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  1. That spiral ride was a brilliant bit of stalling. There was a guy on my HS team, little guy, who had a ton of success with it. Only the guy from my HS team would usually flip the bottom guy over and get NF points.
  2. Alright, first off, I'm a moderate Democrat. You know, like the guy who spanked Cadet Bonespurs at the polls by over 7 million popular votes. Secondly, I"m not intolerant. I don't even care what people do if they don't negatively affect other people. I don't try to force 8 year old rape victims to have rape babies (the "dream" of the Evangelical "christians"), I don't run white power military camps (like Trump's "fine people"), and I don't breathlessly await the next "wisdom" from Q about baby eaters, baby blood drinkers, and Trump fighting a cabal of perverts (if anything Trump would be in favor of pervert cabals). If anybody is intolerant it's the ignorant, intolerant, GULLIBLE supporters of Donald Trump. Lastly, Donald Trump IS a traitor. He inspired his dullard, incel army to attack the Capital on Jan 6 in hopes of overturning the electoral tally. A tally for an election he lost soundly. On Jan 6 a horde of incel Trumpanzee losers mobbed Capital Hill at Trump's bidding, murdered a cop and injured 140 more (at least I haven't had to hear them using the phrase "Blue Lives Matter" since Jan 6). They also took down the American flag, hoisted the goddamn Trump flag, and smeared loser **** in the halls of our Capital. They should all hang, along with the Republicans from the "House Treason Caucus" who tried to help Trump steal in the election, and helped him with the Big Lie. Also, I didn't turn this thread (it's a thread, not an article) into a political discussion. I just asked for confirmation if DiSabato was one of the guys accusing Jordan, and TheOhioState made the discussion political with his "Republican" comment (on why Jordan is getting pummeled). TheOhioState is a pretty decent wrestling fan, and I like him, but on Jordan he's 100% wrong. Jordan is a ****ing reptile and a traitor, just like Trump.
  3. As I recall Jeff Bridges (Willis) looked pretty good in the ring. Horshak looked more like Askren, lol.
  4. Jordan supported a traitor, Jordan helped that traitor with the Big Lie, and Jordan helped a traitor try to steal an election. Jordan is a traitor, no doubt about it.
  5. Hmmmm....who do I believe, the multiple accounts of wrestlers from Ohio State, who all corroborate the stories about abuse and Jordan's reaction (or non-reaction) to it while having nothing to gain but insults/humor at their expense, or do I believe the treasonous, lying sack of **** who I've never heard tell the truth, who DEFINITELY has something to gain by quashing the story, and who helped Donald Trump spread "the Big Lie" over and over? Jordan, through his continual non-stop lying has a credibility issue that his wrestlers simply don't have. The credibility gap means it's too much to believe an unethical piece of **** like Jordan. I believe the wrestlers. Also, since Jordan is the only guy getting hammered by the accusations (since Dennis "Fat Bastard" Hastert dropped from the headlines anyway), your intimation that Jordan is getting picked on for being a Republican implies there aren't any other Republican coaches out there (and I know that's not the case). Oh yeah, Russ Hellickson is also a piece of **** since he knew and did nothing to protect his wrestlers.
  6. I have no doubt Dake is a badass. I've seen him rise from a squirrelly 141 pounder to normal man size, and he's kicked ass all along the way. The fact that he manhandled Nolf like a man handles a 13 year old just reiterates how tough he is. I have no doubt that as Nolf matures and gets more experience in FS (a weaker sister of Folk) that he'll quickly rise to one of the top 10 in the world, if he isn't already (which wouldn't surprise me). Even Dake wasn't dominating from the start in FS. I thought he'd do less well in FS because Dake's forte in college was grinding guys to dust from the top position, but I was wrong.
  7. Check it out: the announcer didn't even get Askren's name right. For you guys who thought I was bull****ting earlier...
  8. He could just go over to the OPENMAT.COM and see all the people who've been banned off this forum over the years. That place is a cesspit. I got so disgusted that I changed my PW to a random word to remove any temptation to ever go back.
  9. I gave up on MMA bringing glory to wrestling years ago. I don't like the damage a lot of our boys are taking out there in MMA and I think the sport is barbaric. Not to say the barbarian in me doesn't like bloodsports, but I don't want OUR kids doing them. I realize that to the kids who finished their wrestling careers (especially if they didn't take legit majors that could make them decent money) that MMA bucks look pretty tempting, but they are selling themselves pretty cheaply in my opinion.
  10. Well at least Askren doesn't have to worry about somebody making him uglier. I was a pretty good wrestler by the time my dad took me to watch my age division (12-13 year olds) fighting at the local Golden Gloves tournament. I was a pretty tough kid and Dad knew I loved contact sports. Dad asked me after the fights were over "so son, how'd you like to learn boxing?". I declined. The idea of getting punched in the face regularly wasn't very appealing to me. Better to wrestle and **** up my joints, lol.
  11. Well we know at least 46.9% of the population has low-IQs, so it seems like a pretty lucrative opportunity!
  12. I suppose I probably would. I got embarrassed a few times on the mat and didn't get a penny :D
  13. Fleeger was fun to watch. Valenti not so much.
  14. Yeah, but you can't really blame Hendricks, he was just one of the guys on the mat. If anybody is pissed at the result of that match they should hold it against the ref (or Churella!).
  15. Would you do it? I probably wouldn't. Not that they'd be asking an old fatass former wrestler to fight. oh wait.......
  16. LOL, still cracks me up that Snyder moved in with Cael. How many times do you think those goons have lived out the scenario shown below?
  17. Actually Howe transferred to OU from Wisconsin. He dragged another AA with him (who failed to place at OU, lol). As for Tsirtsis, he was a National Champ at NW, true, but he was also a R12 at NW. One of the worst stallers I've ever seen. His matches were so full of stalling they changed the rules (kinda like how they changed the rules because of Dean Heil). He seemed like a decent kid.
  18. To be fair Paul IS a great boxer (at least when compared to Askren).
  19. True enough. Askren was glassy-eyed and incoherent, but that's his normal situation.
  20. For his next fight I hear Gentle Ben is going to fight Katie Holmes. No, not Holly Holmes, KATIE Holmes. Oddsmakers have installed Holmes as a 3:2 favorite.
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