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  1. Surprised to see so much angst about collar ties in this thread. A guy can do a LOT of stuff from a collar tie, it's arguably the most offensive position you can take.
  2. I've seen comments from a person or two on this forum who maintain Demas is a one-trick pony and he won't be all that successful. I disagree, as you apparently do. I don't think any legitimate tough wrestler dodges anybody, and that includes Gross. The COACH may dodge for them, if you get my drift.
  3. I think Picc's length creates a lot of problems for guys at 125.
  4. I'm not sure Gross can beat either of those guys next season. Or vice versa. That's why they get on the mat.
  5. I'm not sure Gross matches up well with Yianni.
  6. I'm sure a lot of people would make that assertion :D Quite contrary, I'm a German ethnicity and have a giant, square cranium filled to the brim with topnotch class "A" braininess.
  7. Lost a ranking match to Karl Lynes at OSU, 11-5 or something like that. Pinned the Army HWT FS champ in 1993, but damned if I can remember his name (he was just big/strong, not that great a wrestler).
  8. Just off the top of my head I'd say what DeSanto is lacking is about 1 pound and 8 ounces of grey matter.
  9. That sucks. Was hoping DT would win a few more titles in a row. Hopefully he comes back the year after better than ever.
  10. Has Gross ever wrestled Fix? I could see Gross giving Fix tons of problems with his length advantage. I wonder if Hilger is any relation to Rusty Hilger, who played QB for Oklahoma State in the early 80s?
  11. Pretty awesome. She wouldn't leave voluntarily (women tell me I'm the sexual equivalent of crack), so I had to slap her around a couple days later to get her out the door.
  12. Wisconsin has the same % chance to win NCAAs next year that I have of nailing Katy Perry for a 2nd time: 0%.
  13. Anthony has definitely got talent. But something is holding him back. Mental block, maybe? Maybe he can't compensate for his weak mat work with superb takedown skills? Whatever it is doesn't seem to have held Zahid back. Anthony is a Jr next year, right?
  14. That's because we've all learned this lesson: do not look at MNRodent if at all possible.
  15. The Stooge "eye-poke" works quite well!
  16. Let's be frank: anybody who says that 2 years more physical maturity are meaningless in college doesn't know what he is talking about or is simply in denial. Why do you think so many of the NCAA champs were upperclassmen when they first won a title? If there was no edge to physical maturity then FR would account for as many NCAA titles as SRs do. Pandering to religious groups needs to end, pronto. Religious missionaries are getting a HUGE advantage in not starting until they are 20-21 years old whether you guys want to admit it or not. Matt Brown should've never won an NCAA title, and wouldn't have, if he'd have not gotten that Mormon mission, and he's just the most convenient guy to mention on the topic. I'm sure there are many others. Regarding the guy who said "uh, BYU is a POWERHOUSE"....BYU hasn't had a wrestling program for a long, long time.
  17. I pinned the US Army HWT champ in 1992 (in 56 seconds). Hell if I can remember his name. He was a huge musclebound black dude that towered over me and looked like a bodybuilder. I was a pudgy 230 pounder (aka: a fat 190 pounder!) about 4-5 inches shorter (and super fish belly white). He'd was throwing me around pretty well in the first period (kept landing out of bounds) until I caught him when he tried a lateral drop.
  18. Naw, was just gonna be a shallow cheesy joke. Lewis will win a couple more before he's done, can't believe I forgot him already.
  19. hors d'oevre is French for "Horse Ovaries".
  20. Damn, was gonna post a girl doing the "Loser symbol" with her thumb/forefinger, but it was over 40k in size :( Who IS the "L", in reality?
  21. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/21939 What the hell kind of wrestling room has (shudder) WINDOWS?????? How the hell is mold supposed to form where the walls meet if the wrestling room isn't dark/dank?? Clearly Ohio State has no respect for wrestling tradition.
  22. Did Chris win 2 titles in Juco prior to the transfer, or just one?
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