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  1. Plus I think BYU is enjoying it's "independence". They've had multiple opportunities to join good conferences. I know the Big 12 pursued BYU for awhile. I think BYU enjoys being able to handpick all their opponents in football (and BYU is very solid in football, usually). They were considered lightweights when they were in the WAC, and I think the MWC after that. Nobody was taking them seriously because they only played one or two legit opponents a year. Now as an independent BYU plays a tougher schedule and gets more respect. Plus they have their own TV deal they don't have to share with anybody.
  2. He might be another Brooks Black. Remember how he was lauded in HS for winning everything? Think he even held his own or better vs Coon in HS. Brooks did okay, think he made R12 one year, but he definitely didn't live up to my expectations.
  3. No fair. I think Cael had his thumb on the scale.
  4. What makes Hall so good? 1) freakish athletic ability 2) superb scrambling (goes along with point 1) 3) excellent defense. He rarely shoots, how does he not get hit for stalling?
  5. John Smith. When Chance Marstellar was in HS he was only a STATE champion...but in college he was a National All American!
  6. Yeah, you'll just see a lot more guys going around with cauliflower ears. A great recruiting tool for the sport....
  7. LOL...they don't compete on Sundays. That's pretty funny. Guess somebody should tell those theologians that the Sabbath is actually "Saturday" :D
  8. First off, WOOOHOOO to another D1 wrestling program. But the PAC12???? Won't travel costs be a murderer for a fledgling program? Seems it would be much more logical if UALR joined the Big 12 or the Southern Conference. Here's hoping UALR takes off and is successful. Wouldn't it be hilarious if a team from Arkansas won the Pac12 in wrestling?
  9. The answer to the OP's question is obviously yes. I've been making about $2,500 a month on my toilet cam for the last 3 years.
  10. What if he loves another mythological being besides Jesus? Say...Hercules?
  11. I still like the Bull. He isn't the best guy at 165, probably will never be, but genetically superior bald people have to stick together!
  12. I think it was exclusively based on FS tournaments and results in big HS tourneys like Fargo and such.
  13. HEW? Herpes-Elephantitus-West Nile Virus? Jesus, no wonder he's not done as well in college!
  14. His trajectory reminded me of J'Den. Remember how J'Den lost a couple matches early, rose up to about #5 or so in the rankings, then basically whooped butt the rest of his FR season? People saw the losses and were a little leery, but Cox proved his doubters wrong. I was one of them. Maybe we'll see Mr Lewis win 2 or 3 more titles before he's done.
  15. I'd beat him like a rented mule.
  16. It's an interesting idea, but I dislike the emphasis on conference accomplishment and not on wrestlers individual accomplishments in this proposal, JBluegill. What if the Big 10 is having a crap year and the EIWA is killing everybody? Don't matter, Big 10 gets 10 automatic slots per weight, poor EIWA only gets 6. That's just a "for instance". For the record I don't think any conference, including the B10, should be allowed to send more than 8 guys to NCAAs per weight. I realize this semi-contradicts what I just stated (what if that 9th place guy at 125 was having a "career year", for example), but when one realizes that only the top 8 actually PLACE at NCAAs, it seems pretty ridiculous to award a guy who finished 10th in a 13 team conference (that's called "rewarding mediocrity"). Yes, I know the 8th place B10 finisher might beat some conf champs, but I've never liked guys qualifying after finishing pretty low in conf. I'd rather give those extra berths to other conferences. Sure, the 8th place "random conf" finisher will likely get slaughtered at NCAAs, but that 10th place guy from Big 10s probably isn't going to do jack, either. Frankly if a conference can send more than 8 guys per weight, might as well make NCAAs an "open"....all starting wrestlers from D1 teams are invited. Actually that would probably be a lot better than what we have now, come to think of it.
  17. Meh, it's all based on participation numbers. PA wrestling isn't magical.
  18. Bingo. Windows allow sunshine in. Sunshine is anathema to wrestlers: we wilt like maggots in direct sunlight. Plus sunlight doesn't allow mold to grow in the corners of the wrestling room, and in the lockers. Mold that gives us superior strength, intelligence, sexual potency, and most importantly, modesty.
  19. Yeah, I get it. It's just so much fun pokin' at the Hawkeye fans though :D
  20. There's working from collar ties, then there's locking up and pushing. The latter is "Iowa Style" :D To be fair it pays big dividends on stalling points, even though I consider locking up and not working for points to be stalling as well (referees don't see it the same as me, apparently). That said I don't think the Hawkeyes are as bad as they used to be in that regard.
  21. PSU by 20 points. Ohio State in 2nd, Iowa or OSU for 3rd. Pretty much rinse and repeat at this point. I like Iowa's chances to move up next year, though. I would be tickled if Cornell won the team title, btw.
  22. Wrestling is a great martial art. In 6th grade I got into a fight with a kid (same height, weight, etc) after football practice. He was pissed off he was 2nd team behind me and wanted to beat me up. He was already a 2 or 3 time state Golden Gloves Boxing champion (and would continue to win them until he graduated). I was a kid who caught the last 2 weeks of wrestling season in 4th grade and who was a second team wrestler (5-4) in 5th grade. Guys who watched the fight said he was popping me pretty good UNTIL I TOOK HIM DOWN. I put him in a headlock with my left arm, pounded him with my right until I got bored with that, and then proceeded to grate the skin off half his face on the parking lot asphalt. I'd probably still be in that parking lot grinding that kid's face to dust if an adult hadn't come along and literally pulled me off him. That kid quit the football team the next day and never bugged me again. Also it showed me something else: boxing is pretty pathetic. If a reserve, beginner wrestler can handle a state boxing champ that easily it says a lot about their respective sports.
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