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  1. I think it just takes drilling a little common sense into the referees. All of them wrestled at one time or another, they understand how guys stall by locking up and pushing and how guys stall by retreating. Refs should watch, see who is taking shots (REAL shots) or making throw attempts. If a kid retreats and shoots on a continual basis, then he shouldn't get dinged for passivity, if he retreats and only takes an occasional half shot or no shots, then he should get dinged for retreat. If a kid is locking up trying for a body lock or some other position and actively working, let him. If he's just locking up and pushing with no shot attempts then HE should be dinged. I realize the problem is that makes stalling "subjective", and people dislike "judgement calls". But black/white solutions don't always fit, as our back and forth has shown. Sometimes a compromise is the best solution.
  2. True, but we're talking about applying it's rules to folk.
  3. Wow, you just kind of go with your own flow, huh? Creating scenarios in your mind to justify your commentary and such... For the record there is no equivocation. One of the "sides" is far, far worse than the other. But don't let that get in the way of good old agitprop!
  4. Nothing better than wrestling to teach confidence. True story: I was a pretty tough kid. I was fighting/brawling other kids at the drop of a dime before I learned of wrestling in the 4th grade. I was a poor kid from a poor family and bullied every time we moved to a new town. So every time we moved I literally beat up everyone who bullied me. You know what happens when somebody fights a lot? They get very good at it. Funny thing is it wasn't a fight that showed me what wrestling could do, it was a "rasslin" match. I "rassled" with other boys from time to time and always won (I was a very strong kid). When a strange kid challenged me to a wrestling match after hearing me boasting, he took me down IMMEDIATELY and I couldn't get back up. I was astonished and asked him where he'd learned that stuff, and he said he was on the wrestling team. I joined the very next Monday :D Unfortunately wrestling season only had a week or two left, so I didn't get to actually compete, but I did learn some stuff in that last week of wrestling season. Fast forward about a year and a half. Joined the new PeeWee football league in my town to play football. I made first team (offense and defense!), and there was a kid my exact size/weight who was pretty good sitting the bench behind me. He was pissed and thought HE should be starting. Plus, he was already a 2 time state Golden Gloves age division champ at his weight class and was feeling his oats. Long story short he ended up picking a fight at the end of practice and I absolutely destroyed the kid. People said he was popping me (I don't remember getting hit) until I took him down and started to "ground and pound". Kid's face looked like hamburger by the time my own father showed up and pulled me off him. He never showed up for another football practice. And the year before in wrestling (5th grade) I'd only had a 5-4 record. There is simply no comparison between wrestling/boxing as a method of self defense. NONE. I'd pick the worst wrestler over the best boxer in nearly any fight. Hell, I'd pick a brawler over a boxer in a street fight, for that matter.
  5. Yeah, Sheik didn't seem too convinced of that death being "suicide" either (he thinks the Shah ordered the guy killed). The Wikipedia article says the Sheik was a bodyguard for the Shah of Iran for awhile, also.
  6. And do you see Cassar on it? No? That's why I answered "Nope" when you asked " Isn’t Cassar in the hunt for top 3 at 125 kg? ".....
  7. What's the justification for allowing Kemmerer another year?
  8. Here's the most recent rankings I've seen, from Feb 2020. 125 kg Dom Bradley Nick Gwiazdowski Daniel Kerkvliet Tony Nelson Nick Nevills Mason Parris Garrett Ryan Gable Steveson https://news.theopenmat.com/international-wrestling/updated-list-of-2020-olympic-trials-qualifers/75926
  9. Yeah, not a college wrestler, but I was shocked to find that the Iron Sheik had a real background in Greco Roman, plus he was pretty good at it. Helped coach the US Olympic teams, even (per wikipedia). Found this documentary on Amazon Prime (free if you have prime), it's about a wrestler, and it's stream time thanks to Covid-19. https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B07VSW8HNG/ref=atv_hm_hom_3_c_ZkEaqD_brws_10_1
  10. Good for Ringer. Winters will be harsher up there, but I'm sure he'll feel more at home up there.
  11. Owings was excellent in his own right. He made it to the quarterfinals at NCAAs his first trip to NCAA, but the guy who beat him lost in the semifinals so that was it, Owings was out. If it was double elimination at NCAAs like today he'd have probably placed by coming back through consolations. The year after he beat Gable in the finals he lost in the finals (can't remember to whom, but I think it was Keller?? ). Gable was the better of the two, but Owings at his best was better than Gable was that day. To Gable's credit I've never heard any excuses from him on the loss.
  12. He could go to OU!! At OU he'll probably go R16, R12, R12 for the last 3 years !
  13. You sure Tab belongs on the list? He wasn't winning matches from superior wrestling skill, he was winning matches by sheer weight advantage.
  14. I'm not against stricter rules against passivity in neutral. On the other hand I think the rules should recognize the fact that some guys just don't shoot. They lock up and push. In my opinion that's nothing more than stalling, but since they are pushing the other guy back only the guy getting pushed gets dinged. There has to be a common sense common ground. If the guy retreating is the only one taking shots he shouldn't get dinged. If the guy locks up, pushes, and never takes shots HE should get dinged, and the referees should be savvy enough to figure out what's going on.
  15. Wait a minute...so Nutterbutter and LBJ are the Scherr brothers??? Or is it the Brands' boys? Nutterbutter sounds like a name Tom would use....
  16. Yeah, she went to the Olympics in Judo didn't she?
  17. Nice thread hijack. The "anti-science" clowns are the ones on the right on pretty much EVERYTHING, btw. You guys gave us the low-IQ ass clown in the White House right now.
  18. The problem with the pushout rule is that it encourages locking up and pushing in lieu of actual offense. Don't have a go to shot? Lock up and push. Don't laugh, I've seen it. Besides, I thought there was already a rule on passiviity? Guys already get dinged for retreating and not shooting (although not as much as they should, admittedly).
  19. 5'2" tall and 125 pounds. He's a little dude, but a good one to have on your side in a fight :D I think his judo training is what made him special as a wrestler.
  20. LOL...damn, 200-0 with no experience!! Well, if you are gonna lie, go big!
  21. Thanks for the compliment on my posts, I feel the same about yours. I can't speak as to what other fans would do, but if they implemented that 15 second turn clock I'd walk away and not look back. Also I never said I never wrestled FS, either. I DID wrestle FS on multiple occasions, once for an entire season (at age 26), and I had a FS record of 18-3, counting 2 forfeits. This isn't a case of somebody not liking something he wasn't good at, this is a case of a guy not liking something because the other way is better. Folk is a balanced form of wrestling, not just takedowns. I like the fact that after I earn a takedown I'm given a chance to go to work on the other guy, see if I can get him on his shoulders. You FS guys seem to have forgotten that pinning the other guy is the classic method of winning a wrestling match, not beating him 1-0 on a stepout.
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