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  1. "you have no clue at all"...wow, that's just what the guys arguing "racing is a sport, despite the fact the car does 100% of the work' say....
  2. You'd have to teach the wrestlers how the pieces move, first. Considering most D1 wrestlers don't know how to ride properly despite having wrestled for 10 years I'm not optimistic of your chances....
  3. Yeah I know, but as a guy who wrestled and who plays chess all I can say is "really???". It's like car racing, another "sport" where a guy sits on his ass for hours :D
  4. You are aware the first world Chess Champion, Steinitz, was about 5'1" and 200 pounds? :D Just busting your chops. But I do think it's hilarious when people mention the importance of stamina in chess :D
  5. Come on man, tell us his name. Everybody here already knows wrestling is tougher anyway :D
  6. I don't know, man. Everybody was saying Cenzo was gonna thump Lewis and we saw how that turned out. I think Mekhi would've had the edge over Nolf, just by virtue of size.
  7. Shorter by an inch or two I'd say. But I'd still like Bruce's chances if they rolled around :D
  8. I know a couple 50+ guys who still play hockey. One is a semi-professional in California who is a brilliant satellite engineer, and the other is a gay man in Colorado (don't know what he does for a living). One thing I know about both those guys: they are tough dudes. The engineer actually had fluid dripping from his nose that wouldn't stop, he went to a doctor after a week or so and the doctor said he had a cracked skull and the fluid was from his cranium!
  9. I haven't watched Olympic boxing in many years. Do they still require headgear?
  10. I've heard water polo is especially grueling for newcomers to the sport.
  11. I just boxed individual matches and never entered a boxing tournament. Good thing too, I was pretty mediocre as a boxer (I'd be even uglier if I'd boxed more matches!). But I think they have tournaments with more than 1 match a day.
  12. LaCrosse is considered to be pretty tough, too.
  13. Not much of a comparison. I boxed a couple summers in Jr High (nothing better to do!). Wrestling is far tougher than boxing, conditioning wise, at the amateur level. The only thing Boxing has on wrestling is the matches are longer (but not by that much): Golden Gloves has 3 3 minute rounds (sometimes 2 minute rounds). Professional boxing of the 8 or 12 round variety is probably pretty brutal, though.
  14. The best to never win the Hodge has to be Nolf.
  15. There is a whole lot of ugly in that one little picture!
  16. LOL. I read somewhere that Jim Brown could well be the greatest American Lacrosse player ever. I believe it, the guy was an athletic freak.
  17. College wrestlers are so fat their blood type is "Ragu". They are so fat one of them walked past the TV and I missed 3 episodes.
  18. You forgot Jim Brown. Yeah, he didn't wrestle, but if he had he'd have dominated.
  19. He's a good kid and deserves whatever he gets.
  20. Yeah, he was killing guys out there. He deserved some Hodge talk, imo.
  21. 90% chance or better that Moore would have won an NCAA title. Upsets happen sometimes, which is why I only said 90%.
  22. So you are saying R16, R16, R12, R12 type potential?
  23. First off, I was mostly joshing about Snyder wrestling "fat boys". That said there is a kernel of truth to my statement. Snyder was far faster than any HWT he wrestled (even Gwiz), and what's more I think he was STRONGER than all his HWT opponents except possibly Coon, and I'm not so sure Snyder isn't stronger than Coon. He had a huge physical edge on the fat boys, not the other way around. Plus, most (not all) HWTs are pretty lazy. They didn't get those bellies by busting their asses! Regarding Nolf: 40 pounds is 25% of his bodyweight. That's a lot for a little guy. 40 pounds to a big boy like Kyle Snyder is far more doable (I speak from experience, I too was a 190 pounder who often wrestled HWT).
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