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  1. As it should've been :D The German dude throwing Taylor in that pic was a great wrestler in his own right, with a World Title and an Olympic gold, plus numerous other silvers/bronzes over his career. Despite pinning Taylor, Dietrich failed to place at that Olympics while Chris went on to win Bronze. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilfried_Dietrich
  2. There's a whole lot of ugly in that picture. I've had the honor of rolling with Kenny Monday (he was super fast/slick!).
  3. Sumo :D Fat guys in diapers rasslin' for our amusement :D
  4. Don't need a shot clock to stop passivity/stalling. Just need a ref that will call it when it happens.
  5. To be fair finishing 2nd in California is far more impressive than winning state nearly anywhere else. Who would you guess is better, a guy who was a state champ in Texas or a guy who finished 2nd in California? 99% of the time you'd be correct in picking the runnerup from California. Then somebody like Bo comes along, lol.
  6. Seems like an excellent opportunity for a team with higher goals to improve. Lou Roselli should offer Zahid an assistant coaching job to work with the upper-middles/upper weights. After securing Zahid's services the Sooners should find it a snap to recruit Cael. Provided, of course, he's as good as people are saying. Too many times I've seen guys like those triplets at OU who never even achieved mediocrity in college.
  7. All I remember about Rutt is how he crapped out after he transferred to OU.
  8. How interesting. I've noticed that some people call those concerned with COVID 19 "chicken littles" in posts, and those posts REMAIN. Yet when I respond in a like manner, albeit including the fact that Trump/GOP are trying to gaslight the American people, it's immediately scrubbed. This place is starting to stink like The Open Mat.
  9. https://www.thetelegraph.com/news/article/Study-estimates-24-states-still-have-uncontrolled-15290118.php
  10. I think I've already had COVID 19. I flew a few months back and there were stops in Dallas coming and going. Big airport, and I think I might've gotten exposed. The reason I say that is I didn't get a flu shot this year and got the flu. I recovered after a week or two, then a week or so after that I was sick again, very similar to the flu. Except I didn't get the ****s and sweat a lot, which always happens when I get the flu. Instead I coughed a fair amount, and coughed up lots of crap. Similar, but different from the flu. A few weeks after I thought "I might've already had COVID".
  11. Sorry, responding to fake "wrestlers" isn't at the top of my agenda list.
  12. Wrestling I believe, not football. Football brings in too much money.
  13. Didn't Byron Tate make the finals at Midlands a time or two?
  14. I thought Cletus WAS the pig farmer, lol
  15. I'd rather be a 1 time champ than a 4 time finalist. Think of your mindset: if you are a 4 time finalist you probably regard yourself as something of a failure, having come so close and never making it. If you are a 1 time champ, ideally your last year, your last memories of college wrestling will be knowing what it's like to go out on top. No comparison, from an ego-standpoint.
  16. Seems more like an "educated guess" than a crapshoot, to me. Most of the time they get it right.
  17. Also the guy who wore the Vader suit in the original movies, David Prowse, thought that his voice would be in the movies, not James Earl Jones. But Prowse has a weird cockney type accent or something and they recorded over all his lines. Supposedly to this day Lucas hates Prowse for some stuff Prowse said about the movie.
  18. Hey man, who knows what was going on in his life. Yeah, I remember he seemed to be getting more stressed. He had strong opinions and would argue ad finitum with guys. Hope he's doing alright, he was a decent guy.
  19. Cletus was a different alias of a guy who was banned (or something) as i recall. He might still be here posting under a different name, That's an interesting topic in it's own right, different aliases on the same site.
  20. Won't happen. Wrestling is a lot higher priority to the guys in the forum than the guys calling the shots in California.
  21. Lucas isn't going to live long enough to count all his money, lol. Tough problem to have, huh?
  22. That's even less acceptable: somebody ELSE **** where Lucas eats....
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