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  1. Mudflap sadly passed away recently. Apparently the tarpaper shack he was living in blew up when he miscalculated how much shine he was brewing and put in too much yeast. Honestly he probably wasn't going to survive his tertiary syphilis much longer anyway. He will be missed.
  2. The experts are saying it's a disastrous move going back to "normal" before it's safe but apparently listening to "experts" is out in the White House these days.
  3. Wow, that's kind of a shocker. I thought the B10 made wrestling mandatory for all participants! Bummer...
  4. Yeah, never seen an NCAA tournament that wasn't great, even if my heroes lost.
  5. About even. Cael was more dominant but against weaker competition. Dake had more losses but against better competition (Plus Dake's losses were "fluky"). Cael was "unbeaten", but he didn't win it all as a true freshman and didn't win 4 titles in successively higher weights.
  6. Damn, Jenn was hairy as ****!
  7. Another question: if we lose a lot of the marginal programs, say 15-20. That's not as many as could be expected, btw. But that would knock us down to about 50 schools in D1 with wrestling, right? What do to with NCAAs at that point? Do we really want 33 guys per weight showing up when there are only about 50 D1 schools with wrestling? NCAA will have to cut down to 16 kids or so, and long overdue if you ask me.
  8. Weird thing to think of: I was thinking about Tucker from Cornell. Kid was pretty decent, making NCAAs a few times, and finally his senior year had a good chance to AA, and poof, nothing. I bet the kid is super bummed.
  9. Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised to see OU drop their program, actually. The team has sucked for years, hasn't shown any improvement under Roselli (just more non-improvement, like they showed under Cody). The fieldhouse is nearly empty for home meets, and OU doesn't attract big crowds anywhere they go except OSU for Bedlam. Don't be surprised if OU guts their wrestling program (I give it about 20% chance). I think it's actually "required" by some Conference agreements that schools maintain wrestling programs. I think it's mandatory for the Big 10, for example.
  10. Frankly I think Nolf would have a hard time beating Joseph or Hall. He's great, but so are those guys in their own right. He might be able to squeeze out a win over Joseph, but I think Hall is just a bit too big/good for him. Pound for pound Nolf is better than either, though.
  11. No specific programs were mentioned in this article. The article discusses the economic impact of losing football/basketball seasons. Wrestling will lose a lot of teams in all likelihood. What happens to the kids that are on schollies to schools that drop the program? Are they allowed to finish their scholly until graduation, or are they going to have to make plans for this year, I wonder? https://finance.yahoo.com/news/virus-could-cure-college-sports-150028771.html excerpt: But for all the other sports — and for all the schools that are not major football powers — it’s going to be a different world. It is likely that in order to preserve certain sports, scholarships will have to be eliminated. Olympic sports like wrestling, fencing and, er, beach volleyball will have a hard time surviving. Because of decades of conference realignments, many teams in the non-revenue sports now fly, often on private jets, for away games. Athletic directors will start agitating for less expensive travel, which means playing teams closer to home. Aside from football and men’s basketball, conferences will splinter as the nonrevenue sports realign geographically. This will also rekindle once-great rivalries that have been lost.
  12. I think I'm going to bust a gut :D
  13. Let me get this straight: you are maintaining a guy who never wrestled a match in college was better THE WHOLE TIME than a guy who actually stepped on the mat and won 3 NCAA titles, and you wonder why I call you an "idiot". That's why we step on the mat to prove what we've got, where the hell was Pico when Zain was winning NCAA titles? Embarrassing himself in UFC. Here's what's really going to piss you off: I think Zain would probably dominate Pico in UFC.
  14. Snyder never wrestled any heavies as good as Mocco or Konrad, what makes you so certain he'd have beaten either one? Plus Snyder did lose a match to Coon, a guy I can't imagine beating Mocco or Konrad in folk.
  15. I've actually obtained footage of Moore traveling through the portal. Looks scary, man...
  16. Yeah, the bicycle riding looks brutal. Those mountain stages look like torture. I can't believe Lance Armstrong copped to steroids, he should've kept that secret until he died.
  17. The name sounds familiar. Brawler type?
  18. I'll beat your ass, Plasticman!!!!
  19. Remember what it was like going from football to wrestling season? We had a pretty good football team and my Sr year we made it to the state quarterfinals (3 games deep in playoffs). When we finally lost on a Friday I had my first wrestling match the next Monday (didn't even have 1 wrestling practice before starting the season that year!). I was in great "football shape", but I nearly lost to a fish from Catoosa in my first match back, beating him only 10-9. I was sucking wind the entire match. It wasn't until 2 or 3 weeks later that I quit sucking wind.
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