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  1. TobusRex

    Transfer Success Stories?

    Seemed like Claxton was always about to break through and AA. Was surprised he never made it.
  2. TobusRex

    Cael is now a Penn State alum

    A noble name it is, as any Sooner fan would tell you!
  3. TobusRex

    Alphabet Championships - D1 level

    You know what "L" stands for?
  4. TobusRex

    Anthony Valencia: what NCAA weight this season?

    That's a tall order since Anthony has done exactly jack since getting to ASU. Seems like a good kid though, wish him the best.
  5. TobusRex

    Transfer Success Stories?

    LOL...found this. Jean must've been completely nuts. http://www.usawks.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=129920 my favorite part of the article: I threw that bloody carcass across Gillespie's new Gran Torino, which made him mad. A few days later, we had a keg party and barbecued Sammy.
  6. TobusRex

    Transfer Success Stories?

    They kicked him out for deer hunting?
  7. TobusRex

    Transfer Success Stories?

    Wow, that's kinda weird. Why'd he do that?
  8. TobusRex

    Transfer Success Stories?

  9. TobusRex

    Transfer Success Stories?

    It's been a long time ago (1982), but Karl Lynes was a JUCO National Champ and transferred to OSU his last two years. He AA'd in 4th place his Sr year. I'm sure there are probably several other Juco guys that moved up and AA'd.
  10. TobusRex

    Hypo: pick 1 incoming recruit to add to your team

    Iowa would still come out ahead in that deal!!
  11. TobusRex

    Highest Quality Rivalry

    Yeah, he was a pretty salty wrestler, probably would've been a multiple NCAA champ if not for Monday and Carr. From what I understand these days Frizzell is a CEO or something and filthy rich.
  12. TobusRex

    List of Transfers

    I didn't say it was his BEST work, just the most famous :D Brooklyn - 4th biggest city in America!
  13. TobusRex


    YOU have tattoos? As in plural tattoo? How many "MOM"s do you have, anyway >? :D
  14. TobusRex


    I don't know, but he certainly doesn't deserve any, lol.
  15. TobusRex

    Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?

    Not necessarily. Nobody seems to be taking one possibility into account: maybe Spencer Lee doesn't WANT to spend all his time wrestling. Maybe Spencer Lee chose Iowa because they DON'T have an Olympic FS training facility, does anybody ever think about that? If Spencer wants to wrestle FS, what's stopping him, eh? A guy with his rep would certainly not find it hard finding a patron to pay his way to tournaments and such. I bet he just wants some time off. Plenty of time to worry about Sr Worlds after he graduates.
  16. TobusRex

    Who is the best 157 pound NCAA champ of all time?

    I remember something like that as well, but I didn't think it was actually as close as the score indicated. JB wasn't really in any danger in that match, but people were impressed Howe kept it close.
  17. TobusRex

    Highest Quality Rivalry

    Yeah, every time they wrestled at NCAAs Monday was the favorite. That was so annoying when Carr beat him both times, lol. Awesome matches. The only other guy at their weight that could hang with those guys was Frizzell, but I don't know if he ever beat either of them. I wrestled one of Frizzell's cousins in a tourney one time :D
  18. TobusRex


    I don't care if people get tattoos. I think they are tacky as hell and usually look like crap. I've only seen a couple that were actually pretty cool (both were chinese dragon tattoos). Tramp stamps are permitted, lol. The funniest tattoos are the ones on people who either lost or gained a lot of weight after getting them :D
  19. TobusRex

    Freestyle Results by College

    Lies. I heard your grades were so bad in HS that you were forbidden from being closer than 50 miles from Cornell.
  20. TobusRex

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    He's kind of an enigma, huh? Looks like an unbeatable scoring machine at times, and gets inexplicably pinned at others. Fun guy to watch though.
  21. TobusRex

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    JO usually blows the big matches, actually.
  22. TobusRex

    Why Did Sammy Sasso Go To Ohio State?

    How heavily did Cael pursue Marstellar?
  23. TobusRex


    I agree with Dr Novak on this one. Oliver looks like a jackass with all that ink.
  24. TobusRex

    Yianni Film

    Oh yeah.