset that Spencer Lee has put his FS career on hiatus. The guy wrestled a full season in the toughest conference in the country, he needs a break.
  5. LOL...I'm as big a wrestling fan as it gets and if you said Tsirtsis was a "legend" in my presence I'd have said you were nuts :D
  6. I was going to add "being unstoppable" to Dake's skills :D One thing I've noticed about guys at that level: they tend to be ridiculously optimistic. Go look at Taylor's Twitter feed, it's ridiculously inspirational. Have a chat with Jake Herbert some time: over the top optimist. If those guys (Dake, Taylor, Cox, Burroughs, etc) can teach that mental characteristic it would go a long, long way. Gable was pretty good at it. I wasn't aware that Cael has the perception of arrogance about him. I always thought (and still do) that he's a pretty level headed dude. He's a great wrestler, knows it, but I never hear him bragging about how awesome he is. Unlike (cough: Gilman: cough) some guys :D
  7. I'd disagree on Dake. He's a fantastic wrestler, but can he really teach other guys to do what he can do? When I look at coach candidates I'd look at the style of wrestling they used in their careers. Taylor is a consummate technician. Theoretically he can teach everything he knows. But Dake can't teach the things that make him special: shaved-gorilla type strength, superb athleticism. His technique is solid...but not particularly exciting to watch (or, presumably, to learn). Dake seems quite arrogant to me, but I'll take your word he's a good guy. He could be a killer in recruiting if the kids like him, what with his credentials as a wrestler. I could be wrong (I often am).
  8. He's still got some baby fat on him, for sure.
  9. No reason Cassar can't improve, but Gable will almost certainly improve more. I'm done predicting matches between those guys, I always get it wrong.
  10. Cenzo's problem isn't bad hips, his fault was trying to throw somebody stronger than him. If he stuck to straight up wrestling I think he'd have better chances against the Bull.
  11. LOL...I hear that. I think most of my recurrent aches and pains are a result of having played football though. Hopefully I don't have an CTE related damage, I played football for 7 years.
  12. He'd be an inspiring coach, what with this credentials. Multiple Jr World titles, gonna be a 4 x NCAA champ, and I expect him to win a Sr World title at least once. If I was a young wrestler I'd be stoked over the possibility of wrestling for a guy like Spencer.
  13. That aspect of cauliflower ears has always baffled me: the idea that guys with ears like that are "tough". Granted, they endure a lot of pain, so in that regard they may be tougher. But if I ever squared off against one of those guys in a fight the first thing I'd do would be to pop him in the ears. Maybe that would just insure maximum rage when he starts fighting back, lol.
  14. Agreed, but college wrestling should also guard against the "lock up and push" nonsense as well. That's just stalling of a different ilk.
  15. Along with copious amounts of pus and pain, sometimes~! :(
  16. Who do you think you are, the L Ron Hubbard of wrestling? That's Gable, btw.
  17. We wrestlers live in a pretty small world. Guys who are big celebrities to us are nobodies to the rest of the world. Whenever I wax poetic on the great wrestlers to my everyday friends they look at me like I'm stepping out of a flying saucer. Your friend was a National Champion. TWICE. I guarantee I know his name. I guarantee his accomplishments will be appreciated by those of us who still love college wrestling. Ultimately the fact of the matter is this: we all grow old. Our wrestling careers, except for those masochists who go into coaching, generally end by the time we reach 25 years old. The very talented guys may be able to squeeze out a few more years trying to win World/Olympic titles. I'm 54 years old, the last time I stepped on a mat was 1993. The only things that remain of my wrestling career are the memories. Mostly good, some bad, and a whole lot of stupid ones :D
  18. Even if Cassar and Rasheed both renounced the sport of wrestling PSU would be the heavy favorite to win NCAAs again next year.
  19. Good point about the long arms. Comes in pretty handy being able to control the gap between wrestlers, breaking guys down from top, working cradles and such. I don't know if I've ever noted a great wrestler with stubby arms before.
  20. Obviously you can't carry a whole lot of fat around and be the top of your game, so that rules out the dad types. But other than that I think as long as the wrestler isn't a pathetic weakling that it doesn't matter. Champs come in all shapes and sizes. As for which is best, who can say? The musclebound guys were nothing to me. I don't think I ever lost to one of those guys (I was built like Bo and was a lot stronger than I looked). The guys that gave me the most trouble were the long, lanky guys who were still very strong. One of the guys who beat me like a drum was about 6'2" (this was at 168 pounds!) and that dude could stick me in a cradle anytime he wanted. Which was a lot, lol.
  21. I see lots of guys in college who don't have cauliflower ears. Granted, a lot DO have cauliflower ears though. I always thought the guys with cauliflower ears were stupid....all they have to do is wear headgear and they don't have to go around with lumps on the side of their head for the rest of their lives. You should hear Randy Couture talk about his cauliflower ears, he hates them.
  22. Off topic, but I wanted to ask: what kind of guy was Jimmy Jackson? Cool dude?
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