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  1. Oh, for sure. The thing is that I'd basically be an immovable, gigantic target for Zain. If I didn't die of a heart attack he'd definitely be getting pinned pretty damned quick :D
  2. 215 didn't exist as a weight class when I wrestled. Neither did "technical falls". Never heard of "King of the Ring", although we had a game we played in the wrestling room called "King of the Mat" (I was always one of the last guys left standing). King of the Mat was brutal, man....think tug of war without a rope, and where one side is throwing the other side off the mat. Last guy on the mat was ALWAYS the biggest, meanest guy on the team (me my Jr and Sr years). For the record I AM an out of shape old man, albeit one that was an All State wrestler in Oklahoma nearly 40 years ago. I'm a huge Zain admirer (seriously, my favorite wrestler of the last decade, love good mat wrestling), but he's a 149 pound guy. I could toss him in the back of a truck like a bag of chickenfeed, and I promise you he can't lift my fat ass off the ground. True enough, there's no way I could wrestle a full wrestling match anymore, but the match would end pretty much as soon as I got hold of Zain anyway :D How do you think Zain would fare against Bruce Baumgartner? Bruce is a little bigger than me.
  3. I can promise you one thing about "non-wrestling fans" who get tickets to the wrestling events: they will NEVER feel the desire to watch wrestling again. I wrestled for 2 decades and it was all I could do not to turn the TV off the last time I watched FS from the Olympics. SO DULL, and that's coming from a guy who actually LIKES wrestling. Imagine some guy who has never wrestled, doesn't understand the rules or the scoring? I, for one, wasn't shocked that the IOC talked about canceling FS wrestling. The ratings must be through the floor for televised Olympic wrestling.
  4. Here's the thing: if an article says a kid is a "wrestling champion" then I expect the kid to BE a "wrestling champion".
  5. Can't help but think ASU suicided their wrestling program by throwing Zahid to the wolves. And for what? NCAAs ended up getting canceled anyway, so ASU showed their asses for nothing and all they ended up doing was alienating fans of Zahid (a LOT of people). That whole debacle was screwed from start to finish and ASU's refusal to give out any possibly mitigating details is infuriating. If ASU is just doing what they have to do, then they need to make sure we know that it wasn't just a "judgement call". The whole Zahid thing is going to crush that program.
  6. Yeah, no real point to joshing people about your achievements in the media age. Within a couple minutes of that story breaking last month about the HS HWT wrestler breaking up a kidnapping in Las Cruces I'd already researched and found the kid washed out at State (despite being called a "wrestling champion" by the media). There's no "mystery" anymore. I remember stepping on the mat against opponents that I knew nothing about whatsoever. Now everybody knows everything about everybody, it's crazy.
  7. Bummer. He was a knowledgeable guy. I always assumed he was a foreigner (maybe I'm thinking of another Jan).
  8. LOL....you'd end up paying me $1000. I have no fear of little guys on the mat. None whatsoever. I'm pretty sure I could STILL whip my weight in 125 pounders, and any 2 125 pounders you can name. Zain could not take me down, probably couldn't even get one of my feet off the mat at all, and I could lift Zain off the mat with one hand. Get it?
  9. That's pretty annoying. I graduated in 1983 and there is NOTHING on my HS career online. Sure, there are lists of state champions..but I NEVER WON STATE. The only things I have to prove that I wrestled are 1) my medals/trophies/newspaper clippings and 2) a "1982 Oklahoma HS Wrestling Results" book (which, shockingly, I still have and in great condition), 3) the brutal memories of asswhippings retained by those unfortunate enough to step on the mat with me. Anyway that Oklahoma HS wrestling book from '83 not only includes my results for the year (although they got my first name wrong), but also includes results for all other Oklahoma HS wrestlers that year, including a Sr from Del City named "John Smith". I hadn't seen that book in over 30 years, and the last time I visited my 90 year old folks in Oklahoma they presented it to me, saying "do you remember this"? Plus the kicker: I'm on the cover :D
  10. I seem to remember somebody posting under "Jan", same guy?
  11. What does $1000 have to do with the price of tea in China? You getting your trolling mixed up between boards/threads? Regarding Zain vs me...you know how when Daddies get home from work sometimes their toddlers run over and grab onto Daddy's leg and cling on? That's about what it would look like if Zain tried to take me down.
  12. Every year with the whining about FS. People in the USA grow up doing folkstyle, and that is the kind of wrestling they are used to watching. It's that simple. Plus those of us who actually were pretty good folkstyle wrestlers look at FS as a "weak sister" with no mat wrestling. I hate FS, I consider it weak, a halfsport at best. So...probably 90% of people want to stick with folk because it's "what they know" and the rest want to stick with folk because FS is wimpy with no mat work.
  13. As a consolation your nosepick is world class!
  14. Of course you would, you know nothing whatsoever about wrestling. Since you are apparently dullwitted, let me explain something to you that people who actually wrestled already know: the weight classes exist for a reason.
  15. Holy day for bakers around the world!! Bread is risen!!
  16. I can't answer for headache but I'd have absolutely hammered Zain when he was in middle school, or even now for that matter. The 100+ pound weight advantage is purely window dressing.
  17. Dustin was pretty slick as a FR, but he wasn't at the level Zain reached as a NC. Thing about Schlatter is he was going to continue improving until the injury bug hit him. Shame what injuries did to his career, I think he had a great shot at being a 4 timer.
  18. Northeastern snowflake like Frank will melt in the Arizona sun
  19. Frank doesn't resemble a tank in any way.
  20. I think Zain was a far better wrestler than Steiber by the time Zain graduated. Consider that RSJr Steiber lost 1 match out of 3 to true freshman Zain, and ground out victories in his two wins. By the time he was a Sr I think Zain might've majored Sr Steiber, and that's saying something (because of ow tough Steiber was) Yeah, as far as absolute numbers, 4 NCs beats 3, but I'm not so sure Steiber earned all those titles either. Plus technically Steiber graduated more than 5 years ago (per thread title), didn't he?
  21. Naturally. Can't give him cupcakes or that would be cannibalism.....
  22. Not necessarily against a "better than average" wrestler.
  23. Randy was a great wrestler IN SPITE OF his technique, in other words :D I'd definitely agree, if that's what you are saying.
  24. Got to be one of the PSU 3 timers. I'd vote for Zain.
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