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  1. Cael is EASILY the smartest/best coach in the NCAA today. I think he's a better coach than Gable in some regards (wrestlers are more creative, more dominant, and Cael gets better recruits than even Gable did). I have no doubt whatsoever if Cael took the coaching job at OU that they'd be winning NCAA titles within 5 years.
  2. No way he redshirts. Cael can't spare the 20 points at NCAAs.
  3. Who do you guys enjoy watching the most of the returning guys? For me, I like watching Lee a good deal. I admire his pluck, strength, skill. What a fine wrestler. Yianni astounds me with his insane scrambling ability and indomitable will. Yianni is the kind of guy who can accomplish ANYTHING. I love watching Kaid Brock wrestle. He loses a good deal, but by God, he BRINGS it win or lose. So...who do you guys enjoy the most?
  4. Yeah, Lee beat Picc at NCAAs. But it was a lot closer than last year. Pretty close until Lee pulled away at the end, as I recall, but Lee wasn't in any real danger in the match. But Picc can always say "I pinned the NCAA champ in 2019". That's a pretty strong bragging point. Something tells me Picc probably is more of a doer than a bragger :D
  5. Coke Zero is pretty good for a diet soda. Far better than Diet Coke, which tastes like a less tasty version of battery acid.
  6. Pepsi can and I'll kill any man who says otherwise.....
  7. You don't have to be intelligent to be a "smart wrestler". All you need to be a smart wrestler is good coaching and/or common sense. All things being equal of course I'd pick the smarter guy. But things are rarely equal enough for IQ to matter. We aren't writing computer programs or splitting the atom, we're trying to put a guy's shoulders on the mat. Wrestling is "mana from Heaven" for dumb guys. The 2nd best wrestler on my team (after me!) is now residing in prison for multiple DUIs. I bet his IQ wasn't much higher than 80, if it was over 80 at all. I wouldn't trust that dip**** to put the cat out before bed. Have you considered that a guy might be TOO smart to wrestle? Second guessing himself, always trying to find the PERFECT takedown, escape, whatever, and wasting time when just good enough will do? I've known wrestlers who were quite smart, but who failed to perform at a high level on the mat. It goes both ways.
  8. Yeah? Name the last guy with a 170 IQ who won an NCAA title. Probably doesn't take more than an 85 IQ to be a great wrestler, if you have the athletic skills and desire. We're not splitting the atom here.
  9. Don't worry, the rest of us feel you were a better wrestler than you think you were (and less intelligent than you think you are).
  10. Explain for the dumb guys here (me, mostly).
  11. That's true, but wrestling doesn't require Einstein's IQ. If I had to choose between 2 roughly equal wrestlers, one with a high IQ and the other with a high bench press, I'll take the high bench press every time. Further, I'll be RIGHT more often than not in doing so. I humbly suggest that points 1 and 4 are, quite easily, the most important in your list.
  12. LOL...true enough. But dumb as he may be, he's got a college degree now. On the other hand, it's from Iowa .He's qualified to shuck corn or milk cows.
  13. What happened? Did you do a lot of drugs and alcohol in HS ?? :D
  14. OSU won't lose much by dropping Brock, assuming he's willing to go back to 133. He's just an R12 guy at 141, but at 133 he's a top 5 guy. Not that the Cowboys are a huge threat to PSU anyway. The question I have is this: if Fix wins the World Title will he bother coming back to OSU?
  15. Yup, just more proof that FS and folk are different sports.
  16. I beat Karelin in a folk match 13-5. Willy Karelin from Bixby.
  17. Pffft. Pong was never my game. But I'll utterly disembowel you in Ball-in-a-cup.
  18. LOL...I was 5-4 in 5th grade. That's pretty close!
  19. We weren't talking about the NCAA championships, we were talking D1 wrestling in general. Of COURSE the seats will be filled for D1 championships, that's the premier event of the sport. I suggest you visit McCasland Field House during one of OU's home matches sometime if you want to see what attendance is like for most D1 schools. Heck, you don't even have to go as low as OU is now....visit OSU about 90 miles up the road and attend one of their dual matches (you probably have already been to one or more). Notice all the empty seats in the building? Yeah...there might be 2-3,000 fans in the seats, but there's 10,000 seats with no butts in them. And OSU is consistently one of the most successful programs in the country.
  20. Seems like a lot of former wrestlers remember their skills being better than they actually are/were. Self included.
  21. 4-3. Quite the career he's built for himself.
  22. No point. I wouldn't believe anything Charlie Weis says anyway.
  23. I remember when Leroy Kemp was commentating during one of Zain's NCAA title matches. He mentioned Zain is "freakingly strong". I'd be pretty proud of that comment if I was Zain :D
  24. The thing is I think the wrestlers would enjoy national duals. I know I always got a kick whenever we had quadrangulars back in the day. It's the coaches holding National Duals back. Shame they can't continue and let teams sign up for it.
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