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  1. WVU is fully funded. What concerns me the most about the leadership in Morgantown is this (from the WVU recap of the OK State match: “This was a very valuable experience for us, especially after the very disappointing feeling that I had after our match at Lock Haven,” said coach Craig Turnbull. “This may be the best dual meet team in the country – the difference between them and Penn State isn’t very much. As crazy as it sounds, the difference between us and Oklahoma State wasn’t very much. These guys are familiar with the critical moments of a dual meet because they have the steady diet of an Iowa, Iowa State, Oklahoma and so forth." Turnbull is obviously way out of touch and it's time to move on. I'm not sure that Greg Jones is the answer either. It's time to make some changes for an athletic program that takes pride in the success of its athletic teams. Wow. That's pretty out of touch. Coaching wise.... How about Sammy Henson? He's certainly got the chops for HC, been assistant HC before. Everybody likes Coleman Scott, but does he have much experience coaching? I'd suggest Mark Perry, except WVU needs a long term solution, and Perry has shown no hint of loyalty at a program yet. Does Pat Smith coach anywhere?
  2. I was wondering about WVU wrestling the other day as well. I have heard exactly NOTHING about them this year anywhere. Come to think over it, that program never makes any headlines, which is weird because they've had a few great wrestlers in the past. I'm not so sure WVU is IN the Big 12 in wrestling. I checked over at NWCA and it shows WVU being in the Eastern Wrestling League. That's kinda weird. Plus, NWCA shows Mizzou still being in the Big 12. Is NWCA wrong about one, or both, of those teams?
  3. Man, this is annoying. Can't even get audio for this without paying for it.
  4. I think DSJ would be too much for Oliver. Oliver is the better wrestler, but he'd be slower at 157 than he is now, plus DSJ is bigger/stronger than Oliver. DSJ by close decision. DSJ pulls down to 149, which would seem impossible based on how lean he is, Oliver would beat him by a few points.
  5. Awesome match! Looked to me that Gonzales didn't get a takedown he'd earned at one point, but still was great to watch.
  6. Bob Stoops shows up to OU wrestling matches sometimes. They interviewed him during an OU dual a few years back and Bob talked about what an incredible athlete Teyon Ware was.
  7. Since Gonzo addressed Ramos I'll answer the others. Wright 84-23 78.5 Bosak 94-24 80.0 http://www.d1collegewrestling.net/Results_Bosak.html
  8. Guess I'll update the numbers for the ten guys on the list, although all aren't returning. 1. David Taylor - 71-1 (98.6) 2. Ed Ruth - 70-2 (97.2) 3. Kyle Dake - 100-4 (96.2) 3. Matt McDonough - 100-4 (96.2) 5. Jordan Oliver - 89-6 (93.7) 6. Andrew Howe - 94-8 (92.2) 7. Kellen Russell - 134-12 (91.8) 8. Dustin Kilgore - 108-10 (91.5) 9. Joe LeBlanc - 143-20 (87.7) 10. Zach Rey - 112-18 (86.2)
  9. I'm also excited about the possibilities of New Jersey wrestling and Rutgers.
  10. I don't see how Cael can possibly be a better coach than alot of college coaches. Technique wise John Smith, for one, is probably a better coach than Cael. The trick is Cael's awesome recuiting. The "star" factor of Cael plays a massive part in his excellent recruiting. As great as John Smith was, most of the guys wrestling now weren't even born in Smith's glory days as a wrestler. Smith has had great teams at OSU, but never an extended string of titles like Dan Gable had. Unless the HS kids are college wrestling junkies, it wouldn't surprise me at all if they didn't even know who John Smith was until he showed up on their doorstep. I used to go to OSU and OU matches as a HS wrestler, but other than Gable I wouldn't have known the head coaches of any other team (besides Stan Abel and Tommy Chesbro). I would like to see PSU rise to prominence in college wrestling. I'm sick of Iowa, Gable, and Brands. No offense to the Iowa guys, but people get tired of the same team dominating all the time, especially when they are pricks about it.
  11. Looks like a couple ranked OU guys didn't make the trip. Bailey @141 and Fernandez at HWT. A shame about Bailey, I was wanting to see what he could do up there.
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