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  1. True, if by "non-normal sized adult men" you mean midgets.
  2. I can't help it if you Yankees don't speak proper English!
  3. Wikipedia shows Hodge was started in 1995 and the first winner was TJ Jaworsky.
  4. He benefited by wrestling fat boys, plus he rarely got pins. Plus, was only wrestling "half-schedules".
  5. Got to be Nolf. If there wasn't so many hammers stealing his thunder Nolf would definitely have a Hodge. Probably deserves one more than Bo, at least as much.
  6. Moore is the Sr I feel sorriest for. Kid was going to blow through NCAAs. He had an excellent career, too bad he didn't get the chance to top it off properly.
  7. There is a pretty good documentary/bio on Leroy Kemp on Amazon Prime. Also found a bio about the Iron Shiek, who believe it or not was a REAL wrestler before taking up rasslin'. Plus there is the "Man who beat Gable" on youtube, which everybody here has probably seen a million times.
  8. Again with "states". It's "STATE". not "states".
  9. That's a whole lot of ugly for a single picture.
  10. Bo. Got to figure Zahid's head probably isn't in the right place for a big match right now.
  11. You may know the rules, but you clearly don't know **** about wrestling.
  12. Apparently people with "no wrestling experience whatsoever" are the subject matter experts on wrestling around here, judging by LJbs commentary.
  13. LOL...the non-wrestler who knows more about wrestling than people who wrestled. I'll be sure to tell the 3 time State Runnerup who beat me that he was a "nobody", at least by the standards of somebody who never had the balls to actually wrestle a match. When you spend a few hundred hours drilling on the mat come back and chat. Perhaps we can arrange a personal meeting where you can show me your skill set on the mat?? I'm sure you'll show me all the shortcomings in my technique that you "absorbed" from watching wrestling matches.
  14. Just because you've been around "real coaches and real athletes" doesn't make you a subject matter expert on wrestling. Ever heard of John DuPont? I've "been around" great guitar players and "real musicians" many times, but I challenge you to sit and listen to me play guitar without first stuffing cotton in your ears. I don't know how old you are, but if you aren't 50+ you might not remember when the Iowa Hawkeyes in particular were FAMOUS for locking up and pushing (for the easy stall points). Also, I'd suggest not making any sweeping statements about wrestling ability since you have none.
  15. Is that what you learned in all your experience on the mat?
  16. Hey, if OSU wants Roselli back I'm fine with it :D OU isn't progressing.
  17. Waiting on the empirical evidence that you'll provide to backup your assessment......
  18. Alright, I'll admit I was wrong on referees being ex-wrestlers. It explains some of the horrible calls/non-calls over the years at wrestling events. I'm not saying a non-wrestler can't be a good referee, like gimpelf says "it's not rocket science", but I can't help but think a savvy, experienced wrestler could take advantage of a novice referee, especially if he never wrestled. On the other hand I knew referees who were absolutely awful who had wrestling experience. Hell, I thought they all did until this thread.
  19. Wow...so he was saying guys who couldn't get a takedown against guys who lock up and push aren't wrestlers, but never wrestled himself? LOLOLOL!!
  20. My JR High coach was 2nd team on his HS team behind a 2 time state champ. He was hired away to a small HS near Tulsa, class A, and won a few state team titles.
  21. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about, guys just pushing and offering no real offense. Yeah, seen that kind of thing many times. Happened to me at the State tournament in 1983 in the semifinals. I ended up losing 3-1 and the other guy didn't take a single shot the entire match. I took maybe 5 or 6 shots (real shots, not half shots) and was dinged for 2 stalling points none the less.
  22. I'm stunned there are guys refereeing wrestling that never wrestled. What did you do, go take classes or something?
  23. I've never met a referee who didn't wrestle.
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