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  1. TobusRex

    Nolf vs. Rutherford

    Sorry guys, gotta row the other way on this one. I think Zain would've caught up to Nolf in regulation and beaten him in OT. Love me some Nolf and consider him a top 10 worth all timer, but Zain was a monster. Nolf is just a monster...ugh. Wolfman vs Frankenstein type thing here, but going with Frankenstein.
  2. TobusRex

    At-Large Bids Released

    Wow. Some pretty ****ty records in there. Maybe they should tighten up NCAAs to about 16 invites.
  3. TobusRex

    At-Large Bids Released

    If he regressed then maybe it's not an injustice. **** happens, bro.
  4. TobusRex

    I'd like to start a themat.com forum petition

    David is a little too nice! Would be cool if he raised the bar a little. "Yeah, Dake is a beast. Smells like one, too.".
  5. TobusRex

    9-5 Sam Stoll is going to NCAAs!

    Since everybody is being seeded this year, are they going to have medals for 32nd place? What are those going to be made of, pine?
  6. TobusRex

    I'd like to start a themat.com forum petition

    I feel vaguely threatened by your posting.
  7. TobusRex

    9-5 Sam Stoll is going to NCAAs!

    He's a sexy beast, that's for sure. Reminds me of a mid-90's Rosie O'Donnell.
  8. TobusRex

    McCoy Steps down. It is official

    Why not? Long as he keeps it professional and doesn't abuse his authority I see no problem. Could be pretty awkward.
  9. TobusRex

    McCoy Steps down. It is official

    Yeah, I think that can be ignored. Technique is something that not everybody has. If she can teach guys to do stuff that can be done with lesser strength, imagine what they'll be able to do with that technique against other dudes? There are few wrestlers I respect more than wimpy looking dudes that somehow beat up on the meatheads.
  10. TobusRex

    State vs States... National vs Nationals

    Just listen to yourself, you damn hillbillies. Let's write it out the way you'd say it. "Tobus pinned tbar in 30 seconds at the STATE TOURNAMENT". That's how I'd say it. Here's how idiotic it sounds the other way, "Tobus pinned tbar in 30 seconds at the STATES TOURNAMENT".
  11. TobusRex

    McCoy Steps down. It is official

    Only thing I know for sure is this: it'll have to be a state with legalized marijuana and a college with a great agricultural program.
  12. TobusRex

    McCoy Steps down. It is official

    If she's a great technician somebody should give her a chance to coach the men. She may not be able to compete against men but she could certainly roll around with them, show them how to do things.
  13. TobusRex

    McCoy Steps down. It is official

    Jeez, another coaching job I'll probably have to turn down.
  14. TobusRex

    McCoy Steps down. It is official

    Not much money, but I'm sure they offered a lot of love and moral support.
  15. TobusRex

    Selection Show

    They should interview the wrestlers. "and here's Daton Fix from Oklahoma State. Daton, what do you have to say?". "I just say thank God and praise Baby Jesus, Chris. I mean, sumbitch, #1 seed. That's shooting a little high considering I did lose one, but I'll take it". "Yes, Hail baby Jesus. Now, back to Jason, Jason, what did you think of this pick?". "It was great" replied Jason as he casually reached beneath the hem of his pants and scratched his balls, long and deep, bringing his index finger up to his nose and sniffing before proceeding "He definitely deserved the top seed".
  16. TobusRex

    9-5 Sam Stoll is going to NCAAs!

    Ain't my father's HWT. We had giant fat guys stalking the land at HWT when I wrestled. Wrestling matches were almost like freak shows when the heavies came out (at times).
  17. TobusRex

    State vs States... National vs Nationals

    State National
  18. Rules: Only pick 2 wrestlers you think will be in the finals. Correct picks for NCAA champ =3 pts, correct picks for Runnerup 2 pts. For each correct finalist, but not in correct order, 1pt. Open until the wrestling starts. Correct format as follows: 125 Wrestler "1st", Wrestler "2nd" 133 Wrestler "1st", Wrestler "2nd" etc
  19. He's always talking about Donuts with his kids. His kids love donuts and proclaim them after every victory. Discuss.
  20. TobusRex

    Talk about turning program around

    He could be a 149 pounder if he can morph that fat into muscle. To be fair, the more of a putz a wrestler looks the more fun his matches are to watch. I love seeing those goofy built dudes wrestling shaved gorillas on the mat and making them look stupid. Don't see many like that in college anymore, guys whose skills are so over the top it doesn't matter they are packing some gut (except for the heavies, obviously, lol). I remember Dave Schultz packing a pretty good gut on a couple of occasions, and he certainly didn't look like a hulk in the upper body/arms. That dude was brutal.
  21. TobusRex

    Sorry, not PSU or Iowa related

    George Mason has a wrestling program? Just kidding. You are right, most people don't pay much attention to the teams at the bottom of the heap, but there is movement there. One of my favorites is OU, they are showing signs of life again. Do you see George Mason becoming sort of an "American" story like 10 years or so ago, when Cody's American University team was top 10?
  22. TobusRex

    I dislike Cael's doughnuts

    Did everybody in your class get participation trophies, too?
  23. I saw on FLO or Intermat, can't remember which, that at HWT the top 3 seeds will be 1) Cassar 2) Steveson 3) White. For the record I think Steveson will win NCAAs. I think his shortcomings from his previous match with Cassar will have been addressed. I don't think Cassar will beat White, because White has enough athleticism to match Cassar on that front, and White is a bit stronger than Cassar and can grind him down like in the first match. I was wrong on my prediction of Cassar/Steveson last week, so take it with a grain of salt :D SO....although I think White can beat Cassar, he probably won't have a chance because Cassar will get to the finals, where he'll be squished into red jello pudding by an enraged Steveson, who will comfortably get by White (again). The only question is whether Steveson goes full hulk mode and starts ground pounding on Cassar in the finals.
  24. TobusRex

    Let the coaches wear track suits

    They need to wear black sunglasses and black fedoras to complete the ensemble.